Windows 8 Consumer Preview VirtualBox Installation Step-by-Step

Windows 8 Consumer Preview can be installed in VirtualBox. See my visual guide on how to install it.

Windows 8 VirtualBox Guide

I have documented how I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview using VirtualBox. It\’s actually very easy to do if you have installed Windows 7 before.

If you have not tested Windows 8 Consumer Preview yet, download the ISO here and follow the easy steps below to guide you through the installation process. You can click on one image to get a bigger version and click the edge of that picture to see the next one.

Create the Virtual Machine



On Virtual Hard Disk options, tick \”Start-up Disk\” and choose \”Create new hard disk\”
\"Choose \"Virtual \"On \"You \"Click \"Go \"If \"Go

Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview

\"Windows \"You \"You \"Wait \"You \"Sign \"What

Enjoy Windows 8 Consumer Preview on VirtualBox.

If you want my opinion about it…. fine. It feels like like a copy of what Apple has been doing in iOS for so long, but with a twist. What bothers me is the whole idea about Metro UI on top of Windows Aero interface. Metro looks like  an independent program that you can toss anytime you want. It serves as the start menu at this point and I don\’t know if that is good or bad. If I want a desktop operating system, I still want my icons and traditional menus, not Metro UI.

Apple could have included the iOS interface, with all those cute squarish app icons instead of OS X dock long ago but they did not. Perhaps not until Macs get a touch screen. They have kept the interface optimized for different user experience. OS X with mouse, gestures and keyboards; iOS with touch interface. With Windows 8 Consumer Preview I am confused if it is trying to do both desktop and tablet interface at the same time. I sure it will mature and develop over time. It is just a consumer preview anyway.

Windows 8 is promising and it could be the only chance Microsoft has to redeem the post-PC  era.


By Marck V.

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