I only knew this recently and I was upset the first time I learned it. If you follow the news about Google acquisitions, you might already know that PostRank is now part of Google. Their popular services are PostRank Analytics and Top Post Widget which also comes as a plugin for WordPress and other blogging platforms.

The talented team of PostRank is now doing projects mandated by Google and because of that, PostRank API access and top post widgets is going to disappear after April 1, 2012.

Denial.. then Acceptance

It seemsĀ like a bad April Fools\’ joke to me — and I hope it is really just a joke.

However, keeping my denial aside, it seems real because the Chrome extension is not available anymore from Chrome web store. Since January 12, Google Reader extension and the Top Posts widget is no longer available. I wish there is a way to get a win-win situation out of it but it seems Google is the only one winning and the rest of the community using PostRank are all losing.

Google Empire

PostRank is just one of those social analytics company that started a very good service and became part of my workflow. I find it very useful in filtering noise in social media. In my opinion, by discontinuing what PostRank offered to the public and by removing support on what PostRank has given to the community, Google is doing a disservice to a lot of people.

I\’m not sure if PostRank solely existed to get acquired. The so-called \”exit strategy\” by being taken by a bigger company usually results to unexpected results such as this. Now, it seems that Google is using all the data PostRank have gathered over time for their own advantage only. Everything that made the service great is now gone. I feel betrayed somehow.

There are many times that you would really doubt if Google\’s mantra \”Do No Evil\” is true…

I\’m just sad. Really sad.

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