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Ever since Twitterfeed had been acquired by Bitly, I didn\’t search for any Twitterfeed alternatives because I was hoping there are more features that will be added afterwards.

To my disappointment, the only innovation that I saw is the integration of Bitly stats in Twitterfeed dashboard.  I can\’t even recall if the acquisition came first or the integrated statistics. I tried not to use other services out of loyalty.

Unfortunately, as I create more blogs it became more tedious to keep up with Twitterfeed configuration. I became tired of the page design as it was not user-friendly. Even when using the plain list view most of the options are still buried. There has to be a better way.

Twitterfeed Alternatives

1. FeedBurner Socialize

Even before I used Twitter I already used Feedburner and Feedburner included Socialize option to publish your blog post to Twitter. At first it was reliable but I completely migrated to Twitterfeed when posts did not publish for several weeks. I don\’t know if these bugs are still existing now.

2. Ping.fm


The jack of all trades. Some how it manages to update 50+ networks properly so if you are going to update most of the social networks and services and not just Twitter, you may want to look at this service.

3. Dlvr.it


This is what I am using now. It has user-friendly interface and it supports everything that Twitterfeed supports – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Statusnet, except Hellotxt. In addition, it supports Tumblr, MySpace and RSS feed too.

4. WordPress Plugins

If you are using WordPress blog then you can use WordPress as  a client for Twitter. Using WordPress as a client Twitter has its merits; however, you have to keep up with the plugin updates from time to time to make sure it is working properly and free from exploits. The initial setup will also need technical skills to get started.

5. Manual Posting

Of course, you can always post your latest blog post manually using your favorite Twitter client. From time to time manually posting old posts with your comments in combination with automated Twitter post can give your Twitter more personality. If you only stick to 100% automation then you will appear like a bot to Twitter and to anyone else.

Is Twitterfeed Fading Out?

When Bitly acquired Twitterfeed on August 2011, there is a slight bump of traffic in Twitterfeed but after that, it seems to have flattened out. Bit.ly growth seems to suffer the same problem despite having the lion share in URL shortening service.


On the other hand if you look at at dlvr.it you\’ll see that the business had tremendous growth since September 2011. All traffic are estimates from Double Ad Planner.


I hope to see more innovation from Twitterfeed since Bitly acquired it. At the moment I\’m only leaving some of my smaller blogs in Twitterfeed but I will move to dlvr.it for my bigger blogs.

Drop your comments below and let me know what do you think of the future of Twitterfeed and Twitterfeed alternatives.

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  • Thank you very much for this list! It really helped!

  • Brian M.

    You should add engator.com in the list .. is one of the best apps so far – and the most important for me is that is user friendly.

  • Torsten

    Again and again I have problems with Twitterfeed. It stops uploading feeds correctly which used to work all right in the past, and it says some feeds are not compatible, but they do work in browsers or feed readers. I find Dlvr.it quite expensive, but at least it works greats all of the time.

  • Steve

    Only four years down the track and we see what Bitly is doing with Twitterfeed. Closing it!

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