Trending Topics in Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader With Summify

\"Summify\"There are so many ways you can discover news on your own and you can easily get information overload as well. With all the options available, people are following news through RSS subscription in Google Reader, tweets in Twitter and wall posts in Facebook. Everyday tons of information bombard us. If you are very busy and you want to selectively read only the top topics on your social networks then Summify is for you.

Summify saves you from overwhelming news by sending you periodic summary of the most relevant news stories, from all of your social networks, and delivers it by email and on the web. By allowing Summify to at least one account in Twitter, Facebook and Google, Summify can analyze your social graph and it automatically selects the best stories for you.

This is how Summify looks like in your inbox:


By default, Summify only sends five stories once a day but you can customize how frequent you want to receive stories. Lately, Summify have also added new features such as domain filters, source filters, dislike and love button to give you more control on what Summify should send you.

You can also allow others to view your summaries and automatically publish summaries through Twitter if you want to share your summaries for public consumption.

For me, it just works because I don\’t have to sift through Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook just to know what\’s trending. This is a big time saver for me.

  • Thanks for having a look at Summify! We’re glad it’s a time saver for you. Let us know how we can improve it.

    • MV

      Thanks for retweeting this. I love Summify and I have been using it like a secret weapon to avoid info overload since discovering it.

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