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Twitter Bird Logo Remixed

Twitter Bird logo remixed in different forms and characters. Sonic, Batman, Robin, Krusty the clown and more!

I shared a post last week about Twitter\’s new logo guidelines and it was hilarious. Credit goes to Dino for compiling that meme-like Twitter bird logo/branding backlash.


I know more than a handful about branding and I do understand why Twitter has to put the guidelines but I thought that these guidelines would apply only to media partners and to anyone else who uses Twitter logo to market Twitter services.

Normal users would not really care much about the logo but the brand resources is very clear about it — you can\’t change the new Twitter logo in any shape or form. What if you like the old Twitter bird, Larry? Will Twitter sue you if you still use it? What if you like to spell out the words Twitter using that bubbly font we used to know. I\’m not sure what Twitter will do if you slightly tamper their brand. This is an irony for a service used by so many people to voice out freedom of speech.

New Twitter Bird Logo = Meme Friendly


We all know how ubiquitous Twitter has become so their IP lawyers are just pro-actively protecting the brand. However, imposing a brand guidelines to the public looks quite ridiculous. To be fair with Twitter, anyone can write a blog now so media kits should be available for everyone. I just don\’t think sane people will do some of the examples cited by Twitter. But who knows? Some people might be crazy enough to give this new Twitter bird logo a leg or some random accessory. How about an extra wing or an eye?

Those who were bemused with the guidelines have created meme-like Twitter logo modifications like the Sonic the Hedgehog and Batman in the shape of Twitter new logo.

Creativity Sets You Free

Yesterday I found these  awesome Twitter logos (drawn as avatars) from Flickr.

The artist has made these avatars since 2009 and with the new Twitter logo just released last week, he already added several new ones in the gallery. It is a genius idea.

I have included 5 new ones here including Robin (above), Krusty, Marilyn Monroe, Totoro (Studio Ghibli mascot) and Woody Woodpecker.

There are about 70 of them in the Flickr gallery but most are patterned with the old Twitter logo.

Now Twitter, how do you like your new Twitter bird logo remixed?

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