World\’s Fastest Firewall

Yesterday, BreakingPoint declared FortiGate 5140B firewall as the fastest firewall in the world. The test is a simulation on real-world network traffic using BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM (Cyber Tomography Machines).

CTM is to networks as CT-scan is to humans. It is a creative marketing term for precisely detecting weaknesses and vulnerabilities in networks, network devices, and data centers. Just like in CT-scan, BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM pinpoints where the weakest link of the network is.

Five (5) BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM was able to push a total of 526 Gbps of real-world traffic from applications such as Facebook, Pandora radio and AOL Instant Messenger through the FortiGate-5140B firewall. The result is an astounding 559 Gbps of UDP traffic which is three times faster than any competitor\’s published results.


In real world scenario that means FortiGate-5140B can inspect 10,000 downloaded iTunes songs every second. Beat that Juniper and Cisco.

Fortinet is so proud of Fortigate 5140B that the company created website to celebrate the achievement.

Read the press release from MSI-ECS, the Philippines distributor of Fortinet, and watch the quick peak of the test below:

BreakingPoint Names FortiGate 5001B with 5140B Fastest Firewall in the World!

Fortinet has again capitalized on its foundation of speed and security–performance and protection and has passed numerous tests to be declared “The Fastest Firewall in the World”!

In a recent 3rd party high performance throughput test, Fortinet successfully processed and protected 559 Gbps of real-world firewall traffic. With application control technology active, it performed at 526 Gbps -managing simultaneous web applications of Facebook, Farmville, AOL Instant Messaging, Pandora Radio, and other popular web traffic. It was also able to process in FortiGate 5140 with FortiGate the mid-high hundreds (to millions depending on test) of 5001B Blades at BreakingPoint connections per second!

In a secondary test, the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) was tested with HTTP 64K real-world application traffic – and it surpassed 122 Gbps with over 219K connections per second. This means that in high demand environments where large volume of data, people, and devices need connectivity, Fortinet is the optimal solution. Financial services environments of processing trading data, e-commerce sites transacting in web sales and search requests, retail data centers certifying credit cards and other businesses where data security is paramount, can all rest assured they are empowering their business while also protecting their environment and customers.

Fortinet is very proud of this landmark achievement! The foundation of multi-threat security based on high performance, purpose built appliances transcends across all Fortinet products. So whether a customer is using a single appliance, managing a highly distributed environment or hosting a robust datacenter, they can be confident that Fortinet is delivering the highest quality security for their needs.

Fortinet is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more product information, please contact Marie Cristhabelle Chua of the Commercial Technology Division at [email protected] or +63-2688-3709/ +63-9209-651-332.

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