New Google Menu Bar


I\’m not sure if the new Google Menu bar is already rolled out to all countries. I just received the update last weekend and the update is not affecting all my browsers yet because I think it is cookie-based. My only complain is that you can\’t customize Google Menu Bar the way you like it. There is no preference at all.

If you want to force the update to all your browsers to get the new Google menu you can use the cookie trick to enable it.

If you are still on the black strip menu bar and you wish to stick with it for the meantime, you can customize it too but eventually you will get the new Google Menu sooner or later.

Customize Google Menu Bar

At the moment, the only method I know to customize Google Menu Bar is only available in Chrome using the Google Menu Editor extension.

Using this extension you can drag and drop the order of the menu items.


After getting the desired order, you have to close Chrome and when you go to or any Google site, you should be able to see the customized Google Menu Bar. See an example below.


If you are unhappy with the settings you can go back and change the order or reset the menu to its original state.

So how would you customize Google Menu?

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