Cebu Pacific Error 5084: Can\’t Get Pass Seat Selection

Cebu Pacific error on ticket booking… I always perceive that greatest weakness of Cebu Pacific is its online ticket reservation system.

Cebu Pacific Error on Ticket Booking


Piso Fare is over and I just had a great ticket deal despite the troublesome Cebu Pacific errors on ticket booking. Nothing new; it seems that the same thing is going on each year.

I always perceive that Cebu Pacific\’s greatest weakness is its online ticket reservation system because it crawls almost to a halt when people are booking for special promos. It creates a lot of frustration as well as bizarre errors caused by unresponsive server and overloaded payment processor.

I don\’t understand why their server scales so poorly when elastic cloud  server technologies are easily available these days. I can\’t see any improvement year after year. Sometimes I think that they don\’t really care to upgrade their systems to create artificial demand during promos — allegedly.

Going back to my main point, I\’m posting this as  a reference for other people who might encounter this weird error when booking Cebu Pacific Air tickets. I already reported this to helpdesk but who knows how soon they can fix this. Maybe they won\’t.

Error: 5084 Dynamic Warning

The \”dynamic warning\”  could happen for a number of reasons. On my case, this error happened because I was trying to reserve a seat for my wife who is boarding with our baby as guest (below 2 years old). Basically the error tells me that another customer with an infant just chose the row that I have selected  and I am not allowed to chose the seat on that same row because they only allow one infant per row.

I didn\’t know they have these kind rules but whatever.

I tried selecting different seats. I tried each row without success. I keep on getting the same error.


On a sidenote, I got this error even if the system had pre-selected the seats for me. Why would the system pre-allocate a seat when it should have known that I can\’t select it. It can easily allocate the seat that will not put two or more babies in a row. It ignores the rule and it doesn\’t help.


Work-around solution

Simply remove the seat allocation. This can be done by selecting the yellow seat and removing the seat allocated.

If you are traveling in a group this might be a bad idea because there\’s no guarantee that  you will be seated right next to each other. However if you can\’t get pass the seat selection and the only way to complete the transaction is to remove the seat reservations, you really have no other option but to remove them.

Seat reservation is an add-on. It\’s optional. It lets you select your preferred seat ahead of time but there is still no guarantee.

You can still reserve your seat after paying the ticket so I tried getting the add-on after paying the ticket. Unfortunately I still get the same error.

Cebu Pacific introduced web check-in lately and according to their old press release it also comes with free seat selection. Take note that web check-in is only available 48 hours up to 4 hours before the flight time. During this period it seems that you can still select your preferred seat free of charge. I received an email from Cebu Pacific advertising the free service so I hope it is still offered.

However, what good it will be if I\’ll get the same error? I might have to call customer support to get my preferred seats then.

Sometimes I ask myself, is the inconvenience really worth it?


By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.