Use Google Music Outside US with These Simple Steps

Use Google Music Outside US. Whether you are in Australia, Canada, UK, Europe, Philippines or anywhere, just follow these steps to sign up with Google Music.

Use Google Music Outside US

\"GoogleEven if you live outside US, you can use Google Music Outside US by following the simple steps below.

Getting Google Music on your Android Smartphone and tablet is one thing — it only involves searching and downloading for Google Music apk ( However, what\’s more important and the more troublesome part is signing up in Google Music itself because Google checks your IP address upon login and keeps you from getting in if you\’re outside US.

Fortunately, there are tricks on signing up so you can freely use Google Music in Australia, Canada, UK, Europe, Philippines or anywhere  you are now.

Engadget has a very complicated  way to get Google Music outside US using Tor. Tor is good and it is free but most of the times we just want to keep it simple. So this time, we\’ll use any VPN software with US-based IP. For this example, I\’ll use TunnelBear because it\’s very easy to use, it is free for 500MB bandwidth a month, and I have tried and tested it personally on several occasions already. You can use it for Hulu or Spotify as well.

Install and Run VPN, Register, Done!

  1. First, download TunnelBear for your operating system. Unfortunately Linux users, you have to stick with Tor now because TunnelBear is not available for Linux.
  1. Install it and choose the free version. Don\’t forget to verify the email address used during sign-up.
  1. Run TunnelBear and turn it on  (left knob). By default, the VPN location is set to US (right knob) so keep it as-is.
  1. You can confirm your IP by checking and you should have a different IP already, one that is based in the USA.As long as the status of TunnelBear is connected, you can sign up in Google Music already. You\’ll be able to agree with the terms of service and it looks like this:


And that\’s it. You\’re already signed up. You can turn TunnelBear off after completing the sign-up process and you can now use Google Music outside US, virtually anywhere.

This method is not limited to TunnelBear. I was actually connected to a different VPN when I signed up in Google Music last week. I repeated the process using my wife\’s account with TunnelBear and it works flawlessly so it should work with any type of VPN and tunneling software as long as the new assigned IP to your computer is located in the USA. Do you know something better? Leave your comments below.

If you\’re just starting with Google Music or just curious, check out the promotional video about Google Music below.

By Marck V.

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