Ozaki iCoat Slim-Y iPad Case Puts Smart Cover to Shame

Ozaki iCoat Slim-Y is smarter than the iPad Smart cover.

If you think that iPad Smart cover is smart enough, think again.


Ozaki iCoat Slim-Y is a Reddot Design Award Winner for 2012 due to its insanely good multi-angle smart case design for iPad (3rd generation).

It serves as a smart case, stand and stylus holder all in one. If you are for the hunt for that perfect case, this might be it.

When using the original iPad and iPad 2 Smart cover, you have to swipe your fingers lightly if you put it on a steeper angle because you could knock it over if you are not careful.

On  iCoat Slim-Y, you can put your iPad on stand and even if you exert more pressure while typing on it or when using stylus, it won\’t move. Finally, a case that is very stable. I know a  lot of people are looking for this kind feature so I recommend that you check this out on your favorite stores.

It can also hold the iPad at different angles and orientation, portrait or landscape, by turning it 90, 180 even 360 degrees and it will stand any way you like it. It\’s simply unique and very creative.

It has a detachable stylus holder that slides in and out of the sleeves and any standard stylus will fit it.

If you want to learn more about iCoat Slim-Y watch the demo video and read the local press release below.

Ozaki launches an innovative smart case for the new iPad

iCoat Slim-Y, a Reddot Design Award Winner for 2012, exceeds the limit of the smart case and gives the freedom to stand your iPad either in landscape or portrait mode supported by a 360 degree stability. The ‘Y’ shape creates a tri-axial stand, offering four more angles and a stable platform. Don’t be afraid challenging the screen with heavy typing/touching, your iPad won’t move an inch. iCoat Slim-Y allows you to switch from portrait to landscape in just one flip, to position the screen at a lower or higher angle in just one simple motion. It provides the freedom to display, view, play or work on your content – just to name a few things – easily, effortlessly and with maximum comfort. iCoat Slim-Y is with no doubt the 2012 best business and practical iPad case on the market.
Ozaki continued on, releasing a clean-modern look with four sophisticated Saffiano leather colors: black, white, red and brown and includes a detachable stylus holder in the back, to fit your professional life.
If you ever wanted a modern-looking protective shell with a built-in portrait and landscape stand, without adding extra weight to your iPad, iCoat Slim-Y fits perfectly. iCoat Slim-Y won’t let you down and fall, it becomes your best partner!

  • Front and back protection
  • Slim size with both portrait and landscape view
  • Adjustable multi-angle viewing mode for landscape view
  • Stands steadily even when playing a touch screen game
  • With a detachable stylus holder (stylus not included)

Ozaki iCoat Slim-Y retails at Php 2,995. Ozaki is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more product information and availability, please contact [email protected] or +63-2688-3181.

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.