Philippines Internet Speed Less Than Half The World Average

South Korea has the fastest ISP according to a new study from file-sharing service Pando. How about the Philippines?

My wife teaches Korean kids every day and her students keep on telling her that the Philippines internet speed is painfully slow. Can we blame our internet service providers?

Before seeing the infographics below, I thought that the fastest internet speed is somewhere in Europe but I\’m wrong. The fastest is in Asia, led by South Korea with average speed of  17.62 Mbps (2,202 KBps). That is  faster than the download speed of Great Britain, Turkey, Spain and Australia combined!

The world average download speed is 4.64 Mbps (580 KBps).  How does the Philippines download speed stack against the world?

You can\’t find it in the infographics but according to this related report, the average download speed in the Philippines is only 1.70 Mbps (213 KBps).  To make you not feel bad, it is just a bit slower than China which has average download speed of 1.9 Mbps (245 KBps).

The study didn\’t show the speed of our neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand but in my experience, I\’m almost sure they have faster internet speed.

According to Pando networks, the fastest city is Seocho, South Korea with average speed of 33.50 Mbps (4,187 KBps) while the slowest city is Palembang, Indonesia with speed of just 0.58 Mbps (73 KBps).

More than the average internet speed, I believe that it is also important to check for the quality of the service and the availability of the service. While the Philippines is not in the top 10 fastest internet speed, the increasing demand of internet will continue to push ISPs to build better infrastructure to support continuous growth.

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By Marck V.

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