How to Wisely Use DFA Passport Appointment System




For all Filipinos out there who are interested in applying for ePassport, renewing their expiring passport or replacing their missing passport, Department of Foreign Affairs is already imposing the appointment system for a while now. For readers who are not familiar or confused with this relatively new appointment system, continue reading.

Basically, the appointment system is supposed to make passport application and renewal more efficient using the website or by DFA hotline 737-1000. Placing an appointment online or by phone is FREE but there are passport fees which are payable later.

Regular Processing: P950.00 (25 working days)
Rush Processing: P1,200.00 (15 working days)
Additional fee for lost passports that is still valid: P200.00
Delivery: P120 (optional)

With the new system, it eliminates long queue because only applicants who have appointments can be admitted during the allotted time. If you applied for a Philippines passport before without the aid of travel agencies, you probably know how long the queue could be at the old DFA office. It saves time and keeps you away from enterprising fixers.

To start with your appointment, it’s always recommended to carefully read the expectations. You should carefully read the procedures before proceeding and take note of these reminders:

  • Fill-out the online forms and make sure all information are complete and correct, specially your email address because you will receive the printable form and reference number in your email.
  • Please READ all information. Do not overlook a single  requirement detail because it might cause inconvenience later on.
  • Applicants will not be admitted at the entrance gate without valid appointment and application forms.
  • Photocopy all the necessary documents before proceeding to DFA Aseana.
  • Applicants will not be processed if they do not have complete set of photocopies of their documents.

Moving forward, the following is my personal experience on online appointment but the DFA hotline should give similar experience as they are using the same system.

My passport is expiring on March 31, 2011 and I need to renew my passport for a potential business or work-related trip for the next few weeks. Yesterday (March 26, 2011) I set an appointment for my passport renewal and to my dismay, the appointment system schedule is very much off my expectation. The earliest schedule I could get was May 26, 2011. That is two months waiting for an appointment and another 15 workings days for rush processing.

Two months ago my sister-in-law applied for her ePassport and it only took her 1 month to get an appointment but on my case I have to wait for 2 months. I cannot wait that long because I could miss out an opportunity. I started to get frustrated because I could not find a sooner schedule; I repeatedly hit F5 to refresh the available schedule but I could only get May 26. Waiting much longer is pointless so I was forced to choose this schedule.  However, I know that whenever you apply for a new appointment, the previous appointment will be replaced. Knowing this, I tried getting sooner appointment dates. From May 26, I got May 25, then May 11 and then May 10 — which is still unacceptable.

To help me with my quest to get sooner appointment, I set my browser to auto-refresh the schedule page. I waited for almost 2 hours staring at my monitor but I could not get a sooner appointment. It was 3AM already. I decided to sleep.

I woke up late at around 11AM and the first thing I checked was my computer. To my surprise, there were several slots available on March 31, 2011!  It is a big leap from my previous schedule. Now I only have to wait for 4 days.

If you are struggling on getting an earlier appointment I hope this technique will get you a sooner schedule. I didn’t try calling DFA hotline but it should give you similar result. If you do not want to pester the call center agents then this method is recommended. This is probably a limitation of the system. The slot is simply made available if someone cancels an appointment and anyone can snatch the freed up slot. Paunahan na lang makasingit.

The new Philippine ePassport is a biometric passport and it has security features including a hidden encoded image, an ultra-thin holographic laminate, and a tamper-proof electronic microchip. For more information about the Philippine passport, go to or

If you have a tip on getting your ePassport (new application, renewal, re-issue of lost passport, extension, etc) or you just want to share your experience, don’t hesitate to write your comments below.

Update: Just got my passport on May 9, 2011…. so it seems that I paid rush processing (15 working days) and got my passport after 25 working days.


P.S. I am not connected to DFA so I cannot answer all your questions. I will try but I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. Also, please use some common sense before asking a question. You may want to read the comments because it might have been asked and answered already.

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  • Lady

    Nice blog. I’m trying to get my moms passport so she can come here in aus. But agency n fixer takes too long. I might try what u did. So if I just get an appointment online n refreshing it everyday I might be lucky like u?


    • MV

      You can do what I did via internet. I got my appointment in 4 days. If you want to contact DFA using hotline, that’s also possible. The chance of getting an earlier free slot depends on several factors I mentioned so try several times until you get your desired date.

  • Lady

    I’m willing to pay 10,000pesos to get my moms passport in 2 weeks

    • MV

      When I processed my appointment on 31st of March, only OFW can expedite passport processing (a.k.a. “rush” processing) because DFA has system problems and it is causing some delays. I’m not sure if there are more exceptions. I suggest you contact DFA hotline for more info.

  • Peter

    Thanks! This worked for me. I’ve tried to get an appointment yesterday and I got June 18. By trying this, in 2 days, I finally got May9. Big difference compared to my previous appointment sched. I already confirmed my sched.
    Question: If I again fill up the form and try looking for earlier appointment date, in which point I got my previous (confirmed sched.) appointment be cancelled?
    I’m afraid I will loose my sched and got nothing more earlier.
    Should I not fill up again (as the operator in the hot line told me) and dont try booking for another schedule?

    • MV

      Hi Peter, in my experience I tried 5 times until I got my desired date but I did that in less than 12 hours. I did mine on Friday night until Saturday morning. The previous appointment will be cancelled automatically regardless if you get an earlier or later date so BE CAREFUL! I believe there is no limit in filling up the form so use this to your advantage until you get the best date available.

  • richelda alonzo

    bakit po ako di ako makapag set ng appointment

    • MV

      Did you follow the instruction? Every little step is written on DFA’s website. Take time to read everything. It’s worth it. Kung hindi ka talaga makapag-set ng appointment, call DFA hotline.

  • The Average Jane

    Is it just me or did getting passports a few years back so much easier than it is now? I remember applying for my passport in 2007, got an immediate appointment scheduled for a week after submitting my application and got my passport within a matter of weeks as well.

    • MV

      I had experienced DFA mobile passport and there’s no appointment; just bring complete documents and it’s done. I even got my passport renewal in a week back then. I think it is still possible today but on selected areas only – check DFA website for schedule. Regarding the old system, I have a very different experience way back early 2000. For me the new system is easier. Just follow the system and you don’t have to queue for long hours. And no more fixers!

  • Transcending Mundanity

    I didn’t have a hard time setting up an appointment online. At first I chose May 20, 2011, then after 2 weeks I changed it to May 2nd. It was actually easy. I didn’t have to refresh or anything. I thought their system was so flexible. Or maybe it was just because I didn’t have a target date and anytime can work for me that’s why it wasn’t so stressful. :)

    Question, advisable ba kung i-rush ko yung passport? Or I would have to wait at least a month din for the passport to arrive upon doing so? Kasi meron akong nababasa na they waited for more than 2 months for regular processing when it should’ve been just 25 days. :S

  • MJ

    Hi! Thanks a lot! Your refreshing thing helped me get the latest date possible but I need a sooner appointment schedule. Can you help me set up my laptop to auto-refresh?

  • MV

    @Transcending Mundanity, I had rushed my passport… and it IS LATE. I am yet to write about this experience. If you have a valid reason i.e. you have already booked ticket or you are an OFW, DFA will let your passport be processed faster. I don’t know if there are more exception to the rules.

    @MJ, there are several ways to do it. Of course, doing it manually is tedious so you can use one of the following:
    Firefox –
    Chrome –
    Internet Explorer –

    If you are doing this on peak hours (weekdays), it’s nearly impossible to get the best date when there are too many users online. Auto-refresh will automate refreshing but you must have a lightning fast reflex to get the best date during peak hours. In my experience, I got my preferred date on a weekend.

  • KP

    Hi MV! Thank you for this post. Do you mean you haven’t gotten your passport yet even if your appointment was last March 31? I am also worried that mine won’t arrive in time.
    Thanks again!

    • MV

      Yup, that’s true. I called DFA about my passport release and they told me that ideally it should be released not later than May 9, 2011. The reason for delay is the trouble with printing… I paid rush processing for nothing.

  • Ian R S

    Hi MV

    how are you? I’m from Australia but my cousin from Manila had already made appointment from DFA which she already got a date for June 18. I know it’s late cos I will be in Manila June 9th until July 25th but my cousin and I are planning to go to Thailand together sometimes 1st week of July depending if the passport is done for 15 working days. But I don’t know when we’re going. Just because I will just wait when I go with my cousin to DFA.

    I just don’t know why DFA always keep saying that appointments are not available between March to May 2011. They couldn’t make earlier appointment for my cousin to apply for her passport for the 1st time. Also my cousin emailed me last about if families abroad who are dying or sick and then it needs to submit papers. Why do I need that for? I’m not sick/dying. I find it weird. I’m not an OFW. I lived in Australia with my family since I was little boy.

    So why can’t they make it earlier? My cousin should’ve done it earlier so that it’ll be better for her to have a passport done earlier like March or April.

    Also is it possible to have her passport done for just 1 week for an early rush processing for the passport? She is willing to pay maybe P3,000 nalang please.

    • MV

      I don’t work for DFA so as much as I want to answer all your questions, I can’t. One reason why you need to submit papers is to prove the urgency or need for travel (not to prove you are sick or dying). If you will follow the typical process you’ll get between 1-2 months waiting period before the actual appointment day but you can always try for an earlier date by doing what I did. By phone or by internet it should give you better result with persistence.

      Also, I don’t know if you can pay upfront fees to make it easier or faster since the very purpose of appointment system is to avoid this. It’s self-service and it’s free.

  • Ian R S

    Thanks for the reply/info, MV… Yes I want to followed what you did before =) but it’s too late already because my younger cousin is already made her DFA appointment for June 18th so it’s ok… i know it’s a bit late for her so yeah. ‘cos i just visit this website last night LOL… it’s too late na hehe…

    I just didn’t know about this thingy on the website like you did before, my cousin should’ve done this earlier but maybe next year for our next and final trip =) thanks anyways…

  • bien

    QUESTION: if i missed my appointment date due to lack of budget, can i still use my appointment letter the following day? by the way, i am applying in DFA batangas branch. Give me some advise plaease.

  • rye

    bien, yes you can. just tell them your reason. a friend of mine had the same case as yours. they are considerate. i also renewed my passport in DFA Batangas.

  • Criss

    Ok ang technique ah? =D actually similar sa experience ko yung ginawa mo, tsumetsempo din ako ng mas earlier sched. Ang iniisip ko naman ngayon, kung ok lang ba na di mo makuha yung passport mo sa said release date? today kasi yun, i forgot. haha! tsaka may work nako ngayon, when i applied, wala pa. XD ok lang kaya yun na kunin ko sa susunod na araw?

    @bien – hi! i think hindi na sya valid, strict kasi sila sa appointment system nila. pero tawagan mo padin sila for confirmation.

    like kasi nung nangyari sakin, supposed to be, dapat nung feb pako nakapag apply, kaso, nacancel pala yung appointment sched ko dahil may dumating palang bagong email confirmation. I thought na parehas lang yun, kasi kinompare ko eh, ang difference nila ay yung parang barcode number. lol. kala ko wala lang yun. at nung dumating nako sa dfa, sinabing na cancel daw. awww. tsk. at alam kong ang next sched na eh a month etc. dahil everyday halos sang katutak ang mga nag papa sched.

    then last month, nakapag apply nako, actually replaced a lost passport. haha. (so na try ko din yung sa luma, pero dahil minor pa kami that time, so madali lang kami nakapag apply) at today ang released.

    • MV

      @Criss, on my case, DFA missed their own release date. I see no reason why you can’t get your passport after its release date. To be sure just call DFA hotline.

  • maymay

    hi. I followed your steps in getting an appoinment for passport. and i got mine scheduled may 17,rush! But my problem is i had booked to singapore on june16 so i must travel on dat dates. Unfortunatly ive read the comments and an advisory from dfa makes me upset. i cannot resched my flight. Is there any solution on this matter or any suggestions? Please. Thanks.

    • MV

      Assuming DFA will rush your passport within 15 days, you’re safe. At kung OFW ka, and you have already booked flight ticket, pwede ka yata maki-usap iprioritize yung release ng passport mo. I can’t remember where I read it.

  • Carla

    Hi. i applied for my son’s passport on the 1st week of March,( i then asked how long will processing be, DFA said, maximum of 1 month ) then had his appointment on April 25, 2011, however, upon arrival to DFA Office, DFA Baguio said that the releasing of passports is 45 working days after the biometrix appointment which will fall on June 27, 2011 , i asked DFA Baguio personnel if they are sure to release the passports on the said date, they told me that it’s still tentative, if the the passports were not released on the 27th of June, we might need to wait for 10 more days. My problem is that, we already booked our flight to Singapore on July 2. what should i do if ever DFA failed to release my son’s passport on June 27? please help me po…are there such thing as travel certificates issued by the DFA? please po i need an answer… thanks a lot..

  • maymay

    hi. Im not an ofw. For tour purp0ses only.. Goodluck na lang skn on may 17.

  • rose

    hi. i applied for a passport a while ago. it was fast and smooth. i asked if i can have my passport rushed, it was approved. the release date is june 6. but my problem is our flight to singapore is on june 3. i need help. what can i do? i tried going to the director’s office. please.

  • kabayongtao

    I tried to do the technique, I don’t know if I did it correctly. – But I refreshed and refreshed the browser, and yeah a good date did pop-up but as soon as I chose that date, I was redirected to a page saying…

    We have detected multiple appointment requests coming from your IP address.
    You may try again later this day.

    I’ma try again later though I’m wondering if anyone else experienced this thing? :))

  • kabayongtao

    Okay, just to let you know guys that I finally scheduled myself using the DFA online appointment system. Now I’ll tell what I experienced,

    Today is May 18 in the morning. When I try to get an appointment date, Most of the time I get dates like 2 months from now(July 18).

    For four hours(around 10am-2pm) I let the browser refresh the page and there were only 3 rare instances when the early dates appeared. (May 30, June 15, 27) – Which I failed to grasp because I dunno, maybe some people are refreshing the pages too. :))

    Anyways I got an appointment on July 1 and saved like 15 days of waiting.

    Here are some tips btw:
    - Use auto-refresher
    - Disable image loading (especally when you are using auto-refresher. The plugin waits the page to fully load)
    - Try off peak hours.

    P.S: About my previous post, I think I was unlisted in the banlist for like 10 mins so there is nothing to worry about.

  • kabayongtao

    Oh yeah, thanks for the post MV. I really appreciate it.

  • MV

    @rose, I don’t really know how to help you. Either you get your passport earlier, book another ticket, or something else. I hope somebody can advise what’s the best option out there for you.

    @kabayongtao, maybe DFA’s website has anti-bot protection so you had that problem earlier? I don’t know how sophisticated their firewall is but I hope they don’t prevent legitimate multiple requests within a day. Doing this method works best on off-peak hours because just like what you mentioned you’ll be competing with a lot of people, including agencies.

  • kabayongtao

    @MV: I tried it again, and just like as you said, there are lots of early appointment dates compared to peak-hours. – Right now it’s 3am of May 19 and there are dates like June 1, June 15.

    I hope other people would save time by reading this article, thanks.

  • pogiboy

    We’ll just a tip. If you want a faster transaction, get the earliest time slot ( 7 AM). The processing would last for about 40 to 60 minutes only. And ohh, I think LBC is more efficient than AIR21. :D

  • kabayongtao

    I just processed my passport today in DFA-OCA, and being scheduled at a 4:30pm slot, I would say It was very hectic. I got out around 8:00pm.

    I arrived at DFA around 3:30pm and luckily I was allowed to enter the office, but to my dismay there were so many many people, trust me on this.

    The verification of records took an estimate of 30-45 minutes I believe, there we were sitting and moving to a different chair the whole time.

    After paying in the cashier, what took most of my time is waiting for the encoding of passport. There we were given queue numbers and should wait till that number appears on the LCD-screen. When I got my number (which was 3715), the current number was around 2800. I had observed that the current number increases by 200 for 30mins, so think I actually waited for 3 hours.

    So I would agree wholeheartedly with pogiboy, get an early timeslot.

    P.S: I’ll get my passport on July 7, and I hope this experience of mine will help others.

  • MV

    Thank you for the inputs pogiboy and kabayongtao. My schedule was 10 AM when I renewed my passport and I still waited until my scheduled time. It took more than 2 hours to complete the whole process so I believe the earlier, the better.

  • em

    i have an error in my passport application form that was already submitted online and i already clicked the confirmation link, i realized just now that i mis-spelled my name on it.. how can i correct it? do i have to fill up another application form online or do i have to call the operator for that? ?

    hoping for ur reply asap, tnx!

    • MV

      Try filling up the application form again (this time with the correct info) and use the same email address. Once you receive the confirmation email, preview the appointment (PDF file)… also check if there is a note in the email saying “Please note that we’ve replaced your previous appointments with this one. You are not allowed to place multiple appointments in our system.” There should be a reference number and If that reference number is your old reservation that means the system already replaced your previous appointment. If in doubt, call the operator.

  • Angelo

    what the?

    “Your IP Address: —————————–

    We have detected multiple appointment requests coming from your IP address.

    In order to ensure that our system is not abused, we have placed a temporary ban on your IP address.

    You will be able to retry your request later today.”

    what should i do now? how many hours for me to be able to apply again online?

    • MV

      If you read one of the posts above, meron na din naka-experience niyan. I’m not sure if this is because you are refreshing too fast or because the DFA is doing some measure to reduce server load. The IP ban is not permanent. You have to wait for awhile until the ban is lifted.

  • Eiphibie

    I don’t know what’s going on but its been few days now since I have been trying to replace our family appointment. After trying to plot another schedule, the website kept on saying:

    For agency applications, please visit Thank you.

    I used the same process before so I’m not sure why I can’t go thru after choosing the date and time. I just feel frustrated as I don’t think I’m doing something wrong. Any input regards to this?

    Thanks! BTW, great blog! Love it! :)

  • maata margelyn

    h! ask ko lang pho paanu kmaha ng passport at tska mag schudule ksi ng send n pho ako antay ko nlang ang rply tnx pho gsto ko zna bkaz .

  • Christine

    Can 2 persons apply for passport at just one appointment? Planning to get my baby who is 7 months old a passport and myself for renewal. Thanks!

  • emc

    i was set for an schedule tomorrow, june17 at 2pm..
    i had applied last apr 07..
    tapos knina pagbukas me ng email to view my application form para ipa print me sa computer shop..nung click me ung link sa email na na receive me sa dfa.. sabi ng dfa webiste “Sorry
    We cannot find your application. Please make sure you are clicking the correct link from the email.”.. ang problema ko panu ko mapi print ung application kung di nila makita?..
    eh meron nmn me talagang sched for tomw..
    somebody give an advice namn kung panu na kaya un?…

  • ay

    how will you know if you already cancelled your appointment?

  • chinita

    emc – Ganyan din nangyari saken. Try to check your email again. Kasi saken error din at first pro alam ko may schedule talaga ko on that day. Then what I did, tumawag ako sa DFA pra sabihin un error na nakita ko sa email ko. Hinde lumalabas un application form ko. Then, nagforward ulet cla ng link sa email ko for another schedule, same day pero mas maaga yung time kesa dun sa napili ko nun una.

  • chinita

    ay – You will know if cancelled appointment mo. Simple, when u choose another appointment, automatically the previous appointment will be cancelled.

  • stella

    ask ko lng poh mag p sked ng pas port poh…..

  • Zara

    Hi! what if cousins kami who wants to have the same appointment? can we use the family appointment system?

  • Edna L. Fernandez

    I just would like to ask how to follow up the previous appointment made on line for the renewal of the passport of one of our priests. I had the appointment done last monday
    until now I still don’t received any appointment for our priest.

    We need that renewal of passport for our priest next travel as a missionary priest.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Edna L. Luna

  • ruvi

    hello po sa inyo,, tatanong ko lng po kung gano katotoo ang processing ng passport na umaabot ng 2months bago marelease? totoo po ba yun kahit s dfa manila? kasi sa pampanga after 15 days bago makakuha ng appointment tpos sabi sa buong dfa 2 months daw po processing ng passport… di na po ba accurate yung 15days n rush ng dfa?

  • jose

    Reminders for all Saturday appointment schedules. The fixed rate is Php 1,200. No more, no less… I wonder why there’s no advisory on DFA’s website.. Hmmnnn????

  • Frederick Ordonio

    Nasaan po yung application form ng passport appointment?

  • MV

    Hi, if you see questions not answered, please use due diligence to call the DFA hotline for the official support.

    The 2 month processing time is subjective. Hindi ko alam kung hanggang ngayon DFA is still having delays due to “printing issue”. I don’t know what excuses they have now. 15 days or 25 days — these are working days so don’t count weekends and non-working holidays. I haven’t heard or read that DFA delivers on time so be ready for delays.

    Nakasulat din po sa website ng DFA na “All Saturday Appointments is for rush processing only.” (Please read that carefully again) — you have been advised. Therefore you must pay P1,200 for rush processing.

  • Snoopy

    hi poh! I’m from Davao. i just went earlier in our DFA branch here in Davao City. Kaso poh when they checked my requirements nah. I brought only NSO, LCR, NBI, BAPTISMAL and POSTAL ID. Then she told me that they won’t accept NBI clearance, Police Clearance, Cedula and Baptismal anymore which is they rejected my NBIi and Baptismal and told me kulang ako ng 2 documents, and now i need to find another supporting documents. Bakit po ganun? d na ba tlga pwd ang NBi and BAPTISMAL? tapos regular days namin dito is 50 days ang the EXPEDITE is 40 days. how about po sa manila? ganun din po ba?.. thanks

  • MV

    Hi Snoopy, for the complete details on requirements, please read it here:

    As for the regular processing 25 working days is about 35 days.. so I think the 50-day duration probably due to expected delays. I’m not really sure. Do they print the passport locally? If not, then I think it has to do with the logistics.

  • j-a

    hi, i just received my passport, but thanks to the encoder i have “wrong spelled place of birth” on my passport, i tried to call dfa but its always busy.. what should i do?

    pls help.. thanks

    • MV

      Maybe you should double check what’s printed on your online reservation first to prove that it isn’t your mistake. I have no experience on correcting details in my passport and I can’t find more details about your problem. Have you called DFA?

  • j-a

    i have correct info on my online reservation form and on my birth cert.. i’ve tried to call dfa but the line is always busy, been trying to call them for 2 days but still no answer..

  • kakashi


    I have scheduled an appointment yesterday for a renewal of my passport. Is there a way i can move it on and earlier day than what was granted which is this fri(July15) My employer needs the position badly(rush) i need to finish all the requirements within july 19. Do you think it’s possible, if not the open slot will be given to another person :(


  • aielle

    uhmmm…. i would like to ask, if ever po n nkapg-set n kau ng appointment yet ung confirmation ay hndi p din dumadting sa email add nio hndi n po b valid sked nio???

    i’ve been waiting for almost 3 weeks n yet the confirmation mail hasn’t arrive yet, nung una akala ko hndi nregister ung appointment so i tried making another appointment then cnbi knancel ko daw ung una kong appointment… has anyone of you experience that???

    • MV

      You are waiting too long. Way too long. Once you submit the appointment, you should get an email within 24 hours. “If you do not confirm within 24 hours by clicking the confirmation link [in your email], your appointment will be canceled.” — Taken directly from the email sent by DFA Passport Appointment System. If you are not receiving the email, check if you provided the correct email address or double check if there is no problem with your email provider.

  • aielle

    does it mean that i need to set another appointment???

    • MV

      I don’t know if you have viewed the PDF at least once. If you didn’t see anything that resembles an appointment from DFA in your inbox then I think you have to set a new appointment. Why don’t you just call DFA and set an appointment there?

  • aielle

    thank you for the advice, i already arrange another appointment and was able to get an earlier appointment… ^_^

  • kabayongtao

    They just mailed my passport, I just got it.

    Release date was July 7 according to the papers, but it is already July 14. A little bit late perhaps, but I didn’t mind.

    Yet again, thanks.

  • MV

    Welcome. Glad to help. I hope people will start demanding the timeliness of the service since you pay good money for the processing specially if it is rushed.

    Also, just to add… I used the same technique I listed here to get family appointment for my wife and son so the method listed here is not limited to personal appointment only.

  • avy

    i’m unable to set an appointment for passport
    i keep on getting below error.,
    i dont apply for agency,..
    below trying multiple times.. :|
    please help..

    For agency applications, please visit Thank you.’

  • marilyn

    Hi thanks for the info, this piece is really helpful. got a question though, my appointment will be this coming Friday (july 22), I had this form for a month and I just noticed yesterday I put a wrong year on my birthday, in the form it’s may 15 2011, it should be 1979 (my bad). Can I still process it eventhough there’s a mistake? what should I do? I have my NSO birth cert with me. I appreciate your response. Thanks. God bless.

  • yolanda pati

    hello po itatanong ko lang p[o kasi kukuha plang po sana ako ng passport first time ko po kukuha,kaso kilnagn po sa DFA ang mga digitized na mga id like SSS,GSIS, na mga id po,kaso po ang problema ko ung id ko po ng SSS ay hinde pa po na irerelease until now..pero NAG APPLY po ako ng SSS id last year pa po oct until now wla pa po.ang meron lang po ako BIRTH CERT from NSO at galing din po sa province na B.C,NBI,postal,voters affidavit,baptisma,diploma,form 137,form e-1 ng SSS,yan po lahat ang meron ako pwede na po kya ako mag apply ng passport…sana po mabigyan nio ng kasagutan ang problema ko maraming salamat po…godbless….

  • kabayongtao


    When I got there, there were other people who also had corrections on their printed form. As far as I remember, they were instructed to change it by writing the correct info on the printed form with the use of a ballpen. No big deal I think.

    Well just to be safe, print two forms and don’t forget to inform the encoder about the corrections needed – and bring a ballpen.

    • catcat


      Wrong info sa Printed form ko. I hope ma-entertain ako. And Here’s my available docs:

      NSO, POSTAL ID, SSS-E1 form, TIN ID, Company ID,

      Ok na po ba yon? Thanks a lot!!!

      • Marck V.

        I believe your documents should be more than enough. Just notify the counter that there are some adjustments to be made in your documents. Kapag pinapasok ka naman sa loob, tuluy-tuloy na iyon.

  • LALA

    HI i just want to ask, what if i’m trying this F5 technique. i have a schedule already, but im using a different email add to apply for a much earlier schedule with the same name and info.. will this still cancel my previous appointment even though im using a different email add?? but i didnt chose a date pa naman? or what i mean is i didnt finish the application by not completing the last part which is choosing the date & time of the appointment. cause im kinda paranoid n after i read n it will the cancel the previous appointment. i hope not.and i just want to be sure na my previous appointment is still active. thanks for the reply i would really appreciate it. thanks.

    • MV

      I didn’t try using different emails. You should try and tell us what happened. The steps that I provided will automatically free up the previous appointment so that others can still use it. If you can reserve 2 slots at the same time, for the sake of courtesy, please free up the later slot by cancelling the previous appointment manually (link provided in DFA’s email).

  • OFW_boy

    I’m Planning to renew my passport this Sept 2011 because it will expire soon.. its really true that renewing it takes 2 months?? that is not acceptable.. I’m working abroad in remote area and no chance to go to embassy coz im very far… that’s why while im on vacation i will also renew my passport… I hope 2 months is not true.

    waiting your reply… thanks… God Bless Pilipinas :)


    • MV

      I just tweeted yesterday, my wife and son recently renewed their passport and DFA actually delivered their passport almost on time. Just 2 days delayed. Both of their passports were rushed. I think the printing delays have been mitigated now.

  • dickyam

    Your wife and son got lucky.. I renewed my passport last May 20, and was only able to get my passport last July 12 (from June 27 release-sked).. after 3 resked of releases due to the printing issues.

    I posted my not-so-good experience in my new blog site @

    hopefully, the issues were already sorted out and others won’t experience what I and my DFA-(printing)-batchmates had.

  • dede


    guys why the waiting time for the passport is too long? when I got my passport 2 years ago i didnt have to set an appointment and I didnt have to wait that long.

    • MV

      Meron na po tayo bagong process… which is better, IMHO. No more fixers. Direct appointment means you get direct and 100% access to DFA without the middleman. The waiting issue is just a problem caused by printing delays in Bangko Sentral…. but I believe it has been fixed so the waiting time for regular processing – 25 working days and for rush processing -15 working days. Hindi naman matagal as long as you plan your appointment wisely.

  • warren

    do i need to set an appoinment po ba para sa e-passport if sa tuguegarao dfa branch ako kuha or no need na? valid din po ba yung appoinment sa e-passport sa tuguegarao branch, same date and time or its only for metro manila area? please reply po.tnx

  • Jhonson Pinto Pines

    good evening po.. itatanong ko lang po kasi kukuha plang po sana ako ng passport first time ko po kukuha,kailangan po ba pagpunta jan dala po ba lahat ng requirements? kumpleto na po ksi ung ibang requirements,bale kulang lng ng SSS ID.
    Ma’am kailan po ba ako pwedeng mag paschedule? salamat po..

  • MV

    @warren, I don’t want to misinform you. Honestly I really don’t know kung ano process sa provincial branches. If you know the local branch number it is much better to call and ask them.

    @Jhonson, it’s really up to you kung kailan mo gusto. You can set your own schedule as long as you have all the needed documents.

  • Kristine L

    Hi Po sa lahat,
    Ask ko lang po if pwede ba yong mg pa tatak lang ng extension then mgrenew at the same time at i mail na lang ang passport sa kung san mang mailing address na binigay? Kasi I have only 3 weeks in the Philippines tapos ayaw ko namang ma stress sa paghihintay kung darating nga ba on time ang passport as what I have heard sa mga iba..Thanks. Pwede kaya yun?

  • Ma. Sarah D.

    nais ko lamang po malaman kung paano ko po malalaman ang refference code ko at print code sa pagpapareprint ng Passport Application Appointment System dahil nabura ko po ang application na galing sa DFA? na dapat ay ipapasa ko na bukas para makakuha ng passport.

  • P

    There’s a mistake on the date of my baptismal cert. The year was a year before I was born. Can i just submit an affidavit? The parish church is in the province but I’m not sure if it’s still there. :(

  • robbie

    hello guys, is NBI clearance a must for first time passport applicants? kasi i only have my NSO Birth Certificate, Original TOR and School ID back in college, Im a fresh grad kasi last April lang. I applied for NBI pero I have namesake. My appointment for passport app will be in the 24th, pero release ng clearance ko sept. 6 pa. (nagtataka ako kasi pag namesake dapat one week and maximum days of clearing di ba..



    You don’t have permission to access /form/app2/index.html on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


  • hannah

    same problem here.. after filling up all infos needed for passport renewal and choosing an available date in the website all i would get is


    For agency applications, please visit Thank you.

    no other explanation.. that’s it.. and i’m not trying to apply as an agency. i’ve tried several times with always the same result.

  • Marck V.

    @p and @robbie, please review the requirements.You’re not limited with baptismal certificate or NBI. If you don’t have any government issued ID yet, NSO issue birth certificate is the best document you can bring. Then if you really don’t have supporting documents, I guess School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with dry seal will do.

    @Rica and @hannah the system is not perfect. I have encountered errors din before. Just try again or call the DFA hotline if you really can’t use the online appointment reservation. I am more familiar with “agency applications” — I think DFA is filtering bulk registration. Your case could be a false positive…. so you may try again later, or probably on someone else’s computer.

  • Darien

    hi sir :) very nice of you to share the above info.

    I just want to ask about my passport which expired in 2008. ‘planning to have it renewed this month. given the 3 year gap, does it still fall under the category of “renewal” or do i have to apply as a newbie again?

    and also, just to confirm, if my wife and i plan to renew our passports on the same day/sked, then the “family” application form is the one we should use, right?

    thanks :)

    • Marck V.

      Hi Darien, you’re welcome. I think your case still falls under renewal because you still have to surrender the old one to get a new one. And yes, you may use the family appointment form so that you and your wife will have the same date and time for processing.

  • Darien

    I just submitted my application via their online appointment system. I was already prepared to stare down my pc and go through countless page refreshes just to get the soonest possible sked. But on the first try alone, I instantly got an appointment for the 1st week of September :)

    I guess they’ve already done something to ease the massive backlog.

    Thanks again, Marck V. :)

    • Marck V.

      That is awesome. :D I wish this happens all the time for each and everyone. You’re welcome

  • Kimi

    Hi! Glad to come across this page. I just can’t find the answer to this – I was unable to cancel our appointment online because of some family emergency. Would this affect any future passport applications?

    • Marck V.

      I don’t think so. There are many people on queue for that time slot (think of batch processing) so even if 10 people don’t show up I think it’s negligible. You’re actually doing a favor for DFA by not showing up (they have less to do) but you used up a slot that other people could have used to process their passport. So for the sake of courtesy to others, don’t forget to cancel appointments if you can’t make it next time. :)

  • cat

    hay…FULL na ba nag lahat ng date sa eappointment ng dfa…or may sira lang un system? hanggang MAY 3 nag-browse ako for appointment kaso unavailable slot n daw un..=(

  • cat

    MAY 3 2012 un ah..=) sorry no more available slots daw..=(

  • Marck V.

    @cat it happens sometimes… I don’t know why. Either system glitch, error or simply due to system overload. Try mo na lang ulit. Try mo sa long weekend, baka wala masyado online hehe.

  • rose de guzman

    tanong ko po kong paano mag pa sched. ng passport?

    mag pa sched sana po ako sa sept. 20 2011, tuesday

  • jonalyn

    hi! need q lang po ng advice 2007 po ng kumuha ako ng passport at late registered na B.C from nso ang pinasa ko sa nso at ang birthdate ko is jan.30 1980 and all my documents since my 1st sch. day ito n ang gamit ko at dito nagstart ang problem ko coz ng muli akong kumuha ng B.C sa nso original ng birth cert. n po ang neririlease nila sa akin at dun ko lang nalaman na ang real birthdate ko was jan.29,1979 at dito nag start ang problem about my passport.Paano ko po ba mababago ang birthdate ko sa passport ko next year na po iyon mag eexpired..It wasn`t my foult coz yung unang release ng nso sa akin ay late registered at nag magrequest po uli ako nung 2nd and 3rd time sa kanila yung original n birth cert. n po ang nirerelease nila kahit na late registered pa rin ang nirerequest ko. Naguguluhan na po ako kung paano ko aayusin ang passport ko . Pls. help me naman po i really really need your advice, hope na matulungan nyo po ako.

  • Marck V.

    @jonalyn I don’t think this is the best place to ask your question but I’ll try. First you have to fix the legal document issues and after that you can submit for renewal and correct the wrong information in your old passport. In that order. I don’t know how you can fix your birth certificate. Maybe you can get a lawyer or ask NSO for assistance how to correct it.

  • Simeona toledo

    pano poh magpa-reappointment? kc poh nung sept. 01 ako pupunta, hindi lng poh natuloy….
    tnx poh

    • Marck V.

      Simply go to DFA passport appointment website and do your appointment again. I think there is no limit in re-appointment.

      • Nycel

        i would like to share you my experience. due to hectic workload in the office, i was not able to come at DFA on the scheduled appointment of mine (new applicant).
        when i tried to have re-appointment using the hotline of 7371000, the agent told me that i should have cancelled my appointment if cannot really come.
        i told her that i really forgot the date.
        she warned me that if i will always make appointment then no appearance at all, my name will be blocked. and i will be having hard time applying for new passport.
        so i’m not sure if she was implying that there are limitations in setting appointments.

  • Denmark Roldan

    Hello there! Have a pleasant day. I have something to ask about how can I click the confirmation link? How can I find it?

    thanks a lot!

  • Skyla_1987

    hi.. i had an appointment with dfa and i was asked to come back as i don’t have sufficient documents. would you know the turn around time that i can go back or should i just set a new appointment? thanks for your help.

    • Marck

      Actually, they meant that you have to set a new appointment when you have completed the required documents — because you can’t re-use your old appointment anymore. Go back when you already have a new appointment WITH your complete requirements.

  • Scherwyn

    hi! tinatanggap ba ang postal id as valid id when applying for passport?

  • Marck

    Please read this:

    Kung wala, it is not accepted.

  • Semblood

    Hi. Ilang oras itatagal ko sa DFA during my appointment dun? Aabutin ba ng 1 hour or more? TIA

    • Marck

      If you will reserve your appointment very early in the morning, may pag-asa na matapos under an hour. Pero kung hindi, expect it to be around 2 hours. Depende din kasi kung gaano kadami yung kasabay mo. If you will register a passport for a baby, it will be faster since you will be prioritized. May priority din yata mga senior citizen. On my case, it took about 2.5 hours kasi 10am  ako nagpareserve.

  • Jhackie

    Hi!!! I just feel up the form this day for renewal of passport and I’m waiting for the e-mail or link they will send me for the schedule but until now wala pa rin. Do I need to fill-up another form online or just wait for the e-mail they’ll send me. Thanks alot…Godbless!!!

  • Cav Cav

    How long did it take for DFA to send your appointment notice (after accomplishing the forms online)? 

  • Marck

    @[email protected], make sure the email is not caught by spam or junk email filter. From my experience the email will be sent almost immediately. If you did not receive it, maybe you did not complete the final step. If there is no system problem in DFA’s server, you should receive it in less than 5 minutes. At most wait for an hour for the email delivery. If you did not receive any, you can set another appointment. The previous appointment will be automatically cancelled.

  • Philippineepassport

    Philippine Passport facebook page is now available. Just follow and “like” the link below to receive updates and news about Philippine Passport.

    • [email protected]

      What will i do if i lost my appoinment number? How can i reschedule if they need the number?

  • Ihatenoodles_18

    what to do, i just got my passport but the address written missed one letter – binaloan it should be binalonan.. dont know what to do?

  • Cav Cav

    Thanks a lot! But I already filled out the online application form twice and until now I have yet to hear from DFA. Can’t seem to get through their trunkline as well. This is getting so frustrating on my part. I need to renew my passport asap. Does anyone know if DFA is currently experiencing technical glitch?

    • Marck

      First make sure you are using the correct email address. I used my Gmail email address when I reserved my appointment. I’m not sure if the delivery is fast enough for other free email service provide but I think it should not be an issue. If you tried other email address and you still can’t receive (or find) the email from DFA, something is wrong. You can find the link to e-Passport Facebook fan page here. I suggest you post your concern there as well since I cannot confirm if there is a glitch in their system. I hope you’ll get your passport appointment soon.

    • Philippineepassport

      If you continue to experience this problem, please post your concern in our DFA Passport Page so the technical team can work on it ASAP.

      Marck: Thank you for posting this in your blog. I hope our Facebook page will help.

      DFA Philippine Epassport Facebook Page Admin

  • Catherine

    nalito lang po ako dahil doon sa confirmatio link na dapat po sana kung i click ngunit wala po akung nakitang confirmation link,kung maari po turuan nyo ako sa madaling panahon.salamat po

  • Passerby

    I just received my passport yesterday but my name is misspelled.What is their process on this even it’s the DFA’s fault because I checked what was printed in the paper they showed me.

  • myraflorpante_1117

    mag-set po sana ako ng appointment for my husband,,outside the country pa  cia ngayon seaman po kc cia..nov. 19 pa po ang dating nia…mag-expire yung passport nia on sept. 2012 kaya nid nia mag-renew kc aabutin po ung nxt contract nia…kaya lang nung magset na ko ng date starting nov. 21 no available slots na till dec. 2012…ano po kya pwede ko gawin?…..thank you po..

    • Marck

      I believe that is just glitch. There should be available slots for the next few months. It also happened to me. Try another day.

  • Markgerlie_diaz15

    ng paappoinment po ako kya lng po nabura ung appoinment na form sa yahoomail ko pano po un pwde po ba ulit ako mg paapoinment ng panibago????

    • Marck

      If you printed it and got your form, no need, kasi yun din naman ang gagamitin mo sa DFA. Kung hindi mo na print, I believe you have to repeat it, kasi wala ka maipapakita na form. Ok lang umulit kasi mabubura naman yung ginawa mo dati.

  • Maritesquiatchon

    Good day po. Is my appointment in this website also applicable in DFA Batangas? Can I present the printed mail and form that was sent to me when I had my online application of passport here? Thank you

  • Maritesquiatchon

    Good day po. Is it really that fast that I had my appointment schedule a few seconds after I submitted my application online? Thank you po

    • Marck

      Yes, once you have chosen a date that’s it. However you have to confirm the appointment by opening the form and printing it (provided on your email).

  • Berna_ditah

    ask q lang po kung kinukuha tlaga nila ung original birth certificate kc un ang kinuha sakin…then hindi na nila binalik sakin… kailangan q ulet ung original birth certificate…sabi ni mama pag kumuha ulet aq sa NSO, hindi na original ung ibibigay…..????…..makukuha q kaya ulet un?…tnx po…

    • Marck

      Original po talaga… even if you bring a photocopy, they will take the original. Original Birth Certificate from NSO is always just a copy of your original birth certificate on SECPA (Security Paper). When they say “Original Birth Certificate from NSO”, it means NOT a photocopy of the birth certificate from NSO.

      • Ninah Maranan

        hello po, just went to DFA early this morning.. different scenario but it’s also regarding birth certificate. My birth certificate ( from NSO ) is not clear and my name is unreadable, but that is always the copy i get from NSO. Then i brought the photocopy of the LOCAL copy of my birth certificate, but DFA personnel insisted that they need the original LOCAL copy of my BC. Then I just have to get back once I have in me the requirement they needed ( original LOCAL copy of my BC ). The problem is, i still have to get that original copy in Batangas. My mom sent, this morning thru LBC, but it would still be delivered tomorrow and I have work at 6am-2pm tomorrow. If the earliest possible time i can get back to DFA for that requirement is Wednesday ( November 29 ) on or before 5pm, would the delivery of my passport still be 15 days ( rush ) after my first appointment which was early this morning ( November 28, 2011 830am )??

  • Mons_cruz



    good day po..asked kulang kung ok nb ung reuirements kong NBI certificate,BRR from comelec,drivers license,form 137,baptismal certificate.NSO birth certificate,postal ID para makapag set npo ako ng appointment para nman di masayang oras ko pagpunta sa DFA.maraming salamat po..

  • rorafu

    if you are a government employee, an OFW, or disability, there is “courtesy lane” where you could go directly in the 2nd floor to process your epassport. you don’t need to set an appointment on line. just bring all the necessary requirements plus your GSIS and supporting/company ID. use gate 2 or 3? instead of gate 1.

    • Marck

      I also want to add that when you are going to make an appointment for babies either by family appointment or just for the baby, you’ll get the same special treatment. I’m not sure how young the baby should be but my wife was able to get our son a passport through courtesy lane as well.

  • Ian_losendo

    gud day po…anu po ba dapat ilagay sa Acquired Citizenship? sa Occupation,Off.#&Office Add..kc pag e submitt ko yan po ang d ko na fill upon po…thanks…

    • Marck

      Acquired Citizenship = this is how you got your citizenship. Kung Pinoy ka na pinanganak dito sa Pilipinas, then you acquired citizenship through birth. On occupation, if you are still studying you can put Student. If you don’t have a job you can put N/A on office # and address.

  • Raquel_danao

    wala pong lumalabas n form need ko po mag parush ee anu po gagawin ko ??

  • Raquel_danao07

    3times n po kc akong nag cancel ng appoinetment kc po mali ung nalalagay kong sched bkit po kaya wala ng lumalabas n form ??

    • Marck

      Wala na lumalabas na form? There are numerous schedules. You just have to get the right timing. Madami gumagamit nito so expect high demand. Minsan kasi mabilis talaga mawala or maubos. I’m not sure if this is a capacity issue or limitation in DFA’s website but you can definitely choose your desired appointment date if you really want to.

  • Jmblade_28

    tpos q n pong mafill-upan ung appointment pro ng ipiprint q n po bat sa manila nmn? pwde bang un ang dalhin sa DFA TUGUEGARAO kc yun po ang pinakamalapit smin…please answer me. o sa mga kabayan na nkaexperience ng tulad skin pki inform nmn po aq…salamat po

    • Marck

      Not sure with the process on other provinces. You can contact your regional consular offices for more info. Check this web page for contact details:

  • jhunz702

    hi there! a green card holder but i lost my passport here in US. what i have now is a travel document para lng mkauwi sa pinas sa tuesday. i already have an appointment sa thursday pag dating ko sa pinas..ask q lng po if i still need to bring all the requirements sa DFA coz wla nmn po aq ID from pinas..lhat po ng ID q eh from US birth certificate lng po meron aq..

  • Ronald_08

    pno po ba mag sched ng group sa dfa??

  • erick

    Hi there..i did so many times and clicked all the dates / hours but unfortunately it was SORRY.. diko alam kung wala  ng available na slot or sira lang talaga ang program nila…need ko mag pa-sched by december 2011 or january 2012…unlucky di mag proceed ang request ko..laging SORRY..ano bayan

  • Efrenarisgar

    gd. day po nag fil up po ako sa application form bakit po ayaw mag submit,, lumalabas po incomplete entries,,

  • Shane_macaraig

    hello. Ijust wanna ask kung ano ilalagay sa province kasi nag-aappear na THIS IS REQUIRED. kahit na wala naman province di naman pwede ilagay yung N/A. I’m having a problem with occupation too. what to type in the contact number. Thank you default8347 {“method”:”validate”,”params”:[],”id”:1,”jsonrpc”:”2.0″}

  • Angelkaye_wilson

    Hello pls help nmn poh san q pwede I submit yung application form q?kaylangan q poh kasi ng passport by 1st week of january..thanks poh.


  • Dada

    Hello! Good Day po! May tanung lang po ako, Bkit po everytime po ako ng-fifill ng application through e-application sa dfa, pg-isusubmit na yung desired schedule para sa appointment, lagi nkalagay in the end, SORRY…?  
    I wonder why bkit ganun?  Thnks po…:)

  • Razelbesejos

    Hi good morning … may I ask if its okay to apply the new passport for my son… but my middle name in his birth certificate is alquizar. instead  of alquezar . but that is the only error…thanks… and GOD BLESS 

    • di

      i think to avoid further complications, have the birth certificate corrected in the local civil registrar. this may take a few weeks..

  • jenanna_140

    excuse me, as soon as nasubmit ko na po ba ung finill upan na form magsesend agad sila dun sa email ko? or maghihintay pa ng mga ilang araw?

    • Marck

      Based on my experience it should come very quickly. It should not take several days. Check your spam or junk folders.

  • Dianne Villaflores

    may katanungan po ako, taga italy po ako ngaun nag renew po ako nang passport nang anak ko ang sabi daw is 3-4 weeks daw sa, ndi nmn sya pwedeng ipa rush dito kasi sa pilipinas pa daw sya ginagawa.. is there any other way na ma pa rush ang processing ng passport kahit na magbayad na lang ulit ako. kasi uurgent sya. salamat po.

  • Lhenie Tapit

    is my passport already submitted please confirm,trhank you
    ?-lenie aldea tapit

  • Marck

    Thank you for giving your comments. For all unanswered questions, please direct your questions [email protected]:disqus – the Facebook page is located at

  • Angelica Dumaguit

    my passport is scheduled to be released on January 24,2012… but i think i cant get it because i have conflict of schedules… is there any penalty? what should be done?

    • Marck

      I believe there is no penalty. Don’t let them store it for too long. Maybe there is threshold so just get it as soon as possible.

  • Marinie_atian

    puede po bng certified true xerox copy ng birthcerticate ng baby ko september 8 2011 po sya pinanganak submit ko s dfa gwa po kc wl p sya nso sbi po kc s local civil registry dp nila nsubmitt s nso nid n po kc sya makaapply passport punta po kc kmi sa malaysia

  • Traje,Michelle

    i applied passport for my daughter last sept.2011,i supposed to pick up Oct.2011,but i dont have enough time because i went out from the country.i can still get her passport after 4 months?is there a penalty?what should i do?

    • Marck

      I think it’s best to contact DFA for the official storage period. You may call them or ask this question at the official Facebook page found in the comments.

  • Dknykidd22

    if your appointment date is march 31, whats the ISSUE DATE appeared in your passport? Thanks

    • Marck

      The issue date on my passport is the date I received my passport.

  • vinvin


    just printed the form now only to find out that there is a typographical error on my birhtdate. I am scheduled for tomorrow. can i still be accomodated by dfa?

    quick response is very much appreciated.

    • Marck

      You can still make adjustments at the counter. Make sure you point it out so the personnel will be able to correct it on the form.

  • James

    i have set an appointment yesterday morning and still haven’t received email from DFA. i also checked my spam folder but didn’t see one. how long does it usually take before you receive an email from them?


  • jhoy.benico

    san po maki2ta ang reply ng dfa ng 4 reference number

  • rialine kosca ricardo

    bakit hnggng gnyon wl prin ako nttnggp n email gling dfa 2 days nko ngsubmit.kailngn ko n po kz ng passport bgo mtpos ang buwan n ito.tnx

  • Teresa_Manicsic

    how to get an appointment to DFA Pampanga? i saw DFA Manila only. Please help

  • Curtygaviola

    pano po b mkakuha ng form thru internet?

  • KarlaC

    Hi! Tanong ko lang po kasi nagset ako ng family appointment sa online then nakatanggap ako ng schedule. Kaya lang meron akong info nailagay na mali at gusto ko sanang baguhin so sinubukan kong icancel yung appointment online pero error na ang lumalabas. Cannot cancel the appointment ang error. So ibig bang sabihin non ok padin yung appointment ko? Hindi kaya nagloloko lang yung website kaya lumalabas yun pero ang totoo cancelled na yung appointment ko? I just wanna make sure bago ako pumunta sa appointment ko at hindi ako magulat na cancelled na pala ang appointment. Meron bang paraan para makasiguro na ok padin ang appointment ko? Please let me know! Thank you po!

    • Marck

      You can’t be so sure. Minsan talaga nagloloko. Natry mo na sa off-peak hours magcancel ng appointment? The other way to verify is to call the hotline at confirm the appointment. Other than that wala na yata.

  • 2258Dorothy

    hello po. tanong ko lang kung kailangan pa ng schedule of appointment sa DFA Batangas.. thanks!

  • Cindy

    Question : Nakapag set na ko ng appointment online kaya lang ang sabi padadala ang confirmation sa email ko para confirm ko, kailangan daw iconfirm with in 24 hours. pano ko naman coconfirm wala naman email dumadating sakin from DFA.. May appointment na ba ko kahit walang email dumating sakin o wla p?

  • Fshizeiko

    excuse me sir.. nag’cancel ako ng appointment ng isang beses.. tapos nung nakapag’fill up na ko ulit ng form.. my dumating naman sa email ko, kaya lang po walang lumalabas dun sa confirmation link kundi ERROR lang.. ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin.. kailangan ko na po kasi talaga maka’pag’sched..  pls HELP ME…

  • Fshizeiko

    We cannot find your application. Please make sure you are clicking the correct link from the email. yan po ung lumalabas pag kini’click ko po ung confirmation link..

  • Cecilecongco
  • Cecilecongco
  • Aelorajulienne

    ask ko po po if kung sakaling pwede ko ipachange yung address ng pag dedeliveran ko ng passport ko

  • Pjrodillo

    ask ko po sana kung panu makakapag pill up ng form para makakuha ng pasport thru internet

  • Scidaris

    hi…Tanong lng po.nangyari pong nag apply mama q for middle east.nka sign nxa nang kuntrata tapos after a week nag back out xa. ayaw na po isa uli ang passport nya dahil dapat may babayaran she’s planning to go abroad again.Panu po ba nya ma rerenew ang passport nya?

  • Betchayhk

    bakit po nag ooffer kayo ng online appointment sa pag aapply ng passport or renewal,ang hirap naman pumasok sa online system na binibigay niyo sa mga tao.Sana po ayusin niyo at mas mabuti pa mag apply ng personal.Hindi po convenient itong binibigay yun pabor sa mga tao.And dami tseseburutche.gawin niyo dierct apply…

    • Marck

      People will always resist some degree of change. I agree na mahirap sa simula specially kung hindi skilled sa computer yung gagawa ng appointment but I disagree na hindi convenient. It IS convenient granted you follow the guidelines properly. Let someone help you if you find it difficult. It worked for my advantage and I highly recommend using the methods explained here for your convenience.

  • anonymous

    ask ko lng kung ano ilalagay ko sa travel purpose..kung work ba o migration..kasi nag aaply ako as a care giver sa canada…nalilito lng ako kung alin sa dalawa ang ilalagay ko..first time ko lng mg apply ng passport…thnks

    • Marck

      work = temporary relocation (i.e. business travel, on-shore assignment, etc)

      migration = permanent relocation for good

  • marie joyce

    anybody pls tell me why is that until now i dont recieve any passport? i apply for it february 5, 2012 and pay for 1,200 included my delivery fee, what happen until now did not recieve any of it. already miss my opportunity to work abroad because of foriegn affairs delay of giving passport. can you pls fix this.SAYANG NMAN ANG BINAYAD NA 15 WORKING DAYS IF DI KAU TUTUPAD SA SCHEDULE NYO.

    • Marck

      I think you should file a complain directly at the DFA office. As far as I know if there is already a working permit you should be able expedite the process. Sayang naman.

  • Rogel


    • Marck



    hi everyne…

    pwede ba mag ask sa dfa kung hanngang kelan ba valid yung passport??? and by the way nawala yung passport ko last year and di ko na matandaan kung kelan yung date issued and yung date kung hanggang kelan valid….

    tanong ko kasi mag aaply ako ulit ng passport and isa sa mga requrements eh police report and affidavit of explanation which is kelangan malaman kung valid pa nga ba yung pass port ko…

    thanks sa sasagot :)

    • Marck

      You can try. Meron naman sila database ng records so in my opinion, kung alam nila personal info mo, alam din nila expiration ng passport mo.

  • Otso_otso30

    nawala ko po passport ko pero expired na.
    gusto kong magkaroon ulit ano po gagawin at ano mga kelangan?

  • Drix060724

    pwede ba i renew yung passport kahit d pa expired?may exit kasi ako sa ibang bansa eh.. hassle nmn ung ipa lost .. thanks sa sasagot po

    • Marck

      The whole point of renewing your passport is for you to avoid an expired passport so don’t wait for it to expire! As early as 6 month before expiry pwede ka na magparenew not sure if you can renew it sooner.

  • maki

    hi. ask ko lang if there’s a penalty fee for lost passport? nawala ko kasi passport ko dito sa malaysia and someone told me that it’s 6000rm which is so impossible. reply is very much appreciated.

    • Bacuna

      hingi ka ng police report dyan at affidavit of loss

  • tha

    ask ko lang di ako makapg set ng appointment kasi wala akong work? pano po kaya yun? hinihingian ako ng occupation sa appointment

    • dioSAI

      simply put n/a.. :))

  • Jomar Sesame
  • Kim Cruz
  • Randy meneses

    ask q lng po… f pno makapag schedule renew passport? thnks…

  • Ynah Castro

     I lose my Appointment Confirmation Letter before my interview next week how to get a copy?

  • kcred292

    hi… i am planning to work abroad again and my passport will expire on oct 9 2013.can i renew it now?pls need an answer.thanx

  • Ferlitonool

    pano po mala2man f nkpag set nanga aq ng appointment?
     nag submit na po qac aqo but den wla mang response ..

  • Dragon Moves

    Hindi pa po dumadating yung passport ko, pero as indicated dapat March 29, 2012 pa, what should I do? I tried calling LBC and DFA, mga busy ang number all day. Thanks.

  • shyn

    i lost my passport and forgot the passport number. if i’ll be setting an appointment and choose the lost application there is a blank there with old passport number and it says that it is optional. how will i complete my application if i cannot fill up the old passport number box when i already forgotten the number. haist, 

  • Ruelabraham

    panu po kumuha ng appointment date ??

  • Ruelabraham

    panu po kumuha ng appointment date?? saa pagkuha ng passport..hope we could get the answer urgently..

  • gigi

    how to apply my lost pass port what is requirement

  • Deathscript

    panu i re send ung validation email nila??

  • Jacquelyn_berso

    maam  anoh poh dapat kung gawin mali ung adress na fil up ko

    • Bacuna

      cancel mo nlng yung appointment mo then magset ka ulit ng panibago.

  • Melodypampolina

    hi pwede po mag ask panu kung mali ung na encode sa birth place ko..ndi ko kc alm na mali ung nilagay nila ,,ska ko lng nalaman kung kelan mag ppdos nako..syng nmn apportunity ko kung ndi ko to maaus agad],,,,reply po plz

    • Bacuna

      cancel mo nlng yung appointment mo then magset ka ulit ng panibago.

  • Rudel Lobos

    maam/sir? last thursday po yong delivery dapat ng passport ko. bakit hanggang ngayon wala parin? kailangan ko na po yun. thanks.

  • Mei_fung1984

    Dear Sir/Madam,                                                                                                                              mgandang  umaga po sa inyo,ung passport q e rrelease ngaung MAY30 sa DFA batangas pwd po ba kaya ma e forward nila dto sa san fernando DFA?dto n po kasi kmi nakatira ng pamilya q..thank you and GODBLESS US                       


  • Anabelcastanarez

    i find my e passport application that there are data needs to be corrected like the maiden name of my mther.can i procceed to dfa and corect it on my appointment date at dfa?

  • PSY


  • Artemio A. Aguilar

    I am a senior citizen and do I still need to get an appointment? Tnks and pls reply.

    Artemio A. Aguilar
    Quezon City

  • zol

    d2 po sa ryadh kumpleto na po papers ko kailangan ko i submit sa canadian embassy sa ryadh  d naman po ako makalabas dmting na contract and lmo ko  pano po ang mabuting gawin

  • Joyvee_jolo

    Ask ko lang po.,.ang releasimg kc ng passport ko supposed to be this day kaya lng may importante akong lakad..Pwede po ba the other day ko nlng i release..

  • duna

    I made an appointment for passport renewal ,after getting the desired date it says i need to confirm but i couldn’t find the button to press for confirmation of my passport renewal appointment. Do i have an appointment already? But to download forms is another problem.

  • disqus_ejtK6NLQPt

    Hi po.. ask ko lang po, nag apply po ako ng passport nung jun. 20.2012.. pina rush ko .. so 7days po ang binigay sakin, pinaship ko po.. until now wala pa po ung passport ko..july.3 na po ngayon .. ngyon po nag track ako online sa air21.. pero not found po nakalagay..

  • akosiann

    hi!! good day!! ask ko lang po kung pwedi ako maka-uwi ng pinas kung mag expire na yung passport ko sa october.. kz dito ko ipapa renew sana yung philippines passport ko..

  • bhemmy

    gud pm, just ask if i set an appointment online pwede ku ba magamit ung appointment sa ibang branch? sa dfa aseana kc ung lumabas dpat in bicol

    • Marck

      Ito pong appointment online para po talaga sa Manila branch. Call your local branch kung paano po process doon.

  • Jia

    Hello, what if hindi ako nakapunta sa appointment schedule? Will I have problems in the future?

  • Lai

    gud day po gusto ko sana kmuha ng passport,ano po yong mga requirements na kailangan dalhin? thanks po.

  • michelle caburnay toledo

    elow poh gud pm poh….pwd poh b n 1 valid i.d lng poh ang dala q???nid q n poh tlg kc kumuha ng passport..tnx poh

  • marilou domanillo

    hillo po kailan ko po Makoha passport ko

  • ter

    sir, ask ko lang po kung ano ung process para ma-corrrect kapag may wrong spelling sa passport?nagkamali kasi yung nag-encode at hindi ko na rin napansin yung wrong spelling bago ako umalis..

  • joan

    nagpasched na po ako para kumuha ng passport, 3 times na ko nakapagpasched and hndi po ako nkakapunta dahil natataon naman po na may client ako that time. last week nagpasched ulit ako, im very sure na po na mkakapunta na ko, then nagfill up ulit ako para for another schedule, okay na lahat nareceive ko na rin sya sa email ko, then pag ciniclick ko yung link ng pdf file ayaw na nyang maopen.. bakit po ganun? nasuspend ba ko? pls help me nmn po. i have a business tour on oct. and i need to get a passport as soon as possible.. thanks!

  • Ferly

    Good day,
    Palaging hindi ina accept yung “individual application” ko tuwing mag susubmit ako. Not applicable kasi sa akin yung occupation, office number and phone number, pati na ang mother’s middle maiden name. at anu ang tamang i lagay sa “Landmarks”? pls help me and suggest me some tips sa pag fill up para ok na sya… SALAMAT…

  • maricar
  • janjan

    may appointment ako yesterday at 9:30 am nung nasa dfa na ako at check na nila barcode ng appointment form ko ibang name ang lumabas, sbi multiple entry daw ako pinapatawagan nila skin hotline nila (737-1000) pero laging busy. nu po kya dapat kung gawin para mauz ko problema sa appointment ko? thanks in advance…

  • jane


  • nel

    hello isa po ako na ngtatry mgsubmit ng appoinment for passport kso pag isubmit ko na check the incorrect un po nklgy nlagay ko po kc na N/A sa # of office dpt dw eh no po eh wla nman po akong work for now pano po yun hope u can help thank you.hir’s may no.09056824733

  • patronilo

    do appointment system available in tuguegarao dfa branch???

  • xavin

    tanong ko lang po kung hanggang kilan po yung valid date kapag po nakapagpasa na po ng appointment for lost passtport?

  • xavin

    tanong ko lng po hanggang kilan po yung valid date ng nkapagpasa na po ng requirements for lost passport?

  • catherine…

    how to get appointment for DFA ,i need to know pho.and i lost my passport how should i do if i get new passport?

  • shyboy

    hi po sir mam ,
    plz help me regarding po sa problems ko !
    nag late registered po ako this 2011,, i have all the file they ask
    madami kasi nga daw late registered ako ! ung VRR sa comelec ok n po ung baptismal po sa national bilibid ok n rin po !


    un lang po sa transcript of records ako nahihirapan sana po ma help
    ako anyone me 1 month duedate kasi ako sa DFA for passport application
    ko !

  • Damien22

    What if di nagwowork yung appointment link. Error is: “Sorry we cannot find your application? Ok n b kahit may reference number lng? Mapaprocess din kaya nila yun? di kasi makitA application ko? Pag nag appoint kasi ulit ako, 1 month pa ulit.. hay :(

  • mitch

    paano mg reschedule or reappointment I forgot n schedule ko kahapon

  • Orwin Verzosa

    naka ilan beses na po kming nag fill up ng appointment schedule for application ng passport pero pag icliclick na nmin ang submit ayaw mag bgay ng schedule since last nyt na po,na check na rin nmin lahat ng ififill up kumpleto nman bkit kaya ayaw?

  • decknice

    tinatanggap po ba ang affidavit of the same identity sa pagkuha ng passport??

  • lea hernandez

    pano kapag namistyped ko ung passport application ko ung ipapasa, ang bobo lang -_- dun sa part ng apelido ng nanay ko kulang ng isang letter. pano yun?????

  • Jonna

    Gud eve..ok lng po ba na hndi ako mkapunta sa appointment ko sa dfa this friday,incomplete pa po kc ung requirements ko..hndi po ba ito makakaapekto sa susunod kong pagpapaschedule,?cannot cancel n dw po kc ung application ko e..tnx

    • giel

      ok pa ba bumalik pagok na requirements?no need na magsched ulit?

  • Lovely

    Hi ask ko lang nakapag schedule na po ako sa online appointment Kaso nun print ko na may Mali pala sa Info q. Ano po Gagawin ko? Ayoko na mabago schedule ko. Pls help. Tnx

  • kaye

    Hi. Just wanna ask. I have an upcoming schedule to get a passport. But im not sure about the id requirements i just lost my SSS id but i have voters. Hindi kasi nakalagay dun na in the absence of the the valid ids pwedend supporting documents na ibang id. I only have voters, nbi and i could also get a police clearance or brngy clearance. Is it okay? Please anyone that can help thank you.

  • jessie

    naka.fill-in na ako sa online page… and i have been waiting po sa sinasabing link na ipapasa nila sa email.address ko.. still wala pa po…
    magmatter ba ang time when i fill in sa website?
    worried lang ako coz.. sinabi sa expectations.. nga 24hours lang pagconfirm sa schedule…
    thank you po…
    i need your immediate response.

  • cherry

    what is the print code?

  • jhoanna nello

    Hi, i just wanna ask what the best thing to do kase i filled up the online application yesterday and just printed it a while ago tapos may mali po sa name ng mother ko. Name ko po ung nakalagay. Pano po kaya mababago yon? Salamat :)

  • jill

    hi just wanna ask if what do you click for the acquired citizenship?.. i am rwally confuse
    thank you:)

  • Wana

    Hi. Im filing for lost passport to Aseana and i’m wondering if they have limit each day or they will attend to anybody who is already there? Im quite worried since they don’t require scheduled appointment for lost passport (still valid) cases.. thank you…

  • melanie lacaden

    I wonder why my passport was not yet deliver? I expect to receive it last July 22, 2014?

  • Celia Manansala


  • arlene

    hello guy .. i try to make appointment online to renew my passport i dont what to choose that acquired Citizenship/ anybody help me tnx

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