Internet Explorer 6 Countdown – The Champions So Far

Internet Explorer 6 Countdown: here are the list of countries where IE 6 usage shares are already below 1%.

IE6 Countdown

Here are the countries where Internet Explorer 6 usage shares are already below 1%. All the data details for each country came from CIA World Factbook while the source of the month they country reached 1% is from Net Applications.

The Champions

Norway reached the goal on Oct. 2010; Finland on February 2011; Denmark and Sweden on May 2011; Poland on September 2011, Austria on October 2011 and just recently last December 2011 – Mexico, Ukraine, Philippines, Portugal, Czech Republic and the USA.




It seems that there is a general trend here with European countries leading the move away from IE6. Norway is the first country to reach the goal. Not surprising as it is the country where Opera came from.

Countries with relatively high usage of Internet Explorer 6 are India, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, and China.

I\’m proud to say that the Philippines is the first Asian country in the list of champions and hopefully our neighboring countries will follow soon.


If you\’re reading my blog since the beginning I am part of a community who anticipates the demise of Internet Explorer 6 not only because it is ugly but also because many web developers and designers spend so much time tweaking CSS and mark-up languages to make it look okay in IE6 even if IE6 is the one that needs fixing. Microsoft appears to be excited do get rid of this Jurassic-age web browser, but they are too late. Microsoft should have taken the initiative to kill the old and grumpy IE6 long time ago. Perhaps if they have done a little more effort Internet Explorer shouldn\’t be on a big decline since the inception of popular alternative browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Goodbye to Internet Explorer 6

I will do the unthinkable and recommend PC users to upgrade IE6 to the latest Internet Explorer version — but after you download the latest Internet Explorer browser please download either Chrome, Firefox or Opera and experience the difference of a true modern browser. If you are using Mac, good for you because you already have Safari.

The ultimate goal here of Microsoft is to get rid of Internet Explorer 6 and push the IE upgrades to IE 6 users but instead of upgrading, would it be better to let users choose and adopt a new browser for a greater good?

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.