If you have missed the April Fools\’ Day prank of Google Maps, don\’t worry. You can still enjoy the 8-bit version of the map by adding &t=8 at the end of Google Map URL. I think Google will keep it albeit hidden from regular visitors,


Google Map 8-bit version seems to be a step backward but it actually inspired more innovation like MapsTD which is a tower defense game based on Google Map 8-bit version.

On a side note, did anyone notice that mapstd could be read as mapSTD? I know… who would have thought it is an ambiguous domain name. Anyway, this is a fairly easy game.

You can choose several landmarks all over the world like Buckingham Palace, The White House, The Vatican, Tower of London, Bath Abbey, Taj Mahal, Giza, Eiffel Tower, Hagia Sophia and the Stonehenge. Then, you can drag the tower (map pins) to attack the enemies (moving flag) that are moving along the blue tracks. Different towers have different colors, attack power and range. You don\’t see the towers fire but the enemies life bar are reduced when they step inside the range of the towers defending the track.


You can select the tower and you can either sell it to get back some money or upgrade it to gain fire power. As you level up, the map coverage will be bigger and wider and the enemies will get faster and faster.

By default it is using the Quest 8-bit map version but you can switch to different maps overlay such as the Map view and Satellite view and even the Moon. Really clever.

I don\’t know how long the game could be but I think it can run forever as long as there are maps in the world and the game developer would support the expansion for more levels. During the course of my play however, I managed to do more than 50 levels of mapsTD and it already congratulated me. I fast-forwarded the game and it only took me several minutes to beat it. If you enjoy this game, tell me what you like about it below the comment section.


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