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Finally there is a free program that anyone could run Android on PC with ease. That is BlueStacks.

Before BlueStacks, I know at least 3 ways to run Android on PC. First is the official Android emulator, then there is an Android-x86 project, and Youwave. The official Android emulator is not for everyone. It is meant for developers who wants to test their apps before putting them up in the market place. As far as I know it runs on windowed mode. Android-x86 project is free and boots on supported x86 platform but it is not easy to set-up and run by your average joe. Youwave is easy to set-up but it is not free and only runs on windowed mode.

The difference of BlueStacks from other Android emulators out there is that it runs on top of Windows. With BlueStacks you can play Android apps fast on full-screen. It integrates seamlessly. Think of it this way: If Windows will create an Android version of Metro UI for Windows 8, it will be BlueStacks.

BlueStacks on Windows 7

There are 10 pre-loaded apps that you can use out of the box and you can add 26 more of your favorite apps.

BlueStacks Cloud ConnectUsing BlueStacks Cloud Connect, you can sync your favorite apps from your Android phone to your PC. It looks good on demo and it has a great potential to make all your favorite Android apps run on PC as well.

At the moment BlueStacks only released the App Player (alpha) and because it is still on alpha, expect it to have bugs. Some of the applications that comes with it seems to be buggy. For example, in Bloomberg application, you cannot edit My Stocks. Using BlueStacks Channel, I cannot use applications that I have synced using Cloud Connect from my phone. Only the featured apps work. Maybe this is a limitation because BlueStacks is still working on App Player Pro, or maybe Cloud Connect is not yet really working. I’m not sure. Again, this is a very early version of BlueStacks so it is not yet final.

BlueStacks Channels

I'm subscribed to Evernote but it is not showing up on Windows

Most applications that I tried to install failed to install because of INSTALL_FAILED_CPU_ABI_INCOMPATIBLE error. This is because most APK out there contain binary code aimed for ARM-based devices and not for x86 computers. So perhaps with App Player Pro, it will fool the “premium” applications that they are running on ARM-based device.

I was successful in installing BlueStacks on Windows 7 64-bit but there are reports that it is not compatible with Windows XP. Mac version will be available later.

Even though only a select amount of applications can run with this alpha version of BlueStacks, it is by far the easiest way to run Android on PC.

Watch the BlueStacks App Player demo after the break:

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  • Ala

    it is unable to install this app on windows xp

    • Amvsinghzxc

      blustack can be install on window xp. before the installing blustack you need
      windows installer 4.5 from microsoft download center
      xp and vista version choose sutaible exe instaler file install this before blustack all donei am using it on xp sp3 work fine

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  • Henry

    Is it also possible to upgrade the Android version of the emulator?

    • Marck

      Not possible with the alpha version. I believe it is running Gingerbread on Windows 7. With the Windows 8 version I have no idea what version of Android it is but I won’t bother upgrading Android with emulator. They might just release with the latest version of Android.

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  • Ayoobkhan

    I installed Bluestack. but I couldn’t Installed apk files. When i installed apk files one error message is showing. The message is INSTALLED_FAILED_SERVER_ERROR .Please help

  • Guest

    stuck in initializing screen

  • Denmark Joseph Julipa

    stuck in initializing screen …

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