Whatever Happened to Yahoo?

So what happened to Yahoo and its board officials? Seriously, I don\’t know…

When I look back at my primary school years, Yahoo is quite special for me because it is one of the first few websites that I have browsed way back in 1995 when Yahoo was only a year old then and it is one of the  leading internet search engine and brand at that time.

So I read news about Carol Bartz and I couldn\’t comprehend why they booted her that way. It was so cruel. Apparently, the reason Yahoo want to make headlines firing Bartz is to advertise the job vacancy as widely as possible. (d\’oh!)


Don\’t you think that it was too harsh? The consolation is that she gets a severance package worth $10M.

So, what happened to Yahoo? Paul Graham\’s article reminded me of this trouble.

Looking at Yahoo now, it\’s very disappointing how it wasted a lot of opportunities to better position itself in the market and reinvent itself.

Om was right, someone should really fire the board. Restart from scratch and find their bearing. That board had made terrible mistakes over and over and firing Bartz will not help Yahoo get back on track.

Just look at Yahoo\’s stocks during Carol Bartz\’s term:



Yahoo is back to where it started.

I don\’t know how true that Yahoo is up for sale.  Apparently, Jerry Yang said that Yahoo is not for sale.

Yahoo is losing more and more money and as far as I can see, its name and brand had been tarnished already with repetitive mistakes. Its brand doesn\’t inspire confidence either. What could happen to Yahoo if it doesn\’t find the right leader to put things back in order? Only time will tell.



By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.