How to Wisely Use DFA Passport Appointment System

\"\"For all Filipinos out there who are interested in applying for ePassport, renewing their expiring passport or replacing their missing passport, Department of Foreign Affairs is already imposing the appointment system for a while now. For readers who are not familiar or confused with this relatively new appointment system, continue reading.

Basically, the appointment system is supposed to make passport application and renewal more efficient using the website or by DFA hotline 737-1000. Placing an appointment online or by phone is FREE but there are passport fees which are payable later.

Regular Processing: P950.00 (25 working days)
Rush Processing: P1,200.00 (15 working days)
Additional fee for lost passports that is still valid: P200.00
Delivery: P120 (optional)

With the new system, it eliminates long queue because only applicants who have appointments can be admitted during the allotted time. If you applied for a Philippines passport before without the aid of travel agencies, you probably know how long the queue could be at the old DFA office. It saves time and keeps you away from enterprising fixers.

To start with your appointment, it\’s always recommended to carefully read the expectations. You should carefully read the procedures before proceeding and take note of these reminders:

  • Fill-out the online forms and make sure all information are complete and correct, specially your email address because you will receive the printable form and reference number in your email.
  • Please READ all information. Do not overlook a single  requirement detail because it might cause inconvenience later on.
  • Applicants will not be admitted at the entrance gate without valid appointment and application forms.
  • Photocopy all the necessary documents before proceeding to DFA Aseana.
  • Applicants will not be processed if they do not have complete set of photocopies of their documents.

Moving forward, the following is my personal experience on online appointment but the DFA hotline should give similar experience as they are using the same system.

My passport is expiring on March 31, 2011 and I need to renew my passport for a potential business or work-related trip for the next few weeks. Yesterday (March 26, 2011) I set an appointment for my passport renewal and to my dismay, the appointment system schedule is very much off my expectation. The earliest schedule I could get was May 26, 2011. That is two months waiting for an appointment and another 15 workings days for rush processing.


Two months ago my sister-in-law applied for her ePassport and it only took her 1 month to get an appointment but on my case I have to wait for 2 months. I cannot wait that long because I could miss out an opportunity. I started to get frustrated because I could not find a sooner schedule; I repeatedly hit F5 to refresh the available schedule but I could only get May 26. Waiting much longer is pointless so I was forced to choose this schedule.  However, I know that whenever you apply for a new appointment, the previous appointment will be replaced. Knowing this, I tried getting sooner appointment dates. From May 26, I got May 25, then May 11 and then May 10 — which is still unacceptable.

To help me with my quest to get sooner appointment, I set my browser to auto-refresh the schedule page. I waited for almost 2 hours staring at my monitor but I could not get a sooner appointment. It was 3AM already. I decided to sleep.

I woke up late at around 11AM and the first thing I checked was my computer. To my surprise, there were several slots available on March 31, 2011!  It is a big leap from my previous schedule. Now I only have to wait for 4 days.

If you are struggling on getting an earlier appointment I hope this technique will get you a sooner schedule. I didn\’t try calling DFA hotline but it should give you similar result. If you do not want to pester the call center agents then this method is recommended. This is probably a limitation of the system. The slot is simply made available if someone cancels an appointment and anyone can snatch the freed up slot. Paunahan na lang makasingit.

The new Philippine ePassport is a biometric passport and it has security features including a hidden encoded image, an ultra-thin holographic laminate, and a tamper-proof electronic microchip. For more information about the Philippine passport, go to or

If you have a tip on getting your ePassport (new application, renewal, re-issue of lost passport, extension, etc) or you just want to share your experience, don\’t hesitate to write your comments below.

Update: Just got my passport on May 9, 2011…. so it seems that I paid rush processing (15 working days) and got my passport after 25 working days.


P.S. I am not connected to DFA so I cannot answer all your questions. I will try but I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. Also, please use some common sense before asking a question. You may want to read the comments because it might have been asked and answered already.

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  • Lady

    Nice blog. I’m trying to get my moms passport so she can come here in aus. But agency n fixer takes too long. I might try what u did. So if I just get an appointment online n refreshing it everyday I might be lucky like u?


    • MV

      You can do what I did via internet. I got my appointment in 4 days. If you want to contact DFA using hotline, that’s also possible. The chance of getting an earlier free slot depends on several factors I mentioned so try several times until you get your desired date.

  • Lady

    I’m willing to pay 10,000pesos to get my moms passport in 2 weeks

    • MV

      When I processed my appointment on 31st of March, only OFW can expedite passport processing (a.k.a. “rush” processing) because DFA has system problems and it is causing some delays. I’m not sure if there are more exceptions. I suggest you contact DFA hotline for more info.

  • Peter

    Thanks! This worked for me. I’ve tried to get an appointment yesterday and I got June 18. By trying this, in 2 days, I finally got May9. Big difference compared to my previous appointment sched. I already confirmed my sched.
    Question: If I again fill up the form and try looking for earlier appointment date, in which point I got my previous (confirmed sched.) appointment be cancelled?
    I’m afraid I will loose my sched and got nothing more earlier.
    Should I not fill up again (as the operator in the hot line told me) and dont try booking for another schedule?

    • MV

      Hi Peter, in my experience I tried 5 times until I got my desired date but I did that in less than 12 hours. I did mine on Friday night until Saturday morning. The previous appointment will be cancelled automatically regardless if you get an earlier or later date so BE CAREFUL! I believe there is no limit in filling up the form so use this to your advantage until you get the best date available.

  • richelda alonzo

    bakit po ako di ako makapag set ng appointment

    • MV

      Did you follow the instruction? Every little step is written on DFA’s website. Take time to read everything. It’s worth it. Kung hindi ka talaga makapag-set ng appointment, call DFA hotline.

  • Is it just me or did getting passports a few years back so much easier than it is now? I remember applying for my passport in 2007, got an immediate appointment scheduled for a week after submitting my application and got my passport within a matter of weeks as well.

    • MV

      I had experienced DFA mobile passport and there’s no appointment; just bring complete documents and it’s done. I even got my passport renewal in a week back then. I think it is still possible today but on selected areas only – check DFA website for schedule. Regarding the old system, I have a very different experience way back early 2000. For me the new system is easier. Just follow the system and you don’t have to queue for long hours. And no more fixers!

  • Transcending Mundanity

    I didn’t have a hard time setting up an appointment online. At first I chose May 20, 2011, then after 2 weeks I changed it to May 2nd. It was actually easy. I didn’t have to refresh or anything. I thought their system was so flexible. Or maybe it was just because I didn’t have a target date and anytime can work for me that’s why it wasn’t so stressful. :)

    Question, advisable ba kung i-rush ko yung passport? Or I would have to wait at least a month din for the passport to arrive upon doing so? Kasi meron akong nababasa na they waited for more than 2 months for regular processing when it should’ve been just 25 days. :S

  • MJ

    Hi! Thanks a lot! Your refreshing thing helped me get the latest date possible but I need a sooner appointment schedule. Can you help me set up my laptop to auto-refresh?

  • MV

    @Transcending Mundanity, I had rushed my passport… and it IS LATE. I am yet to write about this experience. If you have a valid reason i.e. you have already booked ticket or you are an OFW, DFA will let your passport be processed faster. I don’t know if there are more exception to the rules.

    @MJ, there are several ways to do it. Of course, doing it manually is tedious so you can use one of the following:
    Firefox –
    Chrome –
    Internet Explorer –

    If you are doing this on peak hours (weekdays), it’s nearly impossible to get the best date when there are too many users online. Auto-refresh will automate refreshing but you must have a lightning fast reflex to get the best date during peak hours. In my experience, I got my preferred date on a weekend.

  • KP

    Hi MV! Thank you for this post. Do you mean you haven’t gotten your passport yet even if your appointment was last March 31? I am also worried that mine won’t arrive in time.
    Thanks again!

    • MV

      Yup, that’s true. I called DFA about my passport release and they told me that ideally it should be released not later than May 9, 2011. The reason for delay is the trouble with printing… I paid rush processing for nothing.

  • Ian R S

    Hi MV

    how are you? I’m from Australia but my cousin from Manila had already made appointment from DFA which she already got a date for June 18. I know it’s late cos I will be in Manila June 9th until July 25th but my cousin and I are planning to go to Thailand together sometimes 1st week of July depending if the passport is done for 15 working days. But I don’t know when we’re going. Just because I will just wait when I go with my cousin to DFA.

    I just don’t know why DFA always keep saying that appointments are not available between March to May 2011. They couldn’t make earlier appointment for my cousin to apply for her passport for the 1st time. Also my cousin emailed me last about if families abroad who are dying or sick and then it needs to submit papers. Why do I need that for? I’m not sick/dying. I find it weird. I’m not an OFW. I lived in Australia with my family since I was little boy.

    So why can’t they make it earlier? My cousin should’ve done it earlier so that it’ll be better for her to have a passport done earlier like March or April.

    Also is it possible to have her passport done for just 1 week for an early rush processing for the passport? She is willing to pay maybe P3,000 nalang please.

    • MV

      I don’t work for DFA so as much as I want to answer all your questions, I can’t. One reason why you need to submit papers is to prove the urgency or need for travel (not to prove you are sick or dying). If you will follow the typical process you’ll get between 1-2 months waiting period before the actual appointment day but you can always try for an earlier date by doing what I did. By phone or by internet it should give you better result with persistence.

      Also, I don’t know if you can pay upfront fees to make it easier or faster since the very purpose of appointment system is to avoid this. It’s self-service and it’s free.

  • Ian R S

    Thanks for the reply/info, MV… Yes I want to followed what you did before =) but it’s too late already because my younger cousin is already made her DFA appointment for June 18th so it’s ok… i know it’s a bit late for her so yeah. ‘cos i just visit this website last night LOL… it’s too late na hehe…

    I just didn’t know about this thingy on the website like you did before, my cousin should’ve done this earlier but maybe next year for our next and final trip =) thanks anyways…

  • bien

    QUESTION: if i missed my appointment date due to lack of budget, can i still use my appointment letter the following day? by the way, i am applying in DFA batangas branch. Give me some advise plaease.

  • rye

    bien, yes you can. just tell them your reason. a friend of mine had the same case as yours. they are considerate. i also renewed my passport in DFA Batangas.

  • Criss

    Ok ang technique ah? =D actually similar sa experience ko yung ginawa mo, tsumetsempo din ako ng mas earlier sched. Ang iniisip ko naman ngayon, kung ok lang ba na di mo makuha yung passport mo sa said release date? today kasi yun, i forgot. haha! tsaka may work nako ngayon, when i applied, wala pa. XD ok lang kaya yun na kunin ko sa susunod na araw?

    @bien – hi! i think hindi na sya valid, strict kasi sila sa appointment system nila. pero tawagan mo padin sila for confirmation.

    like kasi nung nangyari sakin, supposed to be, dapat nung feb pako nakapag apply, kaso, nacancel pala yung appointment sched ko dahil may dumating palang bagong email confirmation. I thought na parehas lang yun, kasi kinompare ko eh, ang difference nila ay yung parang barcode number. lol. kala ko wala lang yun. at nung dumating nako sa dfa, sinabing na cancel daw. awww. tsk. at alam kong ang next sched na eh a month etc. dahil everyday halos sang katutak ang mga nag papa sched.

    then last month, nakapag apply nako, actually replaced a lost passport. haha. (so na try ko din yung sa luma, pero dahil minor pa kami that time, so madali lang kami nakapag apply) at today ang released.

    • MV

      @Criss, on my case, DFA missed their own release date. I see no reason why you can’t get your passport after its release date. To be sure just call DFA hotline.

  • maymay

    hi. I followed your steps in getting an appoinment for passport. and i got mine scheduled may 17,rush! But my problem is i had booked to singapore on june16 so i must travel on dat dates. Unfortunatly ive read the comments and an advisory from dfa makes me upset. i cannot resched my flight. Is there any solution on this matter or any suggestions? Please. Thanks.

    • MV

      Assuming DFA will rush your passport within 15 days, you’re safe. At kung OFW ka, and you have already booked flight ticket, pwede ka yata maki-usap iprioritize yung release ng passport mo. I can’t remember where I read it.

  • Carla

    Hi. i applied for my son’s passport on the 1st week of March,( i then asked how long will processing be, DFA said, maximum of 1 month ) then had his appointment on April 25, 2011, however, upon arrival to DFA Office, DFA Baguio said that the releasing of passports is 45 working days after the biometrix appointment which will fall on June 27, 2011 , i asked DFA Baguio personnel if they are sure to release the passports on the said date, they told me that it’s still tentative, if the the passports were not released on the 27th of June, we might need to wait for 10 more days. My problem is that, we already booked our flight to Singapore on July 2. what should i do if ever DFA failed to release my son’s passport on June 27? please help me po…are there such thing as travel certificates issued by the DFA? please po i need an answer… thanks a lot..

  • maymay

    hi. Im not an ofw. For tour purp0ses only.. Goodluck na lang skn on may 17.

  • rose

    hi. i applied for a passport a while ago. it was fast and smooth. i asked if i can have my passport rushed, it was approved. the release date is june 6. but my problem is our flight to singapore is on june 3. i need help. what can i do? i tried going to the director’s office. please.

  • kabayongtao

    I tried to do the technique, I don’t know if I did it correctly. – But I refreshed and refreshed the browser, and yeah a good date did pop-up but as soon as I chose that date, I was redirected to a page saying…

    We have detected multiple appointment requests coming from your IP address.
    You may try again later this day.

    I’ma try again later though I’m wondering if anyone else experienced this thing? :))

  • kabayongtao

    Okay, just to let you know guys that I finally scheduled myself using the DFA online appointment system. Now I’ll tell what I experienced,

    Today is May 18 in the morning. When I try to get an appointment date, Most of the time I get dates like 2 months from now(July 18).

    For four hours(around 10am-2pm) I let the browser refresh the page and there were only 3 rare instances when the early dates appeared. (May 30, June 15, 27) – Which I failed to grasp because I dunno, maybe some people are refreshing the pages too. :))

    Anyways I got an appointment on July 1 and saved like 15 days of waiting.

    Here are some tips btw:
    - Use auto-refresher
    - Disable image loading (especally when you are using auto-refresher. The plugin waits the page to fully load)
    - Try off peak hours.

    P.S: About my previous post, I think I was unlisted in the banlist for like 10 mins so there is nothing to worry about.

  • kabayongtao

    Oh yeah, thanks for the post MV. I really appreciate it.

  • MV

    @rose, I don’t really know how to help you. Either you get your passport earlier, book another ticket, or something else. I hope somebody can advise what’s the best option out there for you.

    @kabayongtao, maybe DFA’s website has anti-bot protection so you had that problem earlier? I don’t know how sophisticated their firewall is but I hope they don’t prevent legitimate multiple requests within a day. Doing this method works best on off-peak hours because just like what you mentioned you’ll be competing with a lot of people, including agencies.

  • kabayongtao

    @MV: I tried it again, and just like as you said, there are lots of early appointment dates compared to peak-hours. – Right now it’s 3am of May 19 and there are dates like June 1, June 15.

    I hope other people would save time by reading this article, thanks.

  • pogiboy

    We’ll just a tip. If you want a faster transaction, get the earliest time slot ( 7 AM). The processing would last for about 40 to 60 minutes only. And ohh, I think LBC is more efficient than AIR21. :D

  • kabayongtao

    I just processed my passport today in DFA-OCA, and being scheduled at a 4:30pm slot, I would say It was very hectic. I got out around 8:00pm.

    I arrived at DFA around 3:30pm and luckily I was allowed to enter the office, but to my dismay there were so many many people, trust me on this.

    The verification of records took an estimate of 30-45 minutes I believe, there we were sitting and moving to a different chair the whole time.

    After paying in the cashier, what took most of my time is waiting for the encoding of passport. There we were given queue numbers and should wait till that number appears on the LCD-screen. When I got my number (which was 3715), the current number was around 2800. I had observed that the current number increases by 200 for 30mins, so think I actually waited for 3 hours.

    So I would agree wholeheartedly with pogiboy, get an early timeslot.

    P.S: I’ll get my passport on July 7, and I hope this experience of mine will help others.

  • MV

    Thank you for the inputs pogiboy and kabayongtao. My schedule was 10 AM when I renewed my passport and I still waited until my scheduled time. It took more than 2 hours to complete the whole process so I believe the earlier, the better.

  • em

    i have an error in my passport application form that was already submitted online and i already clicked the confirmation link, i realized just now that i mis-spelled my name on it.. how can i correct it? do i have to fill up another application form online or do i have to call the operator for that? ?

    hoping for ur reply asap, tnx!

    • MV

      Try filling up the application form again (this time with the correct info) and use the same email address. Once you receive the confirmation email, preview the appointment (PDF file)… also check if there is a note in the email saying “Please note that we’ve replaced your previous appointments with this one. You are not allowed to place multiple appointments in our system.” There should be a reference number and If that reference number is your old reservation that means the system already replaced your previous appointment. If in doubt, call the operator.

  • Angelo

    what the?

    “Your IP Address: —————————–

    We have detected multiple appointment requests coming from your IP address.

    In order to ensure that our system is not abused, we have placed a temporary ban on your IP address.

    You will be able to retry your request later today.”

    what should i do now? how many hours for me to be able to apply again online?

    • MV

      If you read one of the posts above, meron na din naka-experience niyan. I’m not sure if this is because you are refreshing too fast or because the DFA is doing some measure to reduce server load. The IP ban is not permanent. You have to wait for awhile until the ban is lifted.

  • Eiphibie

    I don’t know what’s going on but its been few days now since I have been trying to replace our family appointment. After trying to plot another schedule, the website kept on saying:

    For agency applications, please visit Thank you.

    I used the same process before so I’m not sure why I can’t go thru after choosing the date and time. I just feel frustrated as I don’t think I’m doing something wrong. Any input regards to this?

    Thanks! BTW, great blog! Love it! :)

  • maata margelyn

    h! ask ko lang pho paanu kmaha ng passport at tska mag schudule ksi ng send n pho ako antay ko nlang ang rply tnx pho gsto ko zna bkaz .

  • Christine

    Can 2 persons apply for passport at just one appointment? Planning to get my baby who is 7 months old a passport and myself for renewal. Thanks!

  • emc

    i was set for an schedule tomorrow, june17 at 2pm..
    i had applied last apr 07..
    tapos knina pagbukas me ng email to view my application form para ipa print me sa computer shop..nung click me ung link sa email na na receive me sa dfa.. sabi ng dfa webiste “Sorry
    We cannot find your application. Please make sure you are clicking the correct link from the email.”.. ang problema ko panu ko mapi print ung application kung di nila makita?..
    eh meron nmn me talagang sched for tomw..
    somebody give an advice namn kung panu na kaya un?…

  • ay

    how will you know if you already cancelled your appointment?

  • chinita

    emc – Ganyan din nangyari saken. Try to check your email again. Kasi saken error din at first pro alam ko may schedule talaga ko on that day. Then what I did, tumawag ako sa DFA pra sabihin un error na nakita ko sa email ko. Hinde lumalabas un application form ko. Then, nagforward ulet cla ng link sa email ko for another schedule, same day pero mas maaga yung time kesa dun sa napili ko nun una.

  • chinita

    ay – You will know if cancelled appointment mo. Simple, when u choose another appointment, automatically the previous appointment will be cancelled.

  • stella

    ask ko lng poh mag p sked ng pas port poh…..

  • Zara

    Hi! what if cousins kami who wants to have the same appointment? can we use the family appointment system?

  • Edna L. Fernandez

    I just would like to ask how to follow up the previous appointment made on line for the renewal of the passport of one of our priests. I had the appointment done last monday
    until now I still don’t received any appointment for our priest.

    We need that renewal of passport for our priest next travel as a missionary priest.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Edna L. Luna

  • ruvi

    hello po sa inyo,, tatanong ko lng po kung gano katotoo ang processing ng passport na umaabot ng 2months bago marelease? totoo po ba yun kahit s dfa manila? kasi sa pampanga after 15 days bago makakuha ng appointment tpos sabi sa buong dfa 2 months daw po processing ng passport… di na po ba accurate yung 15days n rush ng dfa?

  • jose

    Reminders for all Saturday appointment schedules. The fixed rate is Php 1,200. No more, no less… I wonder why there’s no advisory on DFA’s website.. Hmmnnn????

  • Frederick Ordonio

    Nasaan po yung application form ng passport appointment?

  • MV

    Hi, if you see questions not answered, please use due diligence to call the DFA hotline for the official support.

    The 2 month processing time is subjective. Hindi ko alam kung hanggang ngayon DFA is still having delays due to “printing issue”. I don’t know what excuses they have now. 15 days or 25 days — these are working days so don’t count weekends and non-working holidays. I haven’t heard or read that DFA delivers on time so be ready for delays.

    Nakasulat din po sa website ng DFA na “All Saturday Appointments is for rush processing only.” (Please read that carefully again) — you have been advised. Therefore you must pay P1,200 for rush processing.

  • Snoopy

    hi poh! I’m from Davao. i just went earlier in our DFA branch here in Davao City. Kaso poh when they checked my requirements nah. I brought only NSO, LCR, NBI, BAPTISMAL and POSTAL ID. Then she told me that they won’t accept NBI clearance, Police Clearance, Cedula and Baptismal anymore which is they rejected my NBIi and Baptismal and told me kulang ako ng 2 documents, and now i need to find another supporting documents. Bakit po ganun? d na ba tlga pwd ang NBi and BAPTISMAL? tapos regular days namin dito is 50 days ang the EXPEDITE is 40 days. how about po sa manila? ganun din po ba?.. thanks

  • MV

    Hi Snoopy, for the complete details on requirements, please read it here:

    As for the regular processing 25 working days is about 35 days.. so I think the 50-day duration probably due to expected delays. I’m not really sure. Do they print the passport locally? If not, then I think it has to do with the logistics.

  • j-a

    hi, i just received my passport, but thanks to the encoder i have “wrong spelled place of birth” on my passport, i tried to call dfa but its always busy.. what should i do?

    pls help.. thanks

    • MV

      Maybe you should double check what’s printed on your online reservation first to prove that it isn’t your mistake. I have no experience on correcting details in my passport and I can’t find more details about your problem. Have you called DFA?

  • j-a

    i have correct info on my online reservation form and on my birth cert.. i’ve tried to call dfa but the line is always busy, been trying to call them for 2 days but still no answer..

  • Hi,

    I have scheduled an appointment yesterday for a renewal of my passport. Is there a way i can move it on and earlier day than what was granted which is this fri(July15) My employer needs the position badly(rush) i need to finish all the requirements within july 19. Do you think it’s possible, if not the open slot will be given to another person :(


  • aielle

    uhmmm…. i would like to ask, if ever po n nkapg-set n kau ng appointment yet ung confirmation ay hndi p din dumadting sa email add nio hndi n po b valid sked nio???

    i’ve been waiting for almost 3 weeks n yet the confirmation mail hasn’t arrive yet, nung una akala ko hndi nregister ung appointment so i tried making another appointment then cnbi knancel ko daw ung una kong appointment… has anyone of you experience that???

    • MV

      You are waiting too long. Way too long. Once you submit the appointment, you should get an email within 24 hours. “If you do not confirm within 24 hours by clicking the confirmation link [in your email], your appointment will be canceled.” — Taken directly from the email sent by DFA Passport Appointment System. If you are not receiving the email, check if you provided the correct email address or double check if there is no problem with your email provider.

  • aielle

    does it mean that i need to set another appointment???

    • MV

      I don’t know if you have viewed the PDF at least once. If you didn’t see anything that resembles an appointment from DFA in your inbox then I think you have to set a new appointment. Why don’t you just call DFA and set an appointment there?

  • aielle

    thank you for the advice, i already arrange another appointment and was able to get an earlier appointment… ^_^

  • kabayongtao

    They just mailed my passport, I just got it.

    Release date was July 7 according to the papers, but it is already July 14. A little bit late perhaps, but I didn’t mind.

    Yet again, thanks.

  • MV

    Welcome. Glad to help. I hope people will start demanding the timeliness of the service since you pay good money for the processing specially if it is rushed.

    Also, just to add… I used the same technique I listed here to get family appointment for my wife and son so the method listed here is not limited to personal appointment only.

  • avy

    i’m unable to set an appointment for passport
    i keep on getting below error.,
    i dont apply for agency,..
    below trying multiple times.. :|
    please help..

    For agency applications, please visit Thank you.’

  • marilyn

    Hi thanks for the info, this piece is really helpful. got a question though, my appointment will be this coming Friday (july 22), I had this form for a month and I just noticed yesterday I put a wrong year on my birthday, in the form it’s may 15 2011, it should be 1979 (my bad). Can I still process it eventhough there’s a mistake? what should I do? I have my NSO birth cert with me. I appreciate your response. Thanks. God bless.

  • yolanda pati

    hello po itatanong ko lang p[o kasi kukuha plang po sana ako ng passport first time ko po kukuha,kaso kilnagn po sa DFA ang mga digitized na mga id like SSS,GSIS, na mga id po,kaso po ang problema ko ung id ko po ng SSS ay hinde pa po na irerelease until now..pero NAG APPLY po ako ng SSS id last year pa po oct until now wla pa po.ang meron lang po ako BIRTH CERT from NSO at galing din po sa province na B.C,NBI,postal,voters affidavit,baptisma,diploma,form 137,form e-1 ng SSS,yan po lahat ang meron ako pwede na po kya ako mag apply ng passport…sana po mabigyan nio ng kasagutan ang problema ko maraming salamat po…godbless….

  • kabayongtao


    When I got there, there were other people who also had corrections on their printed form. As far as I remember, they were instructed to change it by writing the correct info on the printed form with the use of a ballpen. No big deal I think.

    Well just to be safe, print two forms and don’t forget to inform the encoder about the corrections needed – and bring a ballpen.

    • catcat


      Wrong info sa Printed form ko. I hope ma-entertain ako. And Here’s my available docs:

      NSO, POSTAL ID, SSS-E1 form, TIN ID, Company ID,

      Ok na po ba yon? Thanks a lot!!!

      • I believe your documents should be more than enough. Just notify the counter that there are some adjustments to be made in your documents. Kapag pinapasok ka naman sa loob, tuluy-tuloy na iyon.

  • LALA

    HI i just want to ask, what if i’m trying this F5 technique. i have a schedule already, but im using a different email add to apply for a much earlier schedule with the same name and info.. will this still cancel my previous appointment even though im using a different email add?? but i didnt chose a date pa naman? or what i mean is i didnt finish the application by not completing the last part which is choosing the date & time of the appointment. cause im kinda paranoid n after i read n it will the cancel the previous appointment. i hope not.and i just want to be sure na my previous appointment is still active. thanks for the reply i would really appreciate it. thanks.

    • MV

      I didn’t try using different emails. You should try and tell us what happened. The steps that I provided will automatically free up the previous appointment so that others can still use it. If you can reserve 2 slots at the same time, for the sake of courtesy, please free up the later slot by cancelling the previous appointment manually (link provided in DFA’s email).

  • OFW_boy

    I’m Planning to renew my passport this Sept 2011 because it will expire soon.. its really true that renewing it takes 2 months?? that is not acceptable.. I’m working abroad in remote area and no chance to go to embassy coz im very far… that’s why while im on vacation i will also renew my passport… I hope 2 months is not true.

    waiting your reply… thanks… God Bless Pilipinas :)


    • MV

      I just tweeted yesterday, my wife and son recently renewed their passport and DFA actually delivered their passport almost on time. Just 2 days delayed. Both of their passports were rushed. I think the printing delays have been mitigated now.

  • Your wife and son got lucky.. I renewed my passport last May 20, and was only able to get my passport last July 12 (from June 27 release-sked).. after 3 resked of releases due to the printing issues.

    I posted my not-so-good experience in my new blog site @

    hopefully, the issues were already sorted out and others won’t experience what I and my DFA-(printing)-batchmates had.

  • dede


    guys why the waiting time for the passport is too long? when I got my passport 2 years ago i didnt have to set an appointment and I didnt have to wait that long.

    • MV

      Meron na po tayo bagong process… which is better, IMHO. No more fixers. Direct appointment means you get direct and 100% access to DFA without the middleman. The waiting issue is just a problem caused by printing delays in Bangko Sentral…. but I believe it has been fixed so the waiting time for regular processing – 25 working days and for rush processing -15 working days. Hindi naman matagal as long as you plan your appointment wisely.

  • warren

    do i need to set an appoinment po ba para sa e-passport if sa tuguegarao dfa branch ako kuha or no need na? valid din po ba yung appoinment sa e-passport sa tuguegarao branch, same date and time or its only for metro manila area? please reply po.tnx

  • Jhonson Pinto Pines

    good evening po.. itatanong ko lang po kasi kukuha plang po sana ako ng passport first time ko po kukuha,kailangan po ba pagpunta jan dala po ba lahat ng requirements? kumpleto na po ksi ung ibang requirements,bale kulang lng ng SSS ID.
    Ma’am kailan po ba ako pwedeng mag paschedule? salamat po..

  • MV

    @warren, I don’t want to misinform you. Honestly I really don’t know kung ano process sa provincial branches. If you know the local branch number it is much better to call and ask them.

    @Jhonson, it’s really up to you kung kailan mo gusto. You can set your own schedule as long as you have all the needed documents.

  • Kristine L

    Hi Po sa lahat,
    Ask ko lang po if pwede ba yong mg pa tatak lang ng extension then mgrenew at the same time at i mail na lang ang passport sa kung san mang mailing address na binigay? Kasi I have only 3 weeks in the Philippines tapos ayaw ko namang ma stress sa paghihintay kung darating nga ba on time ang passport as what I have heard sa mga iba..Thanks. Pwede kaya yun?

  • Ma. Sarah D.

    nais ko lamang po malaman kung paano ko po malalaman ang refference code ko at print code sa pagpapareprint ng Passport Application Appointment System dahil nabura ko po ang application na galing sa DFA? na dapat ay ipapasa ko na bukas para makakuha ng passport.

  • P

    There’s a mistake on the date of my baptismal cert. The year was a year before I was born. Can i just submit an affidavit? The parish church is in the province but I’m not sure if it’s still there. :(

  • robbie

    hello guys, is NBI clearance a must for first time passport applicants? kasi i only have my NSO Birth Certificate, Original TOR and School ID back in college, Im a fresh grad kasi last April lang. I applied for NBI pero I have namesake. My appointment for passport app will be in the 24th, pero release ng clearance ko sept. 6 pa. (nagtataka ako kasi pag namesake dapat one week and maximum days of clearing di ba..



    You don’t have permission to access /form/app2/index.html on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


  • hannah

    same problem here.. after filling up all infos needed for passport renewal and choosing an available date in the website all i would get is


    For agency applications, please visit Thank you.

    no other explanation.. that’s it.. and i’m not trying to apply as an agency. i’ve tried several times with always the same result.

  • @p and @robbie, please review the requirements.You’re not limited with baptismal certificate or NBI. If you don’t have any government issued ID yet, NSO issue birth certificate is the best document you can bring. Then if you really don’t have supporting documents, I guess School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with dry seal will do.

    @Rica and @hannah the system is not perfect. I have encountered errors din before. Just try again or call the DFA hotline if you really can’t use the online appointment reservation. I am more familiar with “agency applications” — I think DFA is filtering bulk registration. Your case could be a false positive…. so you may try again later, or probably on someone else’s computer.

  • Darien

    hi sir :) very nice of you to share the above info.

    I just want to ask about my passport which expired in 2008. ‘planning to have it renewed this month. given the 3 year gap, does it still fall under the category of “renewal” or do i have to apply as a newbie again?

    and also, just to confirm, if my wife and i plan to renew our passports on the same day/sked, then the “family” application form is the one we should use, right?

    thanks :)

    • Hi Darien, you’re welcome. I think your case still falls under renewal because you still have to surrender the old one to get a new one. And yes, you may use the family appointment form so that you and your wife will have the same date and time for processing.

  • Darien

    I just submitted my application via their online appointment system. I was already prepared to stare down my pc and go through countless page refreshes just to get the soonest possible sked. But on the first try alone, I instantly got an appointment for the 1st week of September :)

    I guess they’ve already done something to ease the massive backlog.

    Thanks again, Marck V. :)

    • That is awesome. :D I wish this happens all the time for each and everyone. You’re welcome

  • Kimi

    Hi! Glad to come across this page. I just can’t find the answer to this – I was unable to cancel our appointment online because of some family emergency. Would this affect any future passport applications?

    • I don’t think so. There are many people on queue for that time slot (think of batch processing) so even if 10 people don’t show up I think it’s negligible. You’re actually doing a favor for DFA by not showing up (they have less to do) but you used up a slot that other people could have used to process their passport. So for the sake of courtesy to others, don’t forget to cancel appointments if you can’t make it next time. :)

  • cat

    hay…FULL na ba nag lahat ng date sa eappointment ng dfa…or may sira lang un system? hanggang MAY 3 nag-browse ako for appointment kaso unavailable slot n daw un..=(

  • cat

    MAY 3 2012 un ah..=) sorry no more available slots daw..=(

  • @cat it happens sometimes… I don’t know why. Either system glitch, error or simply due to system overload. Try mo na lang ulit. Try mo sa long weekend, baka wala masyado online hehe.

  • rose de guzman

    tanong ko po kong paano mag pa sched. ng passport?

    mag pa sched sana po ako sa sept. 20 2011, tuesday

  • jonalyn

    hi! need q lang po ng advice 2007 po ng kumuha ako ng passport at late registered na B.C from nso ang pinasa ko sa nso at ang birthdate ko is jan.30 1980 and all my documents since my 1st sch. day ito n ang gamit ko at dito nagstart ang problem ko coz ng muli akong kumuha ng B.C sa nso original ng birth cert. n po ang neririlease nila sa akin at dun ko lang nalaman na ang real birthdate ko was jan.29,1979 at dito nag start ang problem about my passport.Paano ko po ba mababago ang birthdate ko sa passport ko next year na po iyon mag eexpired..It wasn`t my foult coz yung unang release ng nso sa akin ay late registered at nag magrequest po uli ako nung 2nd and 3rd time sa kanila yung original n birth cert. n po ang nirerelease nila kahit na late registered pa rin ang nirerequest ko. Naguguluhan na po ako kung paano ko aayusin ang passport ko . Pls. help me naman po i really really need your advice, hope na matulungan nyo po ako.

  • @jonalyn I don’t think this is the best place to ask your question but I’ll try. First you have to fix the legal document issues and after that you can submit for renewal and correct the wrong information in your old passport. In that order. I don’t know how you can fix your birth certificate. Maybe you can get a lawyer or ask NSO for assistance how to correct it.

  • Simeona toledo

    pano poh magpa-reappointment? kc poh nung sept. 01 ako pupunta, hindi lng poh natuloy….
    tnx poh

    • Simply go to DFA passport appointment website and do your appointment again. I think there is no limit in re-appointment.

      • Nycel

        i would like to share you my experience. due to hectic workload in the office, i was not able to come at DFA on the scheduled appointment of mine (new applicant).
        when i tried to have re-appointment using the hotline of 7371000, the agent told me that i should have cancelled my appointment if cannot really come.
        i told her that i really forgot the date.
        she warned me that if i will always make appointment then no appearance at all, my name will be blocked. and i will be having hard time applying for new passport.
        so i’m not sure if she was implying that there are limitations in setting appointments.

  • Denmark Roldan

    Hello there! Have a pleasant day. I have something to ask about how can I click the confirmation link? How can I find it?

    thanks a lot!

    • Did you check the email address that you provided? After the final step, you should receive an email from [email protected] where the link is provided. If it’s not in your inbox make sure you check your spam or junk folder.

  • Skyla_1987

    hi.. i had an appointment with dfa and i was asked to come back as i don’t have sufficient documents. would you know the turn around time that i can go back or should i just set a new appointment? thanks for your help.

    • Actually, they meant that you have to set a new appointment when you have completed the required documents — because you can’t re-use your old appointment anymore. Go back when you already have a new appointment WITH your complete requirements.

  • Scherwyn

    hi! tinatanggap ba ang postal id as valid id when applying for passport?

  • Please read this:

    Kung wala, it is not accepted.

  • Semblood

    Hi. Ilang oras itatagal ko sa DFA during my appointment dun? Aabutin ba ng 1 hour or more? TIA

    • If you will reserve your appointment very early in the morning, may pag-asa na matapos under an hour. Pero kung hindi, expect it to be around 2 hours. Depende din kasi kung gaano kadami yung kasabay mo. If you will register a passport for a baby, it will be faster since you will be prioritized. May priority din yata mga senior citizen. On my case, it took about 2.5 hours kasi 10am  ako nagpareserve.

  • Jhackie

    Hi!!! I just feel up the form this day for renewal of passport and I’m waiting for the e-mail or link they will send me for the schedule but until now wala pa rin. Do I need to fill-up another form online or just wait for the e-mail they’ll send me. Thanks alot…Godbless!!!

  • How long did it take for DFA to send your appointment notice (after accomplishing the forms online)? 

  • @Cav and @Jhackie, make sure the email is not caught by spam or junk email filter. From my experience the email will be sent almost immediately. If you did not receive it, maybe you did not complete the final step. If there is no system problem in DFA’s server, you should receive it in less than 5 minutes. At most wait for an hour for the email delivery. If you did not receive any, you can set another appointment. The previous appointment will be automatically cancelled.

  • Philippineepassport

    Philippine Passport facebook page is now available. Just follow and “like” the link below to receive updates and news about Philippine Passport.

    • What will i do if i lost my appoinment number? How can i reschedule if they need the number?

  • Ihatenoodles_18

    what to do, i just got my passport but the address written missed one letter – binaloan it should be binalonan.. dont know what to do?

  • Thanks a lot! But I already filled out the online application form twice and until now I have yet to hear from DFA. Can’t seem to get through their trunkline as well. This is getting so frustrating on my part. I need to renew my passport asap. Does anyone know if DFA is currently experiencing technical glitch?

    • First make sure you are using the correct email address. I used my Gmail email address when I reserved my appointment. I’m not sure if the delivery is fast enough for other free email service provide but I think it should not be an issue. If you tried other email address and you still can’t receive (or find) the email from DFA, something is wrong. You can find the link to e-Passport Facebook fan page here. I suggest you post your concern there as well since I cannot confirm if there is a glitch in their system. I hope you’ll get your passport appointment soon.

    • Philippineepassport

      If you continue to experience this problem, please post your concern in our DFA Passport Page so the technical team can work on it ASAP.

      Marck: Thank you for posting this in your blog. I hope our Facebook page will help.

      DFA Philippine Epassport Facebook Page Admin

  • Catherine

    nalito lang po ako dahil doon sa confirmatio link na dapat po sana kung i click ngunit wala po akung nakitang confirmation link,kung maari po turuan nyo ako sa madaling panahon.salamat po

  • Passerby

    I just received my passport yesterday but my name is misspelled.What is their process on this even it’s the DFA’s fault because I checked what was printed in the paper they showed me.

  • myraflorpante_1117

    mag-set po sana ako ng appointment for my husband,,outside the country pa  cia ngayon seaman po kc cia..nov. 19 pa po ang dating nia…mag-expire yung passport nia on sept. 2012 kaya nid nia mag-renew kc aabutin po ung nxt contract nia…kaya lang nung magset na ko ng date starting nov. 21 no available slots na till dec. 2012…ano po kya pwede ko gawin?…..thank you po..

    • I believe that is just glitch. There should be available slots for the next few months. It also happened to me. Try another day.

  • Markgerlie_diaz15

    ng paappoinment po ako kya lng po nabura ung appoinment na form sa yahoomail ko pano po un pwde po ba ulit ako mg paapoinment ng panibago????

    • If you printed it and got your form, no need, kasi yun din naman ang gagamitin mo sa DFA. Kung hindi mo na print, I believe you have to repeat it, kasi wala ka maipapakita na form. Ok lang umulit kasi mabubura naman yung ginawa mo dati.

  • Maritesquiatchon

    Good day po. Is my appointment in this website also applicable in DFA Batangas? Can I present the printed mail and form that was sent to me when I had my online application of passport here? Thank you

  • Maritesquiatchon

    Good day po. Is it really that fast that I had my appointment schedule a few seconds after I submitted my application online? Thank you po

    • Yes, once you have chosen a date that’s it. However you have to confirm the appointment by opening the form and printing it (provided on your email).

  • Berna_ditah

    ask q lang po kung kinukuha tlaga nila ung original birth certificate kc un ang kinuha sakin…then hindi na nila binalik sakin… kailangan q ulet ung original birth certificate…sabi ni mama pag kumuha ulet aq sa NSO, hindi na original ung ibibigay…..????…..makukuha q kaya ulet un?…tnx po…

    • Original po talaga… even if you bring a photocopy, they will take the original. Original Birth Certificate from NSO is always just a copy of your original birth certificate on SECPA (Security Paper). When they say “Original Birth Certificate from NSO”, it means NOT a photocopy of the birth certificate from NSO.

      • Ninah Maranan

        hello po, just went to DFA early this morning.. different scenario but it’s also regarding birth certificate. My birth certificate ( from NSO ) is not clear and my name is unreadable, but that is always the copy i get from NSO. Then i brought the photocopy of the LOCAL copy of my birth certificate, but DFA personnel insisted that they need the original LOCAL copy of my BC. Then I just have to get back once I have in me the requirement they needed ( original LOCAL copy of my BC ). The problem is, i still have to get that original copy in Batangas. My mom sent, this morning thru LBC, but it would still be delivered tomorrow and I have work at 6am-2pm tomorrow. If the earliest possible time i can get back to DFA for that requirement is Wednesday ( November 29 ) on or before 5pm, would the delivery of my passport still be 15 days ( rush ) after my first appointment which was early this morning ( November 28, 2011 830am )??

  • Mons_cruz



    good day po..asked kulang kung ok nb ung reuirements kong NBI certificate,BRR from comelec,drivers license,form 137,baptismal certificate.NSO birth certificate,postal ID para makapag set npo ako ng appointment para nman di masayang oras ko pagpunta sa DFA.maraming salamat po..

  • rorafu

    if you are a government employee, an OFW, or disability, there is “courtesy lane” where you could go directly in the 2nd floor to process your epassport. you don’t need to set an appointment on line. just bring all the necessary requirements plus your GSIS and supporting/company ID. use gate 2 or 3? instead of gate 1.

    • I also want to add that when you are going to make an appointment for babies either by family appointment or just for the baby, you’ll get the same special treatment. I’m not sure how young the baby should be but my wife was able to get our son a passport through courtesy lane as well.

  • Ian_losendo

    gud day po…anu po ba dapat ilagay sa Acquired Citizenship? sa Occupation,Off.#&Office Add..kc pag e submitt ko yan po ang d ko na fill upon po…thanks…

    • Acquired Citizenship = this is how you got your citizenship. Kung Pinoy ka na pinanganak dito sa Pilipinas, then you acquired citizenship through birth. On occupation, if you are still studying you can put Student. If you don’t have a job you can put N/A on office # and address.

  • Raquel_danao

    wala pong lumalabas n form need ko po mag parush ee anu po gagawin ko ??

  • Raquel_danao07

    3times n po kc akong nag cancel ng appoinetment kc po mali ung nalalagay kong sched bkit po kaya wala ng lumalabas n form ??

    • Wala na lumalabas na form? There are numerous schedules. You just have to get the right timing. Madami gumagamit nito so expect high demand. Minsan kasi mabilis talaga mawala or maubos. I’m not sure if this is a capacity issue or limitation in DFA’s website but you can definitely choose your desired appointment date if you really want to.

      • Aruba

        pano po baguhin yung email address na nalagay ? pwede pa po bang baguhin yun ? wala po kasi akong narerecieve sa email ko po .

  • Jmblade_28

    tpos q n pong mafill-upan ung appointment pro ng ipiprint q n po bat sa manila nmn? pwde bang un ang dalhin sa DFA TUGUEGARAO kc yun po ang pinakamalapit smin…please answer me. o sa mga kabayan na nkaexperience ng tulad skin pki inform nmn po aq…salamat po

    • Not sure with the process on other provinces. You can contact your regional consular offices for more info. Check this web page for contact details:

  • jhunz702

    hi there! a green card holder but i lost my passport here in US. what i have now is a travel document para lng mkauwi sa pinas sa tuesday. i already have an appointment sa thursday pag dating ko sa pinas..ask q lng po if i still need to bring all the requirements sa DFA coz wla nmn po aq ID from pinas..lhat po ng ID q eh from US birth certificate lng po meron aq..

  • Ronald_08

    pno po ba mag sched ng group sa dfa??

  • Hi there..i did so many times and clicked all the dates / hours but unfortunately it was SORRY.. diko alam kung wala  ng available na slot or sira lang talaga ang program nila…need ko mag pa-sched by december 2011 or january 2012…unlucky di mag proceed ang request ko..laging SORRY..ano bayan

  • Efrenarisgar

    gd. day po nag fil up po ako sa application form bakit po ayaw mag submit,, lumalabas po incomplete entries,,

  • Shane_macaraig

    hello. Ijust wanna ask kung ano ilalagay sa province kasi nag-aappear na THIS IS REQUIRED. kahit na wala naman province di naman pwede ilagay yung N/A. I’m having a problem with occupation too. what to type in the contact number. Thank you default8347 {“method”:”validate”,”params”:[],”id”:1,”jsonrpc”:”2.0″}

  • Angelkaye_wilson

    Hello pls help nmn poh san q pwede I submit yung application form q?kaylangan q poh kasi ng passport by 1st week of january..thanks poh.


  • Dada

    Hello! Good Day po! May tanung lang po ako, Bkit po everytime po ako ng-fifill ng application through e-application sa dfa, pg-isusubmit na yung desired schedule para sa appointment, lagi nkalagay in the end, SORRY…?  
    I wonder why bkit ganun?  Thnks po…:)

  • Razelbesejos

    Hi good morning … may I ask if its okay to apply the new passport for my son… but my middle name in his birth certificate is alquizar. instead  of alquezar . but that is the only error…thanks… and GOD BLESS 

    • di

      i think to avoid further complications, have the birth certificate corrected in the local civil registrar. this may take a few weeks..

  • jenanna_140

    excuse me, as soon as nasubmit ko na po ba ung finill upan na form magsesend agad sila dun sa email ko? or maghihintay pa ng mga ilang araw?

    • Based on my experience it should come very quickly. It should not take several days. Check your spam or junk folders.

  • Dianne Villaflores

    may katanungan po ako, taga italy po ako ngaun nag renew po ako nang passport nang anak ko ang sabi daw is 3-4 weeks daw sa, ndi nmn sya pwedeng ipa rush dito kasi sa pilipinas pa daw sya ginagawa.. is there any other way na ma pa rush ang processing ng passport kahit na magbayad na lang ulit ako. kasi uurgent sya. salamat po.

  • Lhenie Tapit

    is my passport already submitted please confirm,trhank you
    ?-lenie aldea tapit

  • Thank you for giving your comments. For all unanswered questions, please direct your questions to @999430bf2c3eb991f1df96fd27b91a9e:disqus – the Facebook page is located at

  • Angelica Dumaguit

    my passport is scheduled to be released on January 24,2012… but i think i cant get it because i have conflict of schedules… is there any penalty? what should be done?

    • I believe there is no penalty. Don’t let them store it for too long. Maybe there is threshold so just get it as soon as possible.

  • Marinie_atian

    puede po bng certified true xerox copy ng birthcerticate ng baby ko september 8 2011 po sya pinanganak submit ko s dfa gwa po kc wl p sya nso sbi po kc s local civil registry dp nila nsubmitt s nso nid n po kc sya makaapply passport punta po kc kmi sa malaysia

  • Traje,Michelle

    i applied passport for my daughter last sept.2011,i supposed to pick up Oct.2011,but i dont have enough time because i went out from the country.i can still get her passport after 4 months?is there a penalty?what should i do?

    • I think it’s best to contact DFA for the official storage period. You may call them or ask this question at the official Facebook page found in the comments.

  • Dknykidd22

    if your appointment date is march 31, whats the ISSUE DATE appeared in your passport? Thanks

    • The issue date on my passport is the date I received my passport.

  • vinvin


    just printed the form now only to find out that there is a typographical error on my birhtdate. I am scheduled for tomorrow. can i still be accomodated by dfa?

    quick response is very much appreciated.

    • You can still make adjustments at the counter. Make sure you point it out so the personnel will be able to correct it on the form.

  • James

    i have set an appointment yesterday morning and still haven’t received email from DFA. i also checked my spam folder but didn’t see one. how long does it usually take before you receive an email from them?


  • jhoy.benico

    san po maki2ta ang reply ng dfa ng 4 reference number

  • rialine kosca ricardo

    bakit hnggng gnyon wl prin ako nttnggp n email gling dfa 2 days nko ngsubmit.kailngn ko n po kz ng passport bgo mtpos ang buwan n ito.tnx

  • Teresa_Manicsic

    how to get an appointment to DFA Pampanga? i saw DFA Manila only. Please help

  • Curtygaviola

    pano po b mkakuha ng form thru internet?

  • KarlaC

    Hi! Tanong ko lang po kasi nagset ako ng family appointment sa online then nakatanggap ako ng schedule. Kaya lang meron akong info nailagay na mali at gusto ko sanang baguhin so sinubukan kong icancel yung appointment online pero error na ang lumalabas. Cannot cancel the appointment ang error. So ibig bang sabihin non ok padin yung appointment ko? Hindi kaya nagloloko lang yung website kaya lumalabas yun pero ang totoo cancelled na yung appointment ko? I just wanna make sure bago ako pumunta sa appointment ko at hindi ako magulat na cancelled na pala ang appointment. Meron bang paraan para makasiguro na ok padin ang appointment ko? Please let me know! Thank you po!

    • You can’t be so sure. Minsan talaga nagloloko. Natry mo na sa off-peak hours magcancel ng appointment? The other way to verify is to call the hotline at confirm the appointment. Other than that wala na yata.

  • 2258Dorothy

    hello po. tanong ko lang kung kailangan pa ng schedule of appointment sa DFA Batangas.. thanks!

  • Cindy

    Question : Nakapag set na ko ng appointment online kaya lang ang sabi padadala ang confirmation sa email ko para confirm ko, kailangan daw iconfirm with in 24 hours. pano ko naman coconfirm wala naman email dumadating sakin from DFA.. May appointment na ba ko kahit walang email dumating sakin o wla p?

  • Fshizeiko

    excuse me sir.. nag’cancel ako ng appointment ng isang beses.. tapos nung nakapag’fill up na ko ulit ng form.. my dumating naman sa email ko, kaya lang po walang lumalabas dun sa confirmation link kundi ERROR lang.. ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin.. kailangan ko na po kasi talaga maka’pag’sched..  pls HELP ME…

  • Fshizeiko

    We cannot find your application. Please make sure you are clicking the correct link from the email. yan po ung lumalabas pag kini’click ko po ung confirmation link..

  • Cecilecongco

    ako si cecile tnung k lng po kng kelan k mttangap ung appointment email glng sa dfa . mtgal na kng nkpag paschedule at mtgal na dn po akong tntwgan ask k lng po kng kelan mllmn ? eto po ang yahoomail ko [email protected]

  • Cecilecongco

    ako si cecile tnung k lng po kng kelan k mttangap ung appointment email glng sa dfa . mtgal na kng nkpag paschedule at mtgal na dn po akong tntwgan ask k lng po kng kelan mllmn ? eto po ang yahoomail ko [email protected]

  • Aelorajulienne

    ask ko po po if kung sakaling pwede ko ipachange yung address ng pag dedeliveran ko ng passport ko

  • Pjrodillo

    ask ko po sana kung panu makakapag pill up ng form para makakuha ng pasport thru internet

  • Scidaris

    hi…Tanong lng po.nangyari pong nag apply mama q for middle east.nka sign nxa nang kuntrata tapos after a week nag back out xa. ayaw na po isa uli ang passport nya dahil dapat may babayaran she’s planning to go abroad again.Panu po ba nya ma rerenew ang passport nya?

  • Betchayhk

    bakit po nag ooffer kayo ng online appointment sa pag aapply ng passport or renewal,ang hirap naman pumasok sa online system na binibigay niyo sa mga tao.Sana po ayusin niyo at mas mabuti pa mag apply ng personal.Hindi po convenient itong binibigay yun pabor sa mga tao.And dami tseseburutche.gawin niyo dierct apply…

    • People will always resist some degree of change. I agree na mahirap sa simula specially kung hindi skilled sa computer yung gagawa ng appointment but I disagree na hindi convenient. It IS convenient granted you follow the guidelines properly. Let someone help you if you find it difficult. It worked for my advantage and I highly recommend using the methods explained here for your convenience.

  • anonymous

    ask ko lng kung ano ilalagay ko sa travel purpose..kung work ba o migration..kasi nag aaply ako as a care giver sa canada…nalilito lng ako kung alin sa dalawa ang ilalagay ko..first time ko lng mg apply ng passport…thnks

    • work = temporary relocation (i.e. business travel, on-shore assignment, etc)

      migration = permanent relocation for good

  • marie joyce

    anybody pls tell me why is that until now i dont recieve any passport? i apply for it february 5, 2012 and pay for 1,200 included my delivery fee, what happen until now did not recieve any of it. already miss my opportunity to work abroad because of foriegn affairs delay of giving passport. can you pls fix this.SAYANG NMAN ANG BINAYAD NA 15 WORKING DAYS IF DI KAU TUTUPAD SA SCHEDULE NYO.

    • I think you should file a complain directly at the DFA office. As far as I know if there is already a working permit you should be able expedite the process. Sayang naman.

  • Rogel



    hi everyne…

    pwede ba mag ask sa dfa kung hanngang kelan ba valid yung passport??? and by the way nawala yung passport ko last year and di ko na matandaan kung kelan yung date issued and yung date kung hanggang kelan valid….

    tanong ko kasi mag aaply ako ulit ng passport and isa sa mga requrements eh police report and affidavit of explanation which is kelangan malaman kung valid pa nga ba yung pass port ko…

    thanks sa sasagot :)

    • You can try. Meron naman sila database ng records so in my opinion, kung alam nila personal info mo, alam din nila expiration ng passport mo.

  • Otso_otso30

    nawala ko po passport ko pero expired na.
    gusto kong magkaroon ulit ano po gagawin at ano mga kelangan?

  • Drix060724

    pwede ba i renew yung passport kahit d pa expired?may exit kasi ako sa ibang bansa eh.. hassle nmn ung ipa lost .. thanks sa sasagot po

    • The whole point of renewing your passport is for you to avoid an expired passport so don’t wait for it to expire! As early as 6 month before expiry pwede ka na magparenew not sure if you can renew it sooner.

  • maki

    hi. ask ko lang if there’s a penalty fee for lost passport? nawala ko kasi passport ko dito sa malaysia and someone told me that it’s 6000rm which is so impossible. reply is very much appreciated.

    • Bacuna

      hingi ka ng police report dyan at affidavit of loss

  • tha

    ask ko lang di ako makapg set ng appointment kasi wala akong work? pano po kaya yun? hinihingian ako ng occupation sa appointment

    • dioSAI

      simply put n/a.. :))

  • Jomar Sesame

    goodmorning po..tanung ko lng po kung pwede bang mag new applicant for new passport na lng even may hawak ng passport the problem po is it was issued 1987 pa?..ano po dapat gawin? if renew na lng pakidetailed nmn po wat dapat gain or much better po ba new applicant na lng….emailed me @ [email protected] asap po..salamat ng maramii

  • Ask ko lang po kung pwedepa pong iresumed yung schedule ko na nacanceled??email me at [email protected]

  • Randy meneses

    ask q lng po… f pno makapag schedule renew passport? thnks…

  • Ynah Castro

     I lose my Appointment Confirmation Letter before my interview next week how to get a copy?

  • kcred292

    hi… i am planning to work abroad again and my passport will expire on oct 9 2013.can i renew it now?pls need an answer.thanx

  • Ferlitonool

    pano po mala2man f nkpag set nanga aq ng appointment?
     nag submit na po qac aqo but den wla mang response ..

  • Dragon Moves

    Hindi pa po dumadating yung passport ko, pero as indicated dapat March 29, 2012 pa, what should I do? I tried calling LBC and DFA, mga busy ang number all day. Thanks.

  • shyn

    i lost my passport and forgot the passport number. if i’ll be setting an appointment and choose the lost application there is a blank there with old passport number and it says that it is optional. how will i complete my application if i cannot fill up the old passport number box when i already forgotten the number. haist, 

  • Ruelabraham

    panu po kumuha ng appointment date ??

  • Ruelabraham

    panu po kumuha ng appointment date?? saa pagkuha ng passport..hope we could get the answer urgently..

  • gigi

    how to apply my lost pass port what is requirement

  • Deathscript

    panu i re send ung validation email nila??

  • Jacquelyn_berso

    maam  anoh poh dapat kung gawin mali ung adress na fil up ko

    • Bacuna

      cancel mo nlng yung appointment mo then magset ka ulit ng panibago.

  • Melodypampolina

    hi pwede po mag ask panu kung mali ung na encode sa birth place ko..ndi ko kc alm na mali ung nilagay nila ,,ska ko lng nalaman kung kelan mag ppdos nako..syng nmn apportunity ko kung ndi ko to maaus agad],,,,reply po plz

    • Bacuna

      cancel mo nlng yung appointment mo then magset ka ulit ng panibago.

  • Rudel Lobos

    maam/sir? last thursday po yong delivery dapat ng passport ko. bakit hanggang ngayon wala parin? kailangan ko na po yun. thanks.

  • Mei_fung1984

    Dear Sir/Madam,                                                                                                                              mgandang  umaga po sa inyo,ung passport q e rrelease ngaung MAY30 sa DFA batangas pwd po ba kaya ma e forward nila dto sa san fernando DFA?dto n po kasi kmi nakatira ng pamilya q..thank you and GODBLESS US                       


  • Anabelcastanarez

    i find my e passport application that there are data needs to be corrected like the maiden name of my mther.can i procceed to dfa and corect it on my appointment date at dfa?

  • PSY


  • Artemio A. Aguilar

    I am a senior citizen and do I still need to get an appointment? Tnks and pls reply.

    Artemio A. Aguilar
    Quezon City

  • zol

    d2 po sa ryadh kumpleto na po papers ko kailangan ko i submit sa canadian embassy sa ryadh  d naman po ako makalabas dmting na contract and lmo ko  pano po ang mabuting gawin

  • Badjey03

    Hello friends,

    You can set your DFA Appointment date at Print the form that you’ll bring on your appointment date.

    Glad to Help.


  • Joyvee_jolo

    Ask ko lang po.,.ang releasimg kc ng passport ko supposed to be this day kaya lng may importante akong lakad..Pwede po ba the other day ko nlng i release..

  • duna

    I made an appointment for passport renewal ,after getting the desired date it says i need to confirm but i couldn’t find the button to press for confirmation of my passport renewal appointment. Do i have an appointment already? But to download forms is another problem.

  • disqus_ejtK6NLQPt

    Hi po.. ask ko lang po, nag apply po ako ng passport nung jun. 20.2012.. pina rush ko .. so 7days po ang binigay sakin, pinaship ko po.. until now wala pa po ung passport ko..july.3 na po ngayon .. ngyon po nag track ako online sa air21.. pero not found po nakalagay..

  • akosiann

    hi!! good day!! ask ko lang po kung pwedi ako maka-uwi ng pinas kung mag expire na yung passport ko sa october.. kz dito ko ipapa renew sana yung philippines passport ko..

  • bhemmy

    gud pm, just ask if i set an appointment online pwede ku ba magamit ung appointment sa ibang branch? sa dfa aseana kc ung lumabas dpat in bicol

    • Ito pong appointment online para po talaga sa Manila branch. Call your local branch kung paano po process doon.

  • Jia

    Hello, what if hindi ako nakapunta sa appointment schedule? Will I have problems in the future?

  • Lai

    gud day po gusto ko sana kmuha ng passport,ano po yong mga requirements na kailangan dalhin? thanks po.

  • michelle caburnay toledo

    elow poh gud pm poh….pwd poh b n 1 valid i.d lng poh ang dala q???nid q n poh tlg kc kumuha ng passport..tnx poh

  • marilou domanillo

    hillo po kailan ko po Makoha passport ko

  • ter

    sir, ask ko lang po kung ano ung process para ma-corrrect kapag may wrong spelling sa passport?nagkamali kasi yung nag-encode at hindi ko na rin napansin yung wrong spelling bago ako umalis..

  • joan

    nagpasched na po ako para kumuha ng passport, 3 times na ko nakapagpasched and hndi po ako nkakapunta dahil natataon naman po na may client ako that time. last week nagpasched ulit ako, im very sure na po na mkakapunta na ko, then nagfill up ulit ako para for another schedule, okay na lahat nareceive ko na rin sya sa email ko, then pag ciniclick ko yung link ng pdf file ayaw na nyang maopen.. bakit po ganun? nasuspend ba ko? pls help me nmn po. i have a business tour on oct. and i need to get a passport as soon as possible.. thanks!

  • Ferly

    Good day,
    Palaging hindi ina accept yung “individual application” ko tuwing mag susubmit ako. Not applicable kasi sa akin yung occupation, office number and phone number, pati na ang mother’s middle maiden name. at anu ang tamang i lagay sa “Landmarks”? pls help me and suggest me some tips sa pag fill up para ok na sya… SALAMAT…

  • maricar

    saan ang confirmation link na sinasabing i click ko sa sending and print application form. i need to click it within 24 hrs. plsss help me. send answer here or at [email protected]…. sorry nkita ko na

  • janjan

    may appointment ako yesterday at 9:30 am nung nasa dfa na ako at check na nila barcode ng appointment form ko ibang name ang lumabas, sbi multiple entry daw ako pinapatawagan nila skin hotline nila (737-1000) pero laging busy. nu po kya dapat kung gawin para mauz ko problema sa appointment ko? thanks in advance…

  • jane


  • nel

    hello isa po ako na ngtatry mgsubmit ng appoinment for passport kso pag isubmit ko na check the incorrect un po nklgy nlagay ko po kc na N/A sa # of office dpt dw eh no po eh wla nman po akong work for now pano po yun hope u can help thank you.hir’s may no.09056824733

  • patronilo

    do appointment system available in tuguegarao dfa branch???

  • xavin

    tanong ko lang po kung hanggang kilan po yung valid date kapag po nakapagpasa na po ng appointment for lost passtport?

  • xavin

    tanong ko lng po hanggang kilan po yung valid date ng nkapagpasa na po ng requirements for lost passport?

  • catherine…

    how to get appointment for DFA ,i need to know pho.and i lost my passport how should i do if i get new passport?

  • shyboy

    hi po sir mam ,
    plz help me regarding po sa problems ko !
    nag late registered po ako this 2011,, i have all the file they ask
    madami kasi nga daw late registered ako ! ung VRR sa comelec ok n po ung baptismal po sa national bilibid ok n rin po !


    un lang po sa transcript of records ako nahihirapan sana po ma help
    ako anyone me 1 month duedate kasi ako sa DFA for passport application
    ko !

  • Damien22

    What if di nagwowork yung appointment link. Error is: “Sorry we cannot find your application? Ok n b kahit may reference number lng? Mapaprocess din kaya nila yun? di kasi makitA application ko? Pag nag appoint kasi ulit ako, 1 month pa ulit.. hay :(

  • mitch

    paano mg reschedule or reappointment I forgot n schedule ko kahapon

  • Orwin Verzosa

    naka ilan beses na po kming nag fill up ng appointment schedule for application ng passport pero pag icliclick na nmin ang submit ayaw mag bgay ng schedule since last nyt na po,na check na rin nmin lahat ng ififill up kumpleto nman bkit kaya ayaw?

  • decknice

    tinatanggap po ba ang affidavit of the same identity sa pagkuha ng passport??

  • lea hernandez

    pano kapag namistyped ko ung passport application ko ung ipapasa, ang bobo lang -_- dun sa part ng apelido ng nanay ko kulang ng isang letter. pano yun?????

  • Jonna

    Gud eve..ok lng po ba na hndi ako mkapunta sa appointment ko sa dfa this friday,incomplete pa po kc ung requirements ko..hndi po ba ito makakaapekto sa susunod kong pagpapaschedule,?cannot cancel n dw po kc ung application ko e..tnx

    • giel

      ok pa ba bumalik pagok na requirements?no need na magsched ulit?

  • Lovely

    Hi ask ko lang nakapag schedule na po ako sa online appointment Kaso nun print ko na may Mali pala sa Info q. Ano po Gagawin ko? Ayoko na mabago schedule ko. Pls help. Tnx

    • Feverlyn Morales


  • kaye

    Hi. Just wanna ask. I have an upcoming schedule to get a passport. But im not sure about the id requirements i just lost my SSS id but i have voters. Hindi kasi nakalagay dun na in the absence of the the valid ids pwedend supporting documents na ibang id. I only have voters, nbi and i could also get a police clearance or brngy clearance. Is it okay? Please anyone that can help thank you.

  • jessie

    naka.fill-in na ako sa online page… and i have been waiting po sa sinasabing link na ipapasa nila sa email.address ko.. still wala pa po…
    magmatter ba ang time when i fill in sa website?
    worried lang ako coz.. sinabi sa expectations.. nga 24hours lang pagconfirm sa schedule…
    thank you po…
    i need your immediate response.

    • Joy Havon

      Ilang or as bgo mo nareceive? AQ dn kc I also experience the same

  • cherry

    what is the print code?

  • jhoanna nello

    Hi, i just wanna ask what the best thing to do kase i filled up the online application yesterday and just printed it a while ago tapos may mali po sa name ng mother ko. Name ko po ung nakalagay. Pano po kaya mababago yon? Salamat :)

    • lois

      cancel po the appointment

      • floss

        same po skin mali n e print ko s mother s name ko.ano po resulta s inyu? ng change po kau ng appointment?

  • jill

    hi just wanna ask if what do you click for the acquired citizenship?.. i am rwally confuse
    thank you:)

    • LOIS

      it means po pano nyo nakuha ang citizenship nyo..kung by birth ba or so on…click po kayo ng isa.

  • Wana

    Hi. Im filing for lost passport to Aseana and i’m wondering if they have limit each day or they will attend to anybody who is already there? Im quite worried since they don’t require scheduled appointment for lost passport (still valid) cases.. thank you…

  • melanie lacaden

    I wonder why my passport was not yet deliver? I expect to receive it last July 22, 2014?

  • Celia Manansala


  • arlene

    hello guy .. i try to make appointment online to renew my passport i dont what to choose that acquired Citizenship/ anybody help me tnx

    • Jen Carido

      Acquired Citizenship, panu ka naging Filipino. Choose ka isa dun.


    meron na po aq skedyul sa pagkuha ng passport,ang mali ko po dahil ang nailagay ko po ay new imbes na lost passport…ask ko lang po kung kailangan ko ba uli mag pa re skedyul or pwede po on the spot po xa pumunta at sbihin na an inaply po ung lost passport?


    may tanong pa po sana aq,,,kung nawala at nasunog po iyong sa passport diba po may nilalagay pa po iyon sa date issued,at kpag humingi ng affidavit of loss un din ang itatanong pano po kaya un?


    may tanong pa po sana aq,,,kung nawala at nasunog po iyong sa passport diba po may nilalagay pa po iyon sa registered data na date issued?at kpag humingi ng affidavit of loss un din ang itatanong pano po kaya un?


    expired na po ?kaya di nmn mailagay sa data kaya new nlng nailagay



  • zhujin21

    please help I can’t proceed to my desired date using my phone browser even the connection was stable, also try refreshing the date wasn’t moving

  • darlon

    What happens if you missed your appointment? Can I get a new appointment schedule?

    • Cathee Dimayuga

      Di ko makita sagot nyo ganun dn kasi saakin pp

  • AJ

    hi yah, my sister is 18 years old and i instructed her to go to the DFA Aseana with an appointment. when she came back she said she only paid 1,200 for fast processing but she never paid 120 because the guard she “tapos na po and wala nang ibang pipilahan” but I saw the brown paper saying ” Inside Passport Enrolment Centre after STEP 3″ what shall we do now? how would we know if the passport is released or not?

  • Princess Shara Bonus

    Patulong po please. nasa pending ung process ko as of now kc po kulang ng letter ur sa firstname ko and ung sa nso ko last name pa ng mama ko ung nakalagay nung napanganak ako dun plng kc sila kinasal if naayos ko napo ung prob ko naun at naipasa na nila sa nso anung pwdng kunin sa munisipyo kung saan ako pinanganak na pwd pkita sa dfa na katunayan inayos ko na? ipproceed nba ng dfa un o hhntyn pdn ng dfa ung sa nso ko? SALAMAT

  • Kitty

    Hi po, ask lang po. In my original NSO birth certificate my mother’s name is spelled wrong. “cherrie” instead of “cherry”. I heard that when applying for new passport they require the original NSO birth certificate, and in the application form parent names are required. what should i use? the real spelling which is “cherry” or shoul i just follow whatever is written in my birth certificate? Thank You very much!

  • Mae

    Hello there! I’ve got a question. I typed the wrong information at the back of my passport: my name instead of the person to be contacted in case of emergency. Just wanna know kung alam nyo po dapat kung gawin to change the said info? ok lang ba kaya wipe-out ko yon or i really need to seek assistance from the DFA? I was thinking kasi baka hindi pwede yong erasures..what am I gonna do then?
    Please reply..thanks very much and God bless!

    • lois

      it also happens to me liquid paper ko na lng chillax :)

  • Cesar Mananes

    My boss’ daughter is having a hard time with the new system. She received an email link of her appointment, which she must print. But every time we tried to click on the link, an error page keeps appearing. She / we then try calling their hotline 7371000 but we just get recorded message saying that all of their customer service staff (from Pilipinas Teleserv) is too busy to take our calls and then hangs up. They should have a cuing system on their hotline instead of getting people to endlessly call them and having to talk to their voice message. It is frustrating…

    • lois

      try another pc or mag online sa compshop

  • sussi bernas

    Good day po .. Ask ko lang kung paano malalaman yung reference number sa passport ?? ..

  • sussi bernas

    Please answer me.. Thank you ..

  • regina

    Magandang pagbati! Ako po’y isang simpleng Filipino na dumulog sa isang ahensya ng ating pamahalaan at ito ay ang DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS sa ALIMAL CUBAO.
    Gusto ko lamang po iparating sa mga nanunungkulan sa mga ganitong ahensya lalo na nasasakupan ng ating pamahalaan na maging marespeto at matapat na maglingkod ang mga empleyado dito, bakit ko po nasabi ito dahil po sa pangyayaring nung isang araw na ako’y dumulog sa DFA branch na ito at sa kakulangan ng kaalaman na hindi na pala sila tumatanggap ng walang “appointment online” ako’y dumating doon ng walang “printed appointment paper”. Nang sinabi iyon ng gwardiya agad agad ako at ang aking kasama na pumunta sa “computer shop” upang gumawa ng “appointment online” at dali-daling “nag-print” ng “appoinment letter”. Dahil sa kagustuhan kong subukin kung ako’y mapagbibigyan na makapag-renew ng passport nung ding araw na iyon ako’y pumila at sinubok na makapsok. Nang ako’y papasok na ang sabi ng gwardiya ay hindi ka pa pala ngaun ang sabi ko ay papasukin lang ako at magtatanong na lang ako ano ang maaari kong gawin dahil kailangang kailangan ko ng bagong passport. Ako’y pinapunta nya sa “INFORMATION” at doon ay nakausap ko ang taong si JERICO GERONIMO at tinanong ko sya kung may paraan pa na makakuha ako sa mas mabilis na paraan ng bagong passport, ang tanong nya saan ko daw gagamitin ang sabi ko sa abroad ang sabi nya “SIGE KUNG MAKAKAPAGDALA AKO NG PATUNAY NA MAG-AABROAD AKO AT MADALA KO ANG AKING TICKET AY SYA NA MISMO ANG MAG-AAYOS NG PASSPORT KO KAHIT GAMITIN ANG PANGALANG NYA”. Ako’y nagapasalamat at umalis. Ako’y muling bumalik sa kanya upang sabihin na papaano iyong sinabi nya dahil para makakuha ng VISA at TICKET ay kailangan ng PASSPORT. At sa aking pagbabalik ay para bang sila’y nagtatawanan sa aking pag-sang ayon sa kaniyang pangako kaya sya’y muli kong tinanong at ang sabi nya kaya wala nang ibang paraan kung hindi maghintay na lang ng takdang petsa na nakuha ko,at muli ko syang tinanong papaano ung sinabi nya na aayusin nya at tinawanan lang nya ako.
    Sana po lamang sa mga empleyado ng ganitong ahensya ng pamahalaan maging maayos ang pagtrato sa kanilang kapwa at wag magbibigay ng huwad na pangako.

    • Cathee Dimayuga

      Wag maniwala sa gnun . Tsk

    • booooooooo

      tawag po dyan ay ikaw ay mang mang at eng eng ka! wag ka na mag abroad pag ganyan ka! pinas pa lng di ka na marunong sumunod sa instructions dun pa kya sa ibang bansa!

  • joy

    Good day tanong ko lng po about kc sa passport ko kung magkaproblema ba ako kc yung nso ko na ginamit pag apply ng passport nakalagay sa place of birth ko Negros del Norte na dapat po ay Negros Occidental hindi po ba ako magkaproblema sa visa kung sakali?

  • jenny

    hi..fill up the form and submit it for almost a week now..still no mail for print sked…anyone know what to do?

    • Cathee Dimayuga

      Baka mali ung email na bngay mo po kasi automatic nmn sya nag nagsesend agd

    • Nestly Westangellyn

      yahoo.mail ang gamitin mo kung wala kp eh mag create acct. k nlng sa yahoo..wag ung email mo sa facebook,,d mo marereceive un..

    • Zarah Rabino

      Ako din khapon din aq nag filled out tas i send many times .. wala pa din mail sa yahoo ko ..bat gnun wala p dn po nu po b gagawin ku ??

  • DRose

    nag set po ako ng appointment me email n saken ung dfa pero try ko sna mag set ult pero d pa nkaka pick ng date at dko na tnloy nde na pa un valid ba??

    • Cathee Dimayuga

      Pede mag pick ulit kaso baka lang wla ng slot

      • kristine plamenco

        Ask ko lang po I started to fill out the renewal form para sa passport ng tita ko. Lahat po ng infos kinumpleto ko but there’s no date where i can choose the appointment. May nakalimutan po ba kong process or magiintay ako thru email?

  • Cathee Dimayuga

    Paano kung may appointment date. Pmunta ko kaso may kulang sa dala ko. Pde ba ulit bumailk??? Pls answer me

  • Nestly Westangellyn

    pano po kung sa pagkadalaga ko eh my passport nko, tpos n loss,,change status po ako as a appointment n ko july 3,, nilagay ko new..makakakuha po kya ako..thnks s mga sasagot..

  • Josh Palces

    what if i didn’t get my passport in my scheduled day?

  • John Howell De Pedro

    Pending po ang application ko kasi walang City ang aking Place of Birth sa Birth Certificate, only the name of the clinic. DFA said na pa correct ko ang Birth Certificate. It takes 4-6 months para mag pa correct. I have an affidavit of discrepancy na proof ng place of birth ko. Will it be valid? or hindi talaga pwede sa DFA?

  • zumo

    how many days ang renewal ng passport sa dfa manila?

  • Jean Haslam

    good day po..first time ko po magapply online for change status ng passport ko and then nung binabasa ko na application form napansin ko nagkamali po ko nang nailagay sa acquired citizenship pwede po ba mapalitan yun mismo sa dfa office nila kapag nagpunta po ko dun personal?please reply po..thank you so much for the big help

    • Phobecate lipana

      Same problem bukas na sked namin ngayon ko lang pina print kaso may mga mali pala ako. Paano kaya yun? Pls. Help. I consider kaya nila yun ipa edit sa akin pag dating ko dun?

  • Zarah Rabino

    Tanung ko lng po bakit walang dumadating n mail sa yahoo ko from dfa .??nag filled out aq khapon tas i send many times .. hanggang ngayun wala pa po ko na rereceiv anu pong gagawin ko ???thanksss po sa answer ..

  • hannie

    hello ask lng po ako..ipapaupdate ko sna passport ko from single to married and use my husband’s surname.. anu mga requirements at anung id ipresent ko to proof my identity.. need po b id nkaindicate n ung name ng surname ng husband ko? as of now wla p ko puro mga single pa..and sa appointment anu po b ilalagay ko single details p rin ba o ung married na?

  • Mercy Guadaña Galulan

    After appointment to DFA, how many days will I get my passport? Thanks in advance. GOD Bless!

  • malou miralles

    i have a question, how come the email address we indicated was not accepted…it always says please check email…the email address is our current email address

  • Evelyn Pacio

    Hi, I was able to receive an email confirmation for the appointment that I set. However, I was hoping to check for an earlier date, but could not get any. I did not choose / click on any of the available hours. Will the previous appointment that I have set be cancelled? I did not click on any available time.

    • John Carlo Molato

      your previous appointment will valid

  • Rhei C Valisno

    Hello guys, i just filed a online passport application, on the last part they ask to put my print code, where should i find it? ty gb.

  • Rico Ruizll

    Is it too much renew appointment can block me?

  • Lenon Lagman

    what if I didnt get or I didnt go to DFA on scheduled release of passport?

  • GleeOna Recaña

    Hello guys .s lahat ng ngtatanong paanu mg renew ng passport madali LNG basta fallow s instruction. Kung gusto mo mgrenew ng passport n ang hawak mo ngaun ay old passport color green p yan or not epassport same process din s kukuha k ng bago or mg renew ka . kc kadalasan ngaun walk in apply ka online ikw pipili saang mall makikita nman dun mga mall n availabl n my dfa and ikw pipili ng date ng appointment mo.s mga mgrenew req.1valid I’d Xerox ng passport and yong print ng dfa appointment. Automatic I release s inyo ang epassport kc yon n ang bago ngaun .and if 1year left p bago mag expyr ang passport mo pwd n xa irenew.thats my experience guys .ng renew aq s ali mall.7days working days .

  • Kc Soriano

    Hello po tanong ko lang po regarding sa long name ko po… i have 3 given names pero ang nailagay lang sa passport ko is yun 1st and 2nd given name tapos yun kadugtong eh nilagay sa limitation sheet.. ang problem ko po is ang format ng name sa limitation sheet is nauna ang Surname sumunod ang middle name at nahuli ang given name.. nag apply ang husband ko ng visit visa sa saudi ang sinunod sa visa application ko is yun incomplete given name ko paano po kaya yun? could anyone help or give me tips… thanks in advance

  • mac torio

    Anu dapat ilalagay dun sa purpose of travel, kung hnd pa naman mag totour or work, renew lang talaga kasi nilagay ko work ok lang ba un if ever mag tour ako?

  • Shermaine Evangelista Angeles

    ask ko lang ng fill-up kasi ako ng application form sa DFA for appointment, ang pinili ko family application kasi papa ko mgrerenew ng passport at ako naman magaapply ng new passport..after ko mafill-upan ung application form then i click submit. tapos wala naman nakalagay kung nagsent ba or what??panu ko malalaan kung nagsubmit yun at panu ko malalaan kung magkakaapppointment kami??please reply naman asap!

  • Syvcthr

    to use the system wisely, appoint 1 or 2 months away to your expected date or wait patient for an early date to show. I hate this.

    2 months of waiting, 3 more weeks for processing. Our gov’t always cursing it’s people.

  • -Cam

    Hi! May I ask, how long will I wait to receive the email confirmation for my passport application this for new application. I applied online dfa site…. Thanks!

  • aimie bete patoy

    i just experience it now..I want it this month when there is available slot then i pick a date nothing is happen it just telling me wait your request just process then later on it displayed no available slot that day when there is its my 3rd day facing my monitor to check if there is available slot for this month in my surprise there is then i pick a date for the available slot then they jusy telling me sorry an eror has occured it really hassle and frustrate afraid to lost my opportunity

  • Rea Villaruel

    Confirm k lng po kung okay na yung appointment k ngyung araw?ty

  • eij

    i dont know where to look for my application number? then i cannot see the details for my application for passport. help for this. ASAP. Thankyou and God bless

  • Jennifer

    First time ko po mag set ng appointment sa bagong site ng passport online.. Nakapag fill up na ko ng form, all informations and yung date ng appointment pag submit ko po may lumabas na “application code” san po ba makikita or pano malalaman yung application code? Thanks.. Pls reply.

    • Kamil

      That’s also my problem. Paano kaya to? Hmm.

      • Jennifer

        hindi ko nga din po alam.. hinihintay ko lang baka may mag email.. or else tawagan nalang ang dfa kung papano ba..

  • daisy

    Just want to ask how to cancel an appointment where in fact i haven’t received any email from the DFA? I need to cancel my first appointment before i can set another one.

    • MeLinda BeLtran

      problema ko din yan.. wala na ba to resolution?? 😔
      ok na ba yung sayo??

      • renante pio

        ano po ggwin sir same case here?

    • Junella Micah Gonzales

      same problem here

    • Shenna Ramos

      Ayaw ba magcontinue? Ang alam ko kasi if nakapag set ka na ng appointment, then magprocess ka ulit, automatic forfeited na iyong first appointment mo so I think there’s no need for you to cancel your 1st appointment, you just need to make a new one. Not sure though. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • lovely hope cataluña

    My boyfriend had the same case to somebody here,I just want to ask lang po sana if it is possible to resend the appointment code po??kasi its been a week po na hindi po kami na ka receive ng appointment code since the day we set an appointment,can anyone please help me about this issue?atchaka we tried to make a new appointment hindi na po ma proceed kasi may existing appointment na?paano po yan?nka set na ung schedule sa July 13 at important po talaga na ma renew na,we only need is the appointment code.may nakakaalam po ba sa inyo kung ano po pwedi naming gawin?please po at salamat.

    • Donnalyn Reño

      same here,

  • Junella Micah Gonzales

    what if i didn’t receive any email confirmation?

  • Belle Magat

    Ako din po ginawan ko yung bf ko ng appointment pero nilagay ko yahoomail niya yung email niya nagreceive nang appointment code galing sa dfa ginamit ko pero nung try ko siyang gamitan to resume my existing appointment ayaw naman mag open sabi not exist daw.. i try to start other one sinabi naman po i cancel muna yung existing appointment ang gulo lang .. kasi we try to call naman s dfa san fernando wla namn dw sila nakita appointment sa name niya. Please reply to this message thanks . God bless 😇

  • Domz

    Good afternoon maam/sir ask ko lang po kc nakapg register ako ng 2times ung nauna kng appointment mali nailagy ko kc ung jr ko sa surename at wala npasok sa email ko na code ngaun july ang sched nya tapus gumawa ako nang bago tama na lahat ng info nakaprint ndn aq form peru sa sept pa ung appointment gstu q sna kunin ungslot nung nauna paanu ko po ggwn un rush na kc need q na mkuha passport q dahil auko masyng opportunity q work abroad isa eto sa mga pangarap q pleass help me guys thanks in advance and godbless….i

    • domz

      09261938148 this is my no. pleas help me

    • Ahrmhie Jhane

      Try to cancel po ung previous appointment nyo.. then wait po kau 3 working days.. mka cancel na un.. pang 4 days try mo ulit mag fill up 😊

  • Mark Gil Abina

    Paano po malalaman kung confirmed na yung Appointment sa DFA? inopen ko kasi ang email ko tpos clinick ko ung confirmation tpos ang nakalagay link has expired o invalid. pero meron akong appointment code at pdf file na naprint. Paano ko po malalaman kung confirmed n ang appointmenbt. thank you..

    • Donnalyn Reño

      please kailangan ko ng tulong, paano ko po ba makukuha yung appointment code e wala naman akong na tanggap sa emailadd na galing sa dfa. sinubukan ko gumawa ng bago kaso sabi my existing appointment na daw. pano un wala na po bang ibang paraan para makuha ung code? sayang namn po kase ung slot. please po , tumawag na po ako sa customer service nila nakakainis lang dahil pinag papasahan lang ako kung ano anong tel, no. lang ang binibigay wala namng matinong sagot. pleasee!!

      • Venkat K

        Hi, same problem here.. ano na nangyari sa appointment mo? nakapag set kna ba ulit ng appointment?

      • Ahrmhie Jhane

        Don’t wori automatic maka cancel ung appt. Mo within 72hrs. Try mo sa pang 4days

    • Renato N Grace

      Pano po naconfirmed ung appt nyo? Ganyan din kasi ung lumilitaw sakin sa twing iclik ko ung confirmation

      • Ahrmhie Jhane

        Punta ka po sa email address na nlagay nyo pakibsa po may nkalagay dun click here un po dapat ang iclick para ma confirm

    • Michelle

      Hala ako din yn din problem ko maybreference num dko lam saan ung reference number

  • ryan

    mali yun email add na nlagay ko. pro ok n dw un schedule for appointment pro hindi ko lam ang appointment code q, ok lng po b un, pls help nmn po

    • Marc Brian

      Ganun din po nangyari sa akinnagkulang ng .ph yun e mail add ko kaya wala akong nareceive na email pano po ang dapat gawin

      • Ahrmhie Jhane

        Makaka cancel automatic ung appointment within 72hrs

        • Marc Brian

          macacancel po after 3days ng appointment date??

          • Ahrmhie Jhane

            Nope example ngaun ka gumawa ng appointment pagkagawa mo po kc sesend na agad ung code pag d nio po na confirm w8 po 3days para macancel so aug.7 ngaun aug.10 or 11 pwde na kau mag apply ulit 😊

    • Ahrmhie Jhane

      Hanggat d ka pa nkakapag print hndi pa confirm ung appointment mo

  • ralph aquino

    saan po makikita yung apoinment code, pls reply po asap. thanks

    • Ronnel Navarro

      sa nilagay mong email dun mo makikita yung appointment code

  • Ronnel Navarro

    mali po yung email na nailagay ko !!! tapos gusto ko sanang baguhan kasi ndi ko makita yung view details kasi hinahanapan ako ng appointment code

    • Daiseree Nino Delacruz

      Hello did you find any solution to your concern because we having same problem and i dont know what i should do.

      • Ahrmhie Jhane

        May i ask po kung anong email po ang gnamit.. ang dapat lang po ilagay is yahoo at gmail

        • Diana

          Hi, same din yung nangyari sakin. Applied for a group appointment last August 13, 2016 but then no appointment code, wala ako nareceive na email. I used yahoo po. Hope you could help us out. Thank you

    • Ahrmhie Jhane

      Automatic maka cancel ung appointment mo in 3 days

  • Ronnel Navarro

    gusto ko sanang gumawa ng bago kaso ndi na pde kasi nga may excisting na yung account pano po ba e cancel yung nauna kong account ????

    • Marissa Nicole Vergara

      parehas tayo :( need pa naman ni mama ko pnta dto s dubai asap.. hrap kmi talaga paappointment gang now d ko na alam ma cancel un una outlook email ksi nalagay ko

  • jo

    Ano po ba dapat ilagay dun sa basis philippnes citizenship? at du sa maiden last name atmaiden middle name ng Mother’s inormation.. tnx

    • Ahrmhie Jhane

      Basis philippine citizenship (birth) po ang ilalagay.. sa maiden name naman ng mother is ung pangalan at surname nung mother mo nung dalaga pa sya 😊

  • Dhineyad San Juan

    Good Day Sir. What if i didnt recieve any email from my email. How do i get my appointment code? thank you for the response.

    • Ahrmhie Jhane

      Ano pong email add gnamit nio.. yahoo at gmail lang po kc ang gnagamit.. pero much better kung gmail..madaling masend ung code

      • melissa perin

        so panuh pag ndi nga yahoo at gmail ang ginamit ndi n marereceive ung code?

        • Ahrmhie Jhane

          Yes po..kc nag try kami fb account ang email..d po namin nakuha ung code once na d nio po na confirm macacancel automatic ung appointment nio

  • Cataleamisyah Kumar

    nag pa GROUP APPOINTMENT po ako 3 po kami.. yung ipprint po na papel 1 lang pero tatlo pangalan ganun po ba talaga un? bali sa 1 papel 3 tao nakalagay :) .. pls confirm po.

  • Mark John Mellomida

    Hi. Salamat sa makakasagot. nag apply ako ng passport last year June 2015 tapos releasing ng passport ko eh october 2015, hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa napuntahan sa DFA, Bukas pupunta ako ng DFA sa SM Ecoland para kunin ko yong passport ko. May bayad po ba para sa matagal na kinuha ang passport ?

    • vashty

      6 months pra kunin ung passport, after six months itatapon n nila.

  • Milca

    Hi! Pano po Ba kapag mali ung email address na nailagay? Hindi po ba maieedit yun?

  • vashty

    ganun ba talaga? wala ng appointment for august until september. pano ba mgpaextend ng passport? my travel kasi ako last week of august or first week ng september (company-business travel)

  • Lecirda

    Hi! Pano po mag fill-out sa online form? di kc ma ilagay ang region pati Country, di po ma e click..ano po dapat gawin para maka fil-out ako dun? salamat!

  • Mark

    Hi! Paano po gagawin if di pa nkka receive ng confirmation sa email yahoo nman ginamit na email, paano po m v verify jung ok yung set m na appointment,

    Salamat sa response

    • Marissa Nicole Vergara

      same tayo… ako naman late ko na noticed na they have a problem sending in outlook email.. dko tuloy alam ngayon paano macancel un schedule ng Mom ko

      • Ivan John Mendoza

        Hi! Same thing happened to me. I did it on Saturday evening. Pero wala talaga akong nare-receive na confirmation number for the application. What should I do? I badly need to have it printed. Thank you sa response!

        • Marissa Nicole Vergara

          my mom and dad was separated but they are still legally married, good thing na ang nailagay ko is ung mga records ni Mama nung dalaga pa sya.. tas naregistered ko un sa Lucena site sa September pa sana. then suddenly kahapon binalik balikan ko ang SM manila site kasi dun malapit si Mama, bigla ako nagulat na merong available sa August 15 which is better ksi urgent si mama need makakuha ng passport.. lalo ako nainis ksi sayang, di ko na madelete talaga yung naunag naregister ko ksi nga d ko na talaga makukuha ang application code… bigla ko naisip na ipasok ang name ni mama using sa married nya na info.. ayun hehe nakapasok… sympre di naman na distinguish ng system na yun pa din ung nauna ko kasi ibang apelyido na, tapos aun nakapag registered ako.. nakaabot ako sa SM manila sa august 15. muntik nako kumagat sa malayo kasi andun ang pinakamalapit na date.. which is sa Lucena na almost 4 hrs travel from Manila.
          So why dont you try to change kahit konti ung mga names na naipasok mo, hanapan mo ng diskarte paano maiiba ang new registration mo sa nauna mo ng naipasok example wag ka mag lagay muna ng middle name which is iba na un kasi madami namang Ivan John Mendoza sa mundo at sure akong hindi mo pareho ng middle name, ang Iba din kagaya mong walang middle name pero iba naman ang birthday nila, birthplace etc. example lang yan na pwede mong gawin… but make sure to have yahoomail and gmail para sure na makasend sila ng verification at matatanggap mo talaga kasi un sa mom ko gmail ko ang nilagay ko… so seconds lng nsakin na verification. Sana makatulong to sayo :) Godbless

          • Ivan John Mendoza

            YES! You are indeed a genius! This time, naka-receive ako ng confirmation number. You have been so helpful and I cannot thank you enough. :)

            Anyway, do you think hindi kaya magkaroon ng problema for I did not put my middle name in there? Iniisip ko, ako lang naman siguro ang may Middle Name na “TABIRAO” sa mga ibang kapangalang ko na Ivan John. Baka kasi masita ako. Sana hindi naman umabot sa point na i-cancel nila. :(

          • Marissa Nicole Vergara

            I dont think na hindi ka nila iaccept dun.. kung magkaganon man, kasi diba sa gate palang ina ask na nila ang confirmed schedule mo which is ang ipapakita mo is yung ipapaprint mo na form.. tska ID mo kung tugma sa papel na ikaw nga yun.. then kung nasa loob ka na sa booth na bigayan ng requiremets iaaccess ka nila dun, imposibleng di ka nila iapprove dun dahil lang sa wala ka nailagay sa application form na middle name which is hindi naman masyadong importante un s application kung na notice mo wala nga syang astirisk at tinanggap, kasi mkkita naman nila nasa birth certificate mo naman ang middle name mo, and sure ako meron ka pang ibang supporting documents n mag paatunay na may middle ka talaga. pwede mo naman sabihin na hindi mo lang namalayan na hindi mo nalagyan… diskartehan mo nlng sila ng reason. hehe. And make sure na may NBI clearance ka din mahalaga din un, at iba pang mga ID’s, mas luma mas tinatanggap nila… lahat ng pwede mo madala na ID, luma bago dalhin mo. :)

          • Marissa Nicole Vergara

            I mean i a-assess ka nila, mali pala spelling ko. Wag ka na mangamba, maookey yun basta madami ka din dalang supporting document, just incase be firm nalang din na sabihing namiss mo lang i-fill up, kasi mapapatunayan namang ikaw talaga yun dahil sa ibang information, like sa parent’s name mo, birthdays and birthplace same sa Birth certificate mo yung ibang info mo sa application :) GObless

    • Ivan John Mendoza

      Hello! Same thing happened to me. I did it on Saturday evening. Pero wala talaga akong nare-receive na confirmation number for the application. What should I do? I badly need to have it printed. Thank you sa response!

  • Ivan John Mendoza

    Good morning! I tried scheduling for a new passport appointment yesterday, Saturday evening, 4 p.m. I was able to schedule one but I didn’t receive any confirmation number. What should I do? I badly need to have it printed. I tried checking all the spam and junk folders, refreshing the email, pero wala pa din po. Please help me. Thank you!

    • francia

      WE have the same problem pls,.help us

      • Darwin Diego

        same problem here

  • Chevy

    Hi! I accidentally encoded the wrong birthplace and clicked male instead of female in my application form sa pagmamadaling mag-type kasi 10 minutes lang ang allotted time. Confirmed na appointment ko. Paano ko mababago yun? Pwede po bang sa site na i-correct? Thank you po.

  • rhona

    hi, pano daw po ba ma avail yung 50 additional slots everyday? nid ko appointment this august. di na kmi aabot if sept kc sept last week n available appointment. mga 1st week sana pwede p parush. thanks in advance

  • Rose

    Same problem here, me problema b sa website nla? Wla din aq nareceive n confirmation code 😭😭😭

  • enna

    ANU UNG Appointment Code? san nakukuha un? thanks po :)

    • Jot

      same problem here. PLEASE NEED NG INFO THANKYOU PO!

  • enna

    nkaka inis ang online appointment.. any help please. thanks po :)

  • Jot

    PAANO AT SAN PO NAKUKUHA YUNG APPOINTMENT CODE? hindi ko maclick yung “view details” kasi need ng appointment code, email add at yung captcha. 1st time magparenew through online appointment. nakakalito naman :3

  • sheila

    Saan po nkukuha ung appointment code .. Hndi q po kasi maiprint ung gnwa q appointment .. Plss reply me

    • 레야 카미

      sa email mo ate

  • Darlene Quijano Tirano

    I got the same problem as well but try nyo daw sa SPAM folder nyo. Dun ko nakita yung confirmation email ko. :) Godbless :)

    • Miche

      Ilang oras nyo po bago mareceive ung email?

    • francia

      wala rin po sa SPAM

  • Jet

    Tinawagan ko yung hotline ng DFA kasi hindi ko pa natatanggap yung appointment code ko. Tapos sabi nila maximum of 3 days daw, kaya check ko raw Aug 15 (Aug 12 ako pumili ng appointment date).
    Wala pa rin! What do I do? :( Tagal ko pa naman nag hintay to have someone answer my call.

    • 레야 카미

      did you recieve yuor confirmation code already ?

  • Edge

    Matatanggap kaagad ang code via email? how long willit take po para matanggap ko ung code?pls helppo

  • 레야 카미

    so we all have the same problem about the confirmation code,siguro nagloloko website nila kasi ako nung una dapat schedule ko sept 28, and then ilan beses kong chineck email ko parehas naman ,tapos ngayon gumawa pako ng panibagong yahoomail baka kasi tlaag mali yung email add ko pero the same problem padin i can’t find my confiirmation email . sayang yung appointment. please help naman po.tapos kanina nagpunta ako DFA alabang sabi nung guard na babae itry ko lang daw ng itry e isang beses lang naman pwede mag online unless gusto mo icancel at alam mo yung code mo.

    • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

      check niyo spam folder niyo. andun yun…

      • francia

        wala rin po kahit sa SPAM folder

        • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

          yahoo/google ba gamit mo sa email account mo?

          • 仮面ライダーキックホッパー

            I read and complied sa mga terms and conditions nila. I don’t think there was a typo sa email address na nilagay ko because I made sure na walang typo doon. Been checking my spam and inbox wala pa rin. Been waiting since Tuesday so I don’t know if overloaded sila or di ko na talaga alam. If tumagal ito ng more than 1 week na nothing pa rin then I guess I should start calling DFA.

          • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

            gumawa ka kya ulit ng another email account mo. and yun ilagay mo pag magpa sched ka ulit ng appointment mo. 3days lang ata yung pag hintay nila na ma confirm mo yung appointnent mo, after that wala na. since yung sayo wala pa rin eh d gawa ka ulit ng appointment.

          • 仮面ライダーキックホッパー

            I just did create a new email account..hintay ulit ako ng 3 days kung ganun. Sa iba instant nandyan na agad, not sure what is wrong over there pero kung laging puno edi sa 2017 ko na lang i-renew.

          • francia

            Yes po, yahoo. mail ano po ang dapt gamtin?

          • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

            when was the last time na gumawa ka ng appointment?

          • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

            kc ganito yun, share ko lang experienced ko. gumawa kmi ng appointment just last week. friday ata yun, and then naghintay kmi ng code na yun through email. wlang may dumating. chineck namin noong saturday eh wala pa rin. so nagdecide kmi na gumawa ulit, kaso since same email address nilagay namin, eh d pwd kc “appointment already exist” na daw. 3 days daw after muna kmi gumawa ulit. so we waited until monday afternoon, before kmi gumawa, binasa ko muna yung terms and condition nila and then dun ko nalaman na s spam nkalagay ang email. chineck namin, and then andun pla. kaso hind na siya pwd kc ika 3 days na yun. so ayun gumawa ulit kmi ng new schedule, pero same email address parin. and then ilang minutes lang narecievd na namin yung code through spam folder pa rin.

          • francia

            Pls help me?

          • francia

            Yes ,Yahoo mail po ang gamit ko for application?

        • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

          basahin nyo yung terms and conditions nila before kayo mag set ng appointment..

        • Mariz Gaspan Antoni


          Carefully review all fields in the online form and provide complete and accurate information.
          The system relies on email messaging to inform you of updates. Depending on actual server load and network traffic, the server may take some time before it can send a confirmation email for the selected booking.
          Depending on your email provider and configuration settings, the system-generated email may be incorrectly tagged as spam and delivered to your JUNK/SPAM folder. Check your spam folder for emails if no message appears in your Inbox after a considerable amount of time..

          • francia

            Wla pa rin po akong narerecieved until now , nacheck ko narin ang SPAM wla pa rin.

      • 레야 카미

        nakailang refresh na po ako wala po talaga ate

        • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

          yung smin last friday kmi nag set ng appointment, chineck namin kung may email for confirmation code,, kaso wla.. kya nagtry uli kmi…befor ako nag fill up, nabasa ko na pag d daw marcvd yung confirmation code,, nasa spam folder yun… and tinatanggap lang nila yung yahoo/google na email account.

        • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

          last monday ko lang yun nabasa kya pagkacheck namin sa spam folder, andun lang pla.

        • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

          basahin nyo yung terms and conditions nila before kayo mag set ng appointment…

        • Mariz Gaspan Antoni


          Carefully review all fields in the online form and provide complete and accurate information.
          The system relies on email messaging to inform you of updates. Depending on actual server load and network traffic, the server may take some time before it can send a confirmation email for the selected booking.
          Depending on your email provider and configuration settings, the system-generated email may be incorrectly tagged as spam and delivered to your JUNK/SPAM folder. Check your spam folder for emails if no message appears in your Inbox after a considerable amount of time.

        • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

          magpa sched knalang ulit ng appoitment.

          • 레야 카미

            kagagwa ko lang po ng 3 yahoo mail ko pero ang sabi appointment already exist nanaman . :(

    • francia

      Yes even me sa confirmation code nag kakaproblema

      • 레야 카미

        saang DFA ka alabang din po ?kakacheck ko lag ulit ng email ko wala talaga , pero may spam message ako kaso hindi yung confirmation code ko akala ko nga kanina meron na wala pa din pala

        • francia

          SA SM Manila, until now wla pa rin eh hayy syang ang oras at oppurtunity natin,  nadedelayed.

  • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

    to those na hndi nka received ng confirmation code,.. check niyo spam folder niyo. andun yun…

    • francia

      even sa SPAM wla po

      • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

        baka mali email add n nlagay mo?
        yung smin kc naghintay kmi ng 2 days. pagcheck namin sa spam folder, andun lang pla.

        • francia

          Tama naman po ang emil ko. ito rn ang ginamit ko pra mg confirm.

        • francia

          Tama naman po ang email add ko. 4days na wla pa rin eh di nmn ako makapg pa aapointment ulit kasi 2x na ako nag registered. hindi ako marunong mag cancelled ng previous appointment while waiting confirmation code.

  • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

    anyone here who got problem sa pagdownload ng form? palaging error nkalagay..
    any help?

  • John Fernandez

    Good afternoon, patulong naman po. Pano po ba palitan yong email sa schedule appointment. Hindi ko po kasi nareceive sa email ko yong confirmation code, mali po ata yong nalagay ko sa pag fill.up. Pls. po patulong. Salamat po.

    • Jona Belle Basco

      ganun din po sa akin sure naman po aq sa email kaya lang hanggang ngaun wala padin confirmation code gusto q sana palitan kaya lang appointment already exist na po :(

      • 12 14

        check nio spam folder nio, dun o nakita sakin. nalaman ko lng rin sa isang commentor sa baba

        • Jona Belle Basco

          wala din po s spam folder, i tried calling consular /dfa hotline antagal q na nag antay please wait lang ng please wait. nag email nadin aq sa [email protected] nag notify lang tpos please send directly to the host.. kaasar!!!

        • glendel26

          gudeve poh..pagkafill up u ba ng form for passport dumating ba agad sa email mu ung appointment code mu.or magwa2wait pa ba ng maximum 3 days.

          • matakotka

            Magwawait k hanggang sumakit din ulo mo sa purwisyong serbisyo ng system nila. Sakin kht sa inbox or spam walang narerecieved na email galing sa kanila hanggang ngayon wala pdn verification code.

          • glendel26

            gnun ba….kainis nman hanggang ngaun wala pa din ung sakin tama nman ung email na nilagay q…

          • glendel26

            yung akin din….ang ginawa q inulit q ulit ung pagfill up.kxo aun wala pa din…kaasar lng.

  • ycrep san diego

    gud day po…
    wala din po aq nreceive n confirmation ngcheck n rin po aq ng spam folder q wala rin po pano po kya un..ptulong nman po

  • emcee

    hi good day second time na to na hindi ako nakaka recieve ng confirmation email

    • apple

      sakin po…ilang seconds lng po…

    • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

      basahin niyo po to..


      Carefully review all fields in the online form and provide complete and accurate information.
      The system relies on email messaging to inform you of updates. Depending on actual server load and network traffic, the server may take some time before it can send a confirmation email for the selected booking.
      Depending on your email provider and configuration settings, the system-generated email may be incorrectly tagged as spam and delivered to your JUNK/SPAM folder. Check your spam folder for emails if no message appears in your Inbox after a considerable amount of time.

      • 仮面ライダーキックホッパー

        Just called their hotline, nag-down talaga ang system nila kaya naman pala di nagsesend ang email. Not sure if ok na raw bukas pero tawagan na lang daw sila.

        • Miki

          Ano po hotline nila? Ganun din problema ko halos 1 week na ako nagtry mag sched ng appointment wla pring code chineck ko na spam etc wla tlaga natry ko na gmail at yahoo.

          • 仮面ライダーキックホッパー

            Ito po. 234-3488

  • glendel26

    hi gudeve…ilang araw pu ba bago dumating ung appointment code…nung tinignan q kxe sa email ko wala pa..

    • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

      basahin niyo po to:


      Carefully review all fields in the online form and provide complete and accurate information.
      The system relies on email messaging to inform you of updates. Depending on actual server load and network traffic, the server may take some time before it can send a confirmation email for the selected booking.
      Depending on your email provider and configuration settings, the system-generated email may be incorrectly tagged as spam and delivered to your JUNK/SPAM folder. Check your spam folder for emails if no message appears in your Inbox after a considerable amount of time.

      • matakotka

        Wala sa inbox wala sa spam/junk punyetang system nila yan pahamak.

  • apple

    hello po ask ko lng po sana kung pano mapalitan yung apelyedo sa application q, ngayun q lng po napansin na nagkabaliktad po yung first name saka surname ko po…thanks

    • matakotka

      Alam mo ba ung verificatiob code mo? Pag alam mo login mo to view your appointment then my edit option dun click mo then change the incorrect field then save.

  • Hyrine Fontillas

    Hello ask ko lang po nag pa appointment na ako pero wala pa yung code nung mag rereappointment ako sa site wala ayaw na kasi already exist na huhuhu please help me kung pano makuha yung code nakakainis na dfa 😡 Ang bagal nag response 😭😭

    • matakotka

      Same problem boss ramdam kita. Dfa kaasar kayo.

  • Jen

    Good day ! ittanung ko Lng po kng bkt hanggang ngaun waLa pa ung appointment code/confirmation ko gaLing sa dfa .. Nung nkaraang araw pa po ako nagpa set ng appointment pro tiLL now waLa prn dumadating na kht anung confirmation . plssss heLp me po , nag try dn ako tumingin sa spam waLa nman po . Plssss reply po , saLamat po ng mrami .. God bless

    • matakotka

      Mga sira ulo talaga mga taga dfa na yan nirirequired nila ang pagkuha ng appointment through online basura nmn ang system na ginagamit nila hindi pa user friendly. Walang solusyon jn ako nga limang araw na mahigit hanggang ngaun wala prin ang confirmatiin code. Bobo dfa kabadtrip!.

    • matakotka

      Kasi wala silang kwenta mga dfa bobo

    • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

      na check mo na spam folder mo?

    • hazel salazar

      ako 2 wks nang naghihintay ng confirmation code…

  • vanessajoy

    Hi Ms. Jen. kka pa schedule ko lang ng appointment sa dfa portal today.but i got dissapointed kasi until now wala p rin ako confirmation code.tpos nbsa ko p ung comment.nk tanggap k n po ba now?

  • jen

    Ms.Vanessa gang ngaun waLa prn e

  • jen

    iLang araw na kong nag aabang ng confirmation code pro waLa prn taLagang dumadating

    • 仮面ライダーキックホッパー

      After 72 hours, expired na yung appointment code nila. Need to re-register again..pangatlo ko ng try to with a new email add.

  • Suzette Salanga

    Please give us estimated number of days bago kami maka receive ng reference/code number. Paano na lang yung ibang walang phone(which is malabo naman) or internet at kailangan pa pumunta ng computer shop? Waste of time, energy and money. I even asked my friends pa nga para maka sigurado and one of them got an email after two days lang so akala ko ganun din saken pero until now wala pa din. Waiting in vain ang peg yun lang .. Thank you 😊

    • Mariz Gaspan Antoni

      check mo spam folder mo. minsan andun yung ibang email mo.

    • 仮面ライダーキックホッパー

      In case na di pa din dumating at gagawa ka ng bagong appointment, try creating a new email account na hindi sa yahoo or gmail yung sa akin sa inbox mismo dumating.

  • ana amper

    wala parin ako na rerecieved na confirmation code. mas matagal at mabagal ung ngayon kesa dati. nakakainis.

  • Darwin Diego

    Same experience din po. Ngpasched ako ng appointment last week pero rineschedule ko ng mas maaga pero wala ng confirmation email. Pang 5x ko ng ngpasched through online pero walang confirmation. Bakit kaya ganun??

  • Pearl

    what to do? last week pa ko nagpa-appointment pero until now wala pa rin yung confirmation code ☹️

    • 仮面ライダーキックホッパー

      Honestly, paulit-ulit ang appointment na kalalabasan natin nito..para kasing no choice ang karamihan. Not sure what is the problem on their end, baka server down pa rin pero wala talaga. Wasn’t like this before though.

  • rica dela cruz

    ano po kayang ggawin ko? mali po kase yung birth date na nailagay ko. thanks :)

  • rica dela cruz

    Hintay lang po kayo ng 4days, if walang dumating ng code then pa sched po ulit kayo ng appointment. :)

    • 仮面ライダーキックホッパー

      I got mine today using a different email client. Mismong inbox at hindi sa spam folder, for those yahoo mail or gmail users, try nyo gumamit ng ibang free email provider maliban sa kanila. Yandex mail ginamit ko so far ok naman at nakapag-print out ako ng appointment…for 2017 nga lang haha, pero ok na yun at least sigurado na. Medyo time-consuming nga lang para sa mga di gaanong well-versed sa mga emails pero sa tingin ko mas maganda na ikaw na dumiskarte lalo na ngayon na pahirapan dahil bigla na lang may 3 months backlog ang passport dito sa atin.

    • Bianca

      Hi! It’s my 4th day of waiting. Checked inbox plus spam wala padin. I tried to make a new one with a new email add, pero sabi “appointment still exists”. How to resolve this now?

  • Sheila df

    Sna maging aware naman ang DFA s dami ng comment about apointment code n di kagad nare2cvd s email at anong aksyon ang ginagawa nila pra ma resolve ung problem as soon as possible. So pano pag wla kpa rin mrcved s ilang ulit mo ng resched thru online at maexpire n passport mo so dka na talaga mka walk in as in dka na ieentertain dahil dapat thru online mo makuha ang form with confirmation????

  • lili

    does the dfa really care what is happening in their system? gawin nila na high tech, bulok nman. they do not even answer questions and comments.

  • fatima

    Maghintay lng kayo nag fill up ako mga 10 today then now lng nag send yung appointmnt ko. sa gmail nbox. :)

  • jenny

    did you receive any email with the reference # after setting or applying for an appointment online? after I completed everything, I still didnt receive any email and I still dont have my rference # or appointment #. please reply – jen

    • bianca

      same problem here. day 3 of waiting tapos wala padin

      • ann

        same here, been waiting for two days still no code received

  • La Lynne Fae Bergonia

    i didnt received any link from dfa:((but when i try to schedule an appointment again the site said that i need to cancel the previous appointment.i badly need it..

    • Micah Dela Cruz

      Wait mo lang a day or 2 for the email to be sent

    • Bianca

      Same problem here :( it’s been 3 days and no show padin yung email. Medjo natataranta na ako kasi ang hirap magschedule ng date

    • rhex

      i have the same problem. my friend got his link before 72hrs, how unfair

  • Micah Dela Cruz

    Need an answer….

    Aniong ilalagay sa CITY – PROVINCE under nung Complete Address?

  • Hazel Salazar

    punyemas na DFA pahirap!! 2wks ako naghintay ng code walang dumating..nag sched uli ako ng appointment lalong napatagal ang date tapos wala paring dumarating na code..nakakita ako ng mas maaga agang date hindi konaman na macancel ang previous appointment kasi walang dumarating na code.DFA wala ba kayong paraan para maresolba ang problema namin??halos lahat ng nag online appointment confirmation code ang problema

  • pam

    bakit nag apply na ako super late ng dumarating na application code grabe. napapaso na. paano naman yan. ang tanong isang malaking

  • Enel Rach Manga

    i receive naman po yung confirmation code after 3 days kaso nung pumunta ako sa site to view my appointment it says that the ” appointment does not exist”. then i try it several times wala padin, pang 2 days nko nagttry ngayon ganon padin. ang masaklap pa malapit na maexpired yung given code nila in 72hrs. ;’[

    • Miss Tin

      I have the same problem. Naka-receive din ako ng email, di pa naman umabot ng 72 hours, pero pagka-click ko sa link, nakalagay na “Confirmation link might be expired or invalid” then I tried to enter my appointment code and it says “Appointment does not exist”

    • Nina

      I have the same problem. Any luck po kayo?

  • Del juncho Gonzales

    Same problem 5days na akong naghihintay ng confirmation Wala pa rin,subrang pa hirap na to,buti pa Nung walangadali lang kumuha passport

  • Cassandra C. Acosta

    paano po pag naka kuha na po ng appoitment kaso nakaligtaan ko po ilagay yung suffix sa name ng father ko. Pwede na po kaya yun?

  • Jhun Pallarca

    sir/maam my problema po ako.. my schedule napo aq sa dfa pampangga this comming sept. 15, 2016 nkapag pa appoint po ako last july pero. nung i print ko npo knina biglang nawala sa email ko. pano ko p po iyon mpapa print??? sana po matulungan nio ako??

  • Jhun Pallarca

    sana po matulungan nyo po ako kc ktagal ko npo ng iintay para po sa renewing po ng passport q..

  • Chocobunch920

    Hi. May problem po ako, paano po ba ma edit yung place of birth? Napadala na po kasi sakin yung code and na open ko na po yung application form pero namali po yung place of birth ko. Okay lang po ba na pabayaan ko nalang? Please help.

    • Lorraine Aristain

      Same problem po. Okay lang kaya na sa mismong site na ayusin?

    • frances aclipen

      experiencing the same…did they allow ung pag edit on site? thank u

  • patrick

    nag apply ako online ngaun lng wala parin ako narerecieve sa email ko panu po ba gagawin?

    • NICOLE

      That is also my problem right now

      • Cyrille Angela Cabreros Marque

        nrcv nyo n po b ung code?thanks



  • Cyrille Angela Cabreros Marque

    gaano po katagal dumating ung code sa email? hanggang ngaun kc wla prn dmdtng s email ang hrap p nmn mgpaschedule. thanks

    • Loreta

      pare pareho tau ng problema ,ano ba dpat ntin gwin?

  • Loreta

    SAME HERE!!!! after filing all the forms wla rin aqng ntanggap na code sa email ko…badly needed q pa nmn ang passport im into rush pero pinapahirapan tau sa DFA,ang hirap mgpa resched

  • jahren

    mas maganda kasi walk in nalang eh para di mahirapan atleast may result sa online walang slot tas mag papahintay pa sila ng 5days hintayin mo kung may email sila sayo for confirmation eh pano pag wala nganga register ka ulit.. waste of time,money and effort.ponyeta 6 days na ako nag hihintay..bwesit talaga ilang oras na ako nasa harap ng computer loading lang ng loading ang site nio. buti sana kung under maintenance ang lalabas..kung puno na ang server nio di dagdagan o hintayin nio nalang na sumabog mga tamad…di naman accounting ang trabaho nio para mahirapan kayo sa passport..

  • Bee

    Hi! I had the same problem with you guys regarding the appointment code, BUT naayos ko siya agad. Yun pala napunta yung message sa JUNK mail ko. Try niyo check yung junk mail or spam baka andun yung code.

    My problem naman is mali yung place of birth ko sa application form and I don’t know how to change it. Help! :) Thanks!

  • jan

    Hello po, I tried to set an appointment for the renewal of my passport but unfortunately wala na pong slot na available. I would like to ask bakit po wala ng slot I mean when po kaya magkakaron kasi I really need to renew my passport asap and is it possible to place my appointment through phone call 😭 sorry po for the inconvenience.

  • Princess Eusebio

    Hi, tanong ko lang po, paano pag nagkamali po ako ng lagay ng place of birth sa application form ng renewal ng passport vs. sa old passport KO, pwede po ba yun?

  • Alvin

    I tried applying for an appointment online to get a new passport for my brother in law and the web page keeps on timing out. there was a time that i was almost done and when you click on submit it then times out. the horrible thing here is you get routed to the beginning of the application page again and not the page were you have left off. So much for good service huh?….

    • Mae

      we have the same problem. how’s your appointment right now?

    • vkas

      Ano po ba gamit nyong internet. Sa shop namin globe at everytime na gagawa kami appointment sa dulo nag ta timed out. Ang gagawin ko uwi ko na lang sa bahay. PLDT kami, duon sandali lang.

  • Erish Datinguinoo

    paano po kapag mali yuing info na nailagay sa online appointment? mali po yung maiden’s name. paano po gagawin?

  • Erish Datinguinoo

    paano po kapag mali yuing info na nailagay sa online appointment? mali po yung maiden’s name. paano po gagawin? help po.

  • Marj Auguis

    sadya po bng may delay ng reply ng confirmation code sa gmail..po sa appointment po

  • bella

    Pls help nman po kasi nka kuha bako ng appointment peronung open ko name young email nanlagay ko as apo.ayaw n Hindi na active young email,tops gumawa ulit ako ng bago,any sabi eh kailngan maicancel yun nauna ko ng ngawa eh ayaw n maopen nun email,,pls nman pro help no AQ kelngan q name pong mare new in passport…pks help

    • mhadie

      ganyan rin po nangyari sa akin, mali email naman ang nailagay ko.. :(

      • mhadie

        as per dfa hotline number po, pwede kayo ulit magpaskedule ng appointment online after 3-5 days kung wala po kayo narereceive na code, just make sure na tama po yung mga details na ini-input esp. yung e-address, or call nalang po kayo 02-2343488 dfa hotline for other concerns..

    • Ronald escarlan

      Ganyan Rin Po nangyari sa akin Mali din Po na ilagay kung email . Plss help Po 🙏🙏🙏

  • hi guys, pag nagonline appointment ba ano dapat lalabas para malaman na successful yung paggawa ng appointment? sakin kasi lumabas ito: Your slot reservation has expired, please select a schedule. ginawa ko naman lahat ng steps at double checked. PLEASE REPLY THANK YOU :)

    • lorenz aaron lopez

      ulitin mo lang


    until now wala parin akong narereceive na confirmation s gmail ko.. pano po mag resend ng confirmation? thank you.

  • joshua

    panu po mag cancel ng multiple application

  • mystica

    ilang araw bago mareceived ang email confirmation?

    • lorenz aaron lopez

      naka recieve kana now?

  • Cams Rodriguez

    badly need help… I’m still not done yet filling up the form online ng biglang nag restart ang laptop ko what should i to recover it? binabalikan ko yung date not available na sya paano kaya to? badly need help please. as soon as possible i need passport.

  • Marie Agamon

    Can i change my regular payment to rush payment??

    • Marian

      You will be asked during the data verification if rush or regular.

  • jenyfer leonero

    i didn’t receive confirmation code on my email add, how to cancel ? appointment ? but no code? 3 days na ko waiting

    • lorenz aaron lopez

      ako man wala pa kailan kapa ba nag fill up?

    • mika

      nakuha mo na po code? di ko rin makuha sakin eh

  • cris

    i only get the reference # ,, ano po ba next ? how to encode? help nman please

  • J Lerin

    Hi! Can I still change some detail (e.g. Place of birth) in my application form even though I already have an appointment schedule?

    • Marian

      Yes, just inform the verification counter on the corrections.

  • Marian

    Both my husband’s and my generated form had a mistake on the “Place of Birth”.
    Maybe it was a bug on the system?

    Anyway, can anybody confirm if we can update the form my ourselves or we’ll just inform the correction at the site?

    • Rem Lauta

      same here. please someone answer us thanks

      • Marian

        Hi Rem, you can have the correction at the site. You still need to submit the barcoded form.

        • Rem Lauta

          Thanks marian

    • Lucille

      hi marian! nakapunta ka na ng DFA? what happened? same scenario din kasi ako and few days na lang schedule ko na din..

      • Marian

        Hi Lucille, you can have the correction at the site. You still need to submit the barcoded form.

    • Marian

      You still need to submit the generated form (with barcode). The correction can be done at the site.

      Inform the verification counter (step 2 yata sya) regarding the correction then you should also highlight this to the encoder (the one with camera) just to make sure.

    • jeya

      Same here. May maling info rin sakin. Sure po ba na pwedeng mag-correct on site or i-cancel ko nalang appointment? Thanks

  • cristy love

    same here! “place of Birth” is the problem . can someone help me ? :(

  • Mr. Right

    Lintik na DFA to akala ko pinabibilis nila serbisyo sa Gobyerno kung puro adiklang tututukan nyo pano naman yung ibang tao minsan lang magkaron ng opportunity sa buhay…Oo tama wala ngang pila pero look di ganun kabilis ang internet natin usad pagong pati proseso usad pagong din,Eh mas gugustuhin kopa pumila mula Pasay hanggang Quiapo makuha ko lang ng 2days Passport ko kanino po ba may problema kung kulang sa tao dagdagan kahit mahal ang singil ok lang lang dipo mababayaran yung opurtunidad na minsan lang binigay sa kagaya naming mahihirap na nagsusumikap??? MR. President sana maaksiyonan nyo to!!!!!! kahit magbigay ako ng Tip marami pa rin pusher dito sa San andres Bukid ok lang makakuha lang ako ng Passport…hehe

    • Liezel

      Tama, kala ko online mabilis Na Ang sistema, Pero wlaa naman , after registration, nag required appointment code , eh Ano ba ilalagay, wla naman nag send ng confirmation Sa account ko, , hahay ..Ang Hirap pa namn kumuha ng timeslot, paunahan😭😭😭

  • Liezel C. Vista

    Hi po ask ko lang po if ano kailangan ipakita na id or documents halimbawa po nanay ko eh mag aaply ng passport and gagamitin ang courtesy lane kasi govt employee ako. Thanks po and Godbless

    • Marian

      Courtesy lane is for senior, pwd, pregnant women and those with infants.
      If senior na si nanay, no need to show any ID. Line up lang kayo sa courtesy lane.

      ** I don’t think there is (should be) any special lane just for government employees.

  • Nancy Palero

    pag na download mo na ba yung form ok na yun? sabi kasi after 120 days at di mo naconfirm mawawala yung schedule mo. Provisional appointment pa lang daw yun. pinuntahan ko yung passport appointment yung time na nakuha ko available pa rin di ba dapat not available na kung nakapagdownload kana nung form?

    • Marian

      Marami pong available slots per appointment time so others can reserve at the same time.
      As long as naconfirm mo sya from the email notification, I think that’s good. ;)

  • red rosheru

    hello, i already have the appointment, kaso lang po nagkamali po ako sa traveling companion. magrerenew po kasi kami ng passport ng pamangkin ko, nailagay ko ay ako ang traveling companion nya dapat po ay yung nanay nya, ako lang kasama sa pagrerenew ng passport ng bata. paano po kaya magandang gawin? thank you po.

  • Maxx

    i wonder, nagregister ako kahapon at niregister ko ung email address ko. Dapat isesend ung code dun kaso till now di ko pa narerecive. Sure ako tama ung spelling ng email ko eh.. paanu ba dpat gawin dun? salamat

    • Laarni Reyes

      I have the same problem. Ano pong ginawa mo

      • Maxx

        Well, i waited for 3days at ayun i was able to make an appointment. Worst is di na available ung original sched ko so nagmove na into last week of december. Worst scheduling procedure talaga… and please dont use hotmail or outlook email account. Gmail ang ginamit ko dun sila nag send ng code

  • Myles Salamat

    good day, i already registered for an appointment but i still haven’t received any link to confirm my registration, I also dont have the “appointment code” i’m sure i put in the right email address. what should i do? thank you

    • Laarni Reyes

      Hi. Just wanna ask what did you do? Because i do have the same problem as yours

    • Liezel

      Hi poh same poh tayu ng probs..

      • dianne

        they need po gmail account mas madali

  • Clifford Xander Gagnan

    paano po malaman na tapos na yong pag fill-up?

  • she manzanilla

    literal na maghapon ung page nila bulok

  • Ayha Ganda

    hi. i need help.. i want to make an appointment for my passport but every time I click NEXT in personal information it will not load or cannot reach the page.. if I reload it will go back to first step.. do someone here know why this things happening? it loads too long.. maybe 3 minutes or more then it will just end up nothing
    why? my internet connection is very good… sometimes even after the first step if i click next it will not reload also.. Why? please if anyone know.. tell me… thank you

  • Melissa

    What to do guys ??? invalid na pala yung email na nalagay ko sa passport application ko. pano baguhin yun ? pde pba mag pa appointment nlang ng bago ??? SANA MAY SUMAGOT ! tia

    • jinky

      ganyan din nangyari sakin kaya d q maopen para maiprint ko din ung appointment ko

  • JOHN

    Just want to ask if any available for personal apointment due to online apointment has always been No Date available.. Cant able to schedule with in Month of December .. Need to have passport with in the Month.. Becuase my old passport have been stolen .. Pls need info for better apointment.

    • CE2014

      hi parehas tayo bakit ganun. puro not available yung mga time kahit pinakamatagal na date. nakapag set ka na ba ng appointment? pls help

    • Rowena Dungo

      Same here po, bqt lahat ng time and date not available umabot na po ko ng August 2017 no time slot available pa din yung nkalagay. What to do po ? i need to set an appointment asap.

      • Fab

        same here kht sa MAY not available dn

    • Mae

      same dilemma here. please mag update kayo kun sino ang may alam na other option.

  • Maricar lorenzo

    I dont know kung ok talaga yung appointment ko nung monday kasi nag sched ako ng appointment and then after 4days nina sa ko ulit na i need to confirm the code daw dun sa please confirm ‘here’ so ginawa ko tinry ko nakalagay confirmation might be expired or invalid pero tinry ko parin ilagay yung code and email add ko tpos ayun na view ko yung appointment ko . So im still confuse kung ok na ba sya or hindi ..

    • Austeine Taguba

      yan din prob ko ngayon ate. parehong pareho tayo. ano ginawa mo ate?

    • Chao Villamor

      Same prob here. Kasi my nakalagay pa na need to confirm 120 hrs. E nakapagconfirm na naman ako nung una. Then hindi ko nadin madownload yung form. Di ko tuloy alam kung valid yung appointment ko sa April.need help po.

  • bella cezar

    Just wanna ask if okay lang gamitin ko muna surename ng mama ko kc un lumabas sa nso ko, pero may isa ako nso na acknowledge by the father ako pero walang notary public. Yan kc gamit ko ung last name father since elem to college. As of now, pinapalawyer na namin ung nso na walang notary e kukuha ako passport gamit cesar fot tourist then pagbalik sacdalan na ung sa father ko. Panu kapag ipapabago ko na last name ko sa passport kailangan ko ba mag new nalang ? Kc gagamitin ko na ung sa father ko pag balik ko ulet sa iba bansa

  • CE2014

    tanong ko lang bakit po palaging not available yung mga time slots kahit saang location. pls help I really need to renew my passport asap. thanks

  • ghe rivera

    pano po pag ngkamali po ako ng information n nailagay ngpaappointment po kc aq then ok n ung skin pero isinabay ko po ung s ate ko kaso po s pagmamadali ko eh first name ko po ang nailagay ko n para s ate ko the rest info nya ay tama napo.. pag kaprint ko lng po ng appointment form napancin n first name ko po ang nailagay ko .. pwd po bang pumunta p rin po ung ate ko s schedule date nya at dun nlng po ipabago ung first name nya.. un lng nmn po ung error … for asap response thank you po,…

    • boret

      same problrm first name nya Madonna M lng nalagay ko sa pag mamadali ko di ko napansin pag print ng appointment ayun todas ako sa gf ko

      • ghe rivera

        napapalitan p po b un s dfa pg mgpprocess n xa.. thanks po

  • John Rey

    why is it that everytime i submit the informations already , it goes back again from the beginning? is this crazy? been like repeating the steps again and again but after the type of application part i choose new then click submit error comes then start from the beginning again wtf is wrong with y’all

  • Aruba

    pano naman po pag maling email address ang nalagay ko po ? pasagot namn po salamat po .

  • lethelyn

    ask ko lang pano po kapag natanggap ko na ung confirmation ko sa email and then kapag ichcheck ko na ung appointment ko for printing ayaw nmn po mgopen lagi nalang “appointment does not exist” ei tama nmn po ung email address ko. thanks po kindly answer my question. sayang po kc ung time nakasched. na po kc ako next week. the problem is di ko maprint out ung application form.

  • Kate

    Hi! Nakapagset for appointment na po ako , pero still no confirmation link na nagsend sa email ko. How can i print it kung wala naman nagssend nakailang appointment n po ako pero still wala padin i badly need my son’s passport as soon as possible!

  • Chimedacir

    Wala po akong na tanggap na confirmation sa email, I’m trying to schedule it again pero lumalabasbi need to cancel 1st my previous appointment how will I do it, I really need to renew my passport immediately



  • angelica lopez

    Paano po pag nagkamali ng Birth place ? ano po pwd gawin,?kelangan ko po ba i Cancel Ang Appointment q sa DFA

  • Chris Penaflor

    panu po magresched ng appoinment if d narecve ung confirmation kc d mabuksan email ad

  • Mcgarrie Earl C. Bueno

    namali po ang gender na nalagay ko sa online application ano po gawin ko para ma ayus ito?

    • dianne

      sa site daw pwede

  • Allan

    Gd day Sana my Mk pnsin pg fields with asteries are required s o.l app….my e ccorect poh b s typing

  • Eivoj

    Sa mga nagkamali po ng type sa online application pwede daw po baguhin pag mismong nandun na kayo di nyo na kelangan pa mag pa reschedule ng appointment kasi ganyan din po naging problema ko nagkamali din po ako ng type tapos yun po ang isinagot nila..sana po makatulong ang sinabi ko sa inyo.godbless

    • Eivoj

      Pero about po naman sa nagkamali ng email account na inilagay un po ay hindi ko na alam.

    • JJ

      Example po nagkamali ng type sa birthday ok lang daw na on site na baguhin. Since new pa lang naman ang application tama po ba?

    • Alelie Babaran Ancheta

      Sir panu po pag nag kamali po ng birth place mag reschedule po ba ulit salamat po sa tugon.

    • joansuggs

      thank u po sa info kua :) muntik kona ma reschedule ung appoinment nmen ng anak ko :)

    • Soy Ebanreb

      Salamat po eivoj kasi nagkamali ako imbis fathers name pangalan ko na type ko salamat po talaga

    • Glomarie Lising

      Pano po pag nagkamali sa birthplace?

    • Gener Portes

      Maraming Salamat

    • elaine

      thank you so much!

  • Austeine Taguba


    • Soy Ebanreb

      Kasi may time limit yon dapat confirm nyo agad 120 hrs lang nakalagay sa confirmation

      • NYL

        Ask ko po kapag naprint na di ba po naconfirm na yun or kailangan pang may iclick to confirm.Thank you po.

      • emily fabe

        hi po .. san kopo makita ang appointment code ?kc po gusto ko po e view ko ung schedule appointment ko ..

  • Ren Panganiban


    • Soy Ebanreb

      Dapat po pa cancel nyo para di kayo magka problema

  • ran gold

    wala po ako na reciv na confirmation. then hindi ko rin ma re sched kasi nga po kailangan pa i cancel kaso wala nga pong email na reciv. eh pano po ako mag papa appoint?

    Appointment already exists. Please cancel your pevious appointment to book a new appointment schedule.

    yan po ang nakalagay. help po pls. need passport ASAP!!

    • Soy Ebanreb

      Dapat pa cancel mo na lang or mas mabuti punta ka sa dfa kung saan ka nagpa appoint para di ka magka problema in the future

  • ana

    nag pa schedule po ako ng appoinment, eh nagkami ako ng email ad,,hindi ko na na oopen yung naibigay ko, hindi ko na ma confirm doon nor ma cancel appoinment ko sa email ad na yun dahil hindi ko na nga po yun ma open,,ngayun hindi na ako makapag appoinment ulit dahil kailangan daw na e cancel ko using the mail they sent..malaking problem na talga need ko na mag pa renew asap..pls i need answers.

    • Roschelle Hubilla

      u can re sched po papalitan mo lng ng isang letra name or ang bday mo then pag dating mo tatanungin ka kng may ipapabago ka ba or tama ba lahat dun mo na i ko correct spelling mo or ang bday mo… I CAN HELP U to re sched..

      • jhovy

        hi mam ana.. nag papa sched ako.. hanggang april walang available.. paano po kaya yun mam.. salamat po

        • Roschelle Hubilla

          yes nka offline po yta website ng dfa three weeks npo… pero meron po sa mga mallapit na province like pampanga..

          • jhovy

            pwede po kayang pumunta ng DFA pampanga khit walang appointment?

          • Glady Salinas

            any result po if ginawa nyo ung walk in sa Pampanga???

      • Glomarie Lising

        If namali po ng entry ng birthplace sa online application, pwede naman po ipabago yun sa mismong personal appearance diba?

        • Mary Jane Abecia Meradios

          Same here. Ano na dapat gawin?

          • Gener Portes

            May update na po ba dito? Pls Reply

          • Erica Guiwo

            ate nacorrect mo p yung iyo sa mismong dfa? thanks po. Mali po kasi nailagay na place of birth saka address sakin, thanks po.

      • Chilsea Mae Ayag Mabawad

        How to edit my application form? Kasi nailagay ko sa name nang mama ko “MA.” akala ko may “MA.” kasi andun sa birth nya. Pero sa birth certificate ko kasi mariche lang. Baka sumabit ako . Macocorect ko pba dun personally?

  • Joel Bonton


  • jhovy

    hello po.. bkit po laging not available yung mga time slots kahit saang location. please help po.. thank you po

    • NYL

      Try Calasiao,Pangasinan just booked appointments they still have available slots from 11 APRIL,2017 onwards.As all Metro Manila office were full.

  • Soy Ebanreb

    Hello nagkamali po ako sa fathers name pangalan ko po nalagay ok lang ba yon pwede po ba mabago pagdating ko sa dfa kasi di ko ma edit tnx

    • Albermen Barraquiel

      Paano ginawa mo Soy? Pinalitan ba nila sa DFA mismo?

    • skye

      Hi soy ebanreb ano pong nangyari pagdating sa dfa inassist ka pa rin ba? Same problem akin nagkamali ako sa middlename ng father ko ang nailagay ko lastname nya.

  • jhovy

    may nka subok nbang pumunta sa DFA sa kahit anong location na walang dalang appointment…?
    kasi need ko na tlagang kumuha.. pero not available lahat?

  • Jessa Cornish

    Ask ko lang po, mag seset na sana ako ng appointment ngayon kaso punuan hanggang april pagdating ng may – onwards no available time slots na po. So pano po yun? kailangan ko lang ba maghintay magkaroon ng available time slots?

  • NYL

    Ask ko po kapag naprint na di ba po naconfirm na yun or kailangan pang may iclick to confirm.Thank you po.

  • Raynold

    Mag seset na sana ko ng appointment. Kaso walang available time slots. Pano po kaya yun? Patulong nmn.Thanks :)

  • khelke cruz

    pnu po kea um kasi po mgpunta aq ng dfa sm manila kaso d nkapasuk d tinanggap i.d ko pwd p kea ung appoinment ko valid p kea un??

  • Juvy De Belen Gonzales

    naka pag fill up n po ako for appointment pero d ko po n confirm dahil wala kong code n nareciese? ano po gagawin ko

  • Jayron

    Pano po kaya un nkapag fillup n q pero wla aqng narerecieve s email Mali po ata ung nalagay q pano po kaya maicancel un para mkapag set ng bagong appointment???

  • Jonas Ortiz Luis Antonio

    Good day po panu po ang gagawin pag walang available n time slot ?

    • Abegail Policarpio

      Just look for the next months until you find one,

  • Romy JD

    nagkamali ako ng lagay ng email address po, wala talaga akong marerecieve na ref. number from my passport appointment, pano ang pag cancel or pag re schedule ng appointment..Need your help…Please…Thanks

  • Michael Vince Rovillos

    Good day po tanung ko lang po nagboboking po ba kayo papuntang Spain po ba?

  • Crestel Cullen

    panu ko ba mai print ang applicatiuon form ko e wala ako makita sa e mail ko meron na akong code sa schedule oras at araw..

  • Judy

    Sa lahat ng mga mali yung email na nailagay, Nagre-reset naman po ang sa email confirmation code pag within 4 or 5 days na di nyo pa nailalagay ang code, nagiging invalid po yun. Pwede po kayong mag-apply ulit pag natapos yung araw na yun :)

    • Samince Paudac

      Talaga po? Buti nlng kasi mali yung email na una kong na ilagay tas nag apply ako ulet pero tama na. Salamat sa comment na to di na akong nag-alala na baka madouble yung appointment ko:’)

  • Laurenze Charitaz Logto

    Pwede po bang maprocess yung application ko kung maaga po ako makakapunta dun pero 11 am pa schedule ko? Or tlgang susundin yung scheduled time ko po?

  • Jennilyn Perez Cruz

    Hi! Gusto ko lang po malaman kung pwede pa icancel ko appointment ko kasi Saturday na sya. So tinatry ko sa appointment system ayaw na nya ma cancel. Ano po pwedeng gawin? Tumatawag din ako sa number nila Hindi rin ngwork. Walang sumagot.
    Pls answer me asap. Thanks

    • Cristine Cruz-Adrada

      sayang naman , looking for avail slot pero wala akong makuha . Anyways punta kapo dun sa passport website tapos sa lower portion may makikita Lang view appointment just click it and follow directions :)

  • Marga Sumalinog

    hi. bakit po ganun walang available timeslot lage?/

  • ySherr madriaga

    good day po..ask ko lang po kung paano malalaman kung na confirm yung appointment?

  • julles

    Good Day Po!i tried many times’bat lagi nlng no available timeslot ‘hnd tuloy ako mkpag p scheds’kung meron man avail. 2 mos.p ko m sscheds’may mbilis po b n pamamaraan pr mk kuha ako ng available slots ng mas maaga’Ty

  • Jessica Centino

    Hi po. Wala parin kc dumarating sa email ko antagal 2wks na po ako mula nung nag apply thru online. Ganun po b talaga katagal?

  • Lalane

    may appointment po ako sa June 2 pero di po ako mkakapunta, pwede ko ba I print ung confirmation then ibigay sa friend ko na gusto magpa appointment?

    • Kathrina SanPedro

      pede kng mauuna syang mag pa appointmnt sa online
      pero yung print hindi pwede kasi pangalan mo nakalagay dun

  • Erickson ronquillo

    Hi po pano po mag pa cancel ng schedule

    • Cristine Cruz-Adrada

      Punta kapo dun sa passport website tapos sa lower portion may view application

  • Erickson ronquillo

    Pano mag cancel ng schedule

  • Janet Desoyo

    hello po,pwede po ba ano ang gagawin ko.dalawang beses na po ako ngreschedule ng passport ko kc hindi ako nakapunta sa dubai embassy.tapos expired na siya nung may 20, 2017 tapos visa ko matatapos na sa june 10, 2017 eh ngreschedule po ako wala na sila slot sa june 6, 2017..

  • ayameg143

    Hi ask ko lang paano po pag laging invalid yung email na nilalagay ko. Eh tama naman po yun. Gumawa din akong bagong email address invalid padin kaya di matapos tapos yung appointment ko please help

    • Rain Co

      pwede nyo po gamitin emmail yung GMAIL account nyo. Dun po isesend yun. then need mo ipaprint

  • A

    Hello po. Paano po kapag nag kamali ng birthplace dun sa iprinted naappointment papers?

    • Naicy Dela Cruz

      pareho tau, pwede p kaya mabago un?.

      • Lurdz Tolentino

        Ako din nag kamali… di ko alam kung pano icorrect kasi need ko na talaga sya iprocess…. help pls.

        • Rain Co

          Same as mine. Pati maiden ng mother ko, Sila na po mag babago nun

        • sila na po mag aayos nun

          • Renniel Barrientos

            yun. thanks po

          • Yachi

            sa mismong araw ng appointment ba nila iveverify yung info na (mali) nailagay? pls help po. ganyan din nangyari sakin

          • May Noguera

            Pano po ung Mali

          • May Noguera

            Pano po ung ginawa nyo sa maling info

      • Roselle Santiago

        Hello po? Ask ko lng po kung ano po ngyari don sa application form nyo po na mali po ung place of birth? Ksi ganun din po ung akin 😭

        • Sila na po mag aayos nun.

        • May Noguera

          Ganun din po ung akin so pano po kaya yun

    • Rain Co

      Kung pinabalik ka, Sila na po bahalang palitan yun

    • Rain Co

      Ako din po nag kamali ng birthplace at maiden ng mama ko

    • Roselle Santiago

      Hello po ask ko lng po if ano po ngyari don sa application form nyo po na mali po ung place of birth? Pupunta na po ksi ako bukas tpos mali po ung place of birth ko na nakalagay sa applocation form po 😭

      • May Noguera

        Ano po nangyari pano po ginawa nyo Mali din po kasi yung akin thankyou 🙏🏻

        • July Jah Reyes

          Hello po, same probs of wrong input of birthplace sa online form & this tuesday na ung appointment ko sa dfa, ano po ginawa nyo? Ok lang ba sa mismong site na ipacorrect? Thanks in advance

          • juls

            Hi! tapos ka na po appointment mo diba? what did you do po sa wrong input ng birthplace?
            hoping to hear from you soooon!

  • ryan alvarico

    paano po ba mag cancel ng appointment ng dfa ?

  • Rain Co

    Hello,Mag kaiba po kasi pirma ko sa voters registration record at sa postal i.d ko, Ano po pwede kong gamitin na pirma kasi kukuha ako ng passport. Pls answer. Need ko po nh help nyo. June 13 na po ang sched ko. Salamat po

  • Hena

    Hi what if po im minor then may kailangan po kasing occupation na sasagutan po ako don ask ko lang po kung ano gagawin thanks

    • Hello, Minor ka right? then wala kang trabaho? then just answer N/A or None.

  • Cecilia Villalon

    Hello po. Tama naman po yung email ko pero di ko parin po natatanggap yung appointment code. Ano pong pwedeng gawin

  • karla

    Hi. How can I correct misspelled name in dfa online appointment form? Thanks

    • Albermen Barraquiel

      How did you corrected it??

  • Yani

    Hi! Pano po kaya yung appointment ko? Nag pa resched ako last april from la union to baguio pero dko naconfirm. Kanina ko lang napansin eh bukas sana yung appointment ko. Kaiyak. Pano po un

    • Kathrina SanPedro

      same tayo ng situation huhuhuh

  • Lorie Mae Docallos Lopez

    What if I I didn’t get any confirmation email for the code? And I want to resched my appointment since I don’t have the confirmation email. how should I do it? Please help me I might get blacklisted. 😭😭😭

    • hi,Try to call DFA HOME OFFICE- (02) 834-3000 / (02) 834-4000

      for passport,authentication & other consular inq.

      • Kathrina SanPedro

        meron po sa gmail na sinesend para sa confirmation code

  • Fujiko Sarra

    Hi po pano po ba magconfirm ng sched?may email na skin tapos kapag nagclick ako sa link to confirm ang nakalagay eh expired daw or invalid thank you…

  • Hi. Ask ko lang po, Paano mo gagawin ko kasi hindi ako naka attend sa schedule na binigay sa dfa. kasi need ko daw isa pang i.d at Vrr, Pano po yun?

    • Nancy Tambis

      hello pwede magtanung anu po mga id ang kailangan sa pag apply ng ng passport kasi mali ang middle name spelling ko sa birth registration at sa mga id ko pwede ba yun?thanks

  • Ellah Regala

    Bakit nagaaply ako online.. Nakalagay sa mga dates NOT AVAILABLE?

  • Cherrylyn Ocho Manuel

    Anyone po na pwedi makatulong. Expired na ba ang pinaappointment ko last month, bukas pa yung schdule ko sa dfa tapos ngayon sinsabi na appointment does not exist. Tapos kapag mag papaschdule na naman ako bago ayaw kasi nakaapointment pa ako. Pwedi ba ma direct sa dfa neto bukas?? Salamat sa mga makaksagot

  • Jovelyn ocampo

    Hi po ask ko lng paano po magcancel ng appointment.? Kasi nagttry ako kaya lng invalid email address daw although tama nmn sya . Patulong nmn po hindi ko kasi macancel appointment ko eh

  • Poyz C. Guro

    a i applied already but i dint recieve email from them.. pls help

  • ruel p. quiambao

    how can i avail on make a new passport on dfa……becouse most of the date written or indicate NOT AVAILABLE

  • Kathrina SanPedro

    huhuhuh its just like naka sched na ang appointment ko pero nag resched ako tapos yung ni resched ko hindi sya na confirm within 3days what to do now? Very frustrated nako
    HELP plz. on what to do

    • Jackie

      Good day po. Same situation po , nag apply po ako tapos na print na yung form pero mali mali po na double yung address ko and baliktad po name ng father ko. Huhuhu kinansel ko po yung appointment tapos nag pa reschedule po ako ayaw na. Ano po ang ginawa nyo?

  • neneth

    Good Day! Pa Help nman baka may nakakaalam or idea po kayo pano po ba gagawin if yun email address na registered sa dfa para sa appointment ay di na ma open tapos di pa po na print out yun Confirmation Form.

  • Lezah Rejadna Serolf

    Hello i need your help please..because i filled up a form then i put my gmail on their now my problem i can’t already open my mail account so i can’t see the code they sent..i try verifying my email but the phone number exists on their already lost… Now I trying to make appointment again but it says i need cancel my previous appointment but a real problem is I can’t open my email..pls i nead a help.

    • aimheeDR

      same here.. cant see my ref No

  • anilyn baguio

    hi can you help me please wala na po kasing avail na sot sa sept.pero september po talaga kailangan namin dahil october als na po kami please help

    • Arj Revereza

      09177227595 send me a message.i can help you with an appointment

      • aimheeDR

        Can you possibly help me also, i dont have my ref number in my EMAIL..

        • Arj Revereza

          Have you tried booking again?

    • janine john

      please include me also, I need it as soonest…hirap po mag sched online…thanks po

      • Danica Fajardo

        I can help you with your appointment guys.

        • Elisa Mariano Muyalde

          maam can you book me for an appointment as early as october 13?

        • Elisa Mariano Muyalde

          i really need to have a passport before October 2017 ends maam

        • Yzel Castillo

          good day maam i would just like to ask how can you help us to get an early appointment to dfa

        • christian baquing

          maam paano po mag pa appointment ng schedule halos lahat po kase full e wala po available

        • Marijosh Illustrisimo

          hi maam pano po makakuha ng appoinment kz pag ng check po ako lagi puno,plzz need your help.. thanks

  • May Noguera

    Hi good afternoon
    I just notice while I’m printing my schedule for renewal of passport that my place of birth is wrong?
    How can I change it?

    • Me Ow

      Hi May same situation, had you got feedback to change the place of birth?

      • dark ness

        Same then po sa akin.. mali ung place of birth q. Na change nyu na po ba yan???

        • Albermen Barraquiel

          In my case, I misspell my mother’s name. I will print the application form and will edit the printed form to correct the name as I reckon that DFA officer will accept as long as the supporting documents have similar spelling

          • dark ness

            Ok lg po ba un??? Bka po kasi magalit sila..

          • July Jah Reyes

            Hi, ginawa mo ba ung pag edit ng wrong input mo? Ok lang ba un sa dfa wala ba nagin problems? Pls pahelp, thank u

        • July Jah Reyes

          Same prob din sakin, ung place of birth, pa help naman po ano ung ginawa nyo? Tnx

          • Maybelle Grace Lim

            Hi! Kakaapply ko lang ng passport. I had the same problem. Mali nalagay ko sa place of birth. Provide niyo lang yung supporting documents niyo and tell them na nagkamali kayo. Yung akin pina-cross out lang and pinasulat yung correct place of birth the may signature sa gilid

          • Dana Sakib

            Saan branch ka nag apply @maybelle? I hope same sa lahat ng dfa at di ako paulitin mag edit ng data ko sa bday…

    • elaine

      ano pong ginawa nyo? kasi po mali din po ako ng naencode, I thought kasi province un tinutukoy hindi na yung birthplace pls pasagot po

  • aimheeDR

    the APPOINTMENT hotline 7371000 says Not In Service at the moment for more than a week now.. Is there anyone who has another number or access to this so I can call them.. I lost/delete my appointment confirmation in my eMAIL..

  • janine john

    hello po,Is there any suggestion po to renew passport na mapabilis? Kasi hindi po talaga ako makakuha ng sched sa online..
    please help me pls.. thanks

    • Arvi Floyde Rikki Flores

      you can try looking for a agency that have reserve slot

      • Janith Patac

        where can we look for agency

  • sdc

    Good day!
    I set an appointment for passport application this coming aug.26 but when i try to view my appointment its says invalid appointment code??i set a group appointment and we are all expecting to get our passport this year…is it gonna be ok if we just go to one of your sattelite branch and show the the screenshot and email for our appointment?please help…

    • Arvi Floyde Rikki Flores

      sir try to open dfa in your email where u appoint your appointment.

  • Bullet

    Hi my mistake ako sa place of birth ang nailagay q current address namin ano po kea pd ko gawn? Nde q alam pano iedit salamat

    • Maybelle Grace Lim

      Hi. I had the same problem. Di mo na po maeedit yan once nakapag send na ng confirmation on your email. Yung akin nagpunta parin ako kasi sayang sched. Once na nasa processing ka na sabihin mo na nagkamali sa place of birth and provide mo lang yung mga requirements mo. Yung akin pina-crossout lang then pinasulat yung correct na place of birth then signature sa gilid.

      • Edward Lisondra

        Hi Maybelle, I assume yung pina crossout was the hard copy? hindi ba nila ma e.edit before printing your application? Or was it already printed when you went there? kasi I have the same problem, i incorrectly entered my mother’s maiden name.


          di aq nagtanong
          pero thanks sa Info
          I have the same problem 😍

        • luckycharm

          Nagkamali din ako sa middlename ng father ko pumunta parin ako pagdating sa encoding okay lang daw kc hindi nmn nakikita sa pasport

    • boo

      pareho po tayo ng mali na confuse ako sa current address ko at birthplace

  • ivie villaranda

    I’m trying to get appointment online pero lahat full schedule nakalagay , sabi sa public info nila they will add slots starting august 25 but until now fully book pa din… where can I get group appointment need tlga ng passport soon as possible

    • pitchy Guevarra

      Hello paki txt po ako naka pwede ko kau ruling an 09260325465

  • Pam Barredo

    Guys cnu may alam sa sa pagkuha ng passport nawala kc passport ko tpos wala akong copy pano ba kumuha ulet?? Any idea pls??meroon n akong affidavit of lost at nagonline appointment na ako application type is new and renewal, try ko ang renewal kason need ang number at issue date ng old passport ko kaso wala akong copy ng passport ko at hnd ko kabisado.. Ano kailangan ko po gawin??any idea pls, thank you

    • Jasmine Topacio Mendoza

      Nakakuha ka na miss ng new/replacement passport mo?

      • Pam Barredo

        Nakapag appointment pa lang po ako bali NEW na po ang kinuha ko need ko lang affidavit of lost at yng mga requirements tulad ng nbi/ nso at kung hnd pa expired yng passport na nawala need ng police report or itatawag mo muna sa dfa.. kc ako po tumawag ako sa dfa yan po ang sinabi sken.. This nov po sked ko

  • Merlita Magaro

    how to confirm your appointment schedule if it says that the confirmation link is expired or invalid but you still have 3days to confirm the appointment

  • milene taperla

    paano ko malalaman nasaan ang previos appointment

  • Jewel Acdan

    Hi what if nagkamali po ako ng fill up sa birth place? ano pong pwedeng gawin maliban sa pag cancel ng appointment?

  • Abrahame Bernas

    Ngayon po Schedule ng appointment ko for dfa pero bukas pa po ako makakapunta, Okay lang po ba yung ganun??

  • luckycharm


    • Clyde Lopez

      thank you

      • Jasmine Topacio Mendoza

        Thanks! Kahit ako naconfused sa birth of place. May verification pa naman na gagawin.

        • Joie Manji

          Really? pwede ba? I got confused din kasi with my husband’s birthplace. plano ko na nga icancel then make new reservations.

    • sunshine

      OH THANKS!

    • boo

      THANK YOU PO… kanina pa po ako nag sisearch kung pano e edit at anu gagawin sa maling part na un, ang nailagay ko kasi sa place of birth ay kung saang lugar kami nakatira ahhaha

  • Jackie Jacinto

    Can i request my passport appointment here in cagayan valley..because i apply agency to process..i pay them but they didnt ask me to bring my requirments to them…pwede po ba iveryfied kung totoo nga ba may appoinment na ako

  • Jackie Jacinto

    Sa maynila po ako nag apply…travel agency then they ask me to pay..3,800 for it…pero ang napag usapan is within that month makakakuha ng appointment..kc bayad na po ako and 1 week rush…pero pinaabot po ng halos mag dadalawang buwan na..lagi nangangako…ng appoinment..ngayon..po meron na daw appoinment sakin ng dfa…0ct.2 at megamall…how to verified name

  • Cheska Camille

    Hi! JUst want to ask lang po. Kase kumuha ng passport ang kapatid ko last month, then knuha nya is Regular processing only, but suddenly. we have a trip on oct 15 this year, the releasing date is Oct 24, is it possible na ma advance ung releasing? Or any possible ways? Para mkasama sya.

  • Gelcine Evan Devera

    hello ask q lng po f anu magandang gawin pag dmo nkuha appointment code mo and then pg try ulit nkalagay na appointmwnt already exist..thanks po sa mkkasagot

    • Laanmay Agarao

      hi, pareho tyo.. pano kaya mkukuha ung code dahil bkas na ung appointment ko.

      • Mae

        Nakuha niyo na po ba appointment code niyo? Same po kasi sakin eh

        • Kim

          Hello, Nakuha niyo na ba passport niyo? Pag di kayo nakakuha ng appointment code, that means di niyo kinonfirm yung appointment niyo.

      • Lenra

        Hello. Natuloy ba yong appointment mo kahit wala yong code? Pareho kasi tayo ng situation.

  • Gail Reilly

    hello nag-set ako ng group appointment a few months ago and malapit na yung appointment date namin. I checked my appointment code pero name ko lang ang lumalabas pag niview ko siya. Ganito ba talaga? I set a group appointment for 3 people, ako yung first na ni-enter ko ang info. I specifically entered group of 3 and entered info for all 3. Now worried ako na baka ako lang ang naka-set kasi name ko lang ang nakikita dun sa code. Okay lang ba to? :(

  • zoila

    hi need some help here, i had a trouble in scheduling my appointment in DFA ONLINE SYSTEM when i setting up the date its always full, i started last September then October, the site always prompt full and stop sign when i picking up the time slot. wonder why its only october but december slot are occupied already. please guide me ho to fix my issue in scheduling my appointment, quick response is truly appreciated. thanks

    • onem

      here’s what I learned for the past 2 weeks of feverishly trying to get an appointment. the system refreshes every hour. based on my observation it opens up in between 6th-10th minute of the hour (9:06, 10:06; 11:06). You better be fast though coz slots are limited. And please don’t deal with fixers.

  • Jem Santos

    Hi. May tanong po ako. Nagkaschedule po ako nung Aug. 31, 2017. Kaso hindi po naprocess ang application form ko dahil postal i.d lang po meron ako. PERO naverified nman po ang application form ko at ang sabi ay balik na lang daw po ako pag complete na requirements ko. Nag-apply naman po ako ng UMID i.d nung Aug. 22, 2017 at natanggap ko na po ngayon. May question po is tatanggapin pa po kaya ako next week pagbalik ko sa DFA? Kase its been 2 months na po since naverified ang application form ko. Salamat po sa sasagot

    • pitchy Guevarra

      Yes po anytime pwede po kau bumalik sa dfa

      • Asura Champion

        Ung akin nman po mali po ung email ko kya po dko makuha kuha.. pano po dpat kong gawin?

        • Alisha Camara

          Kailangan mong mg appointment ulit

          • michelle otida

            pag click ko ng link na ito ang reply is Confirmation link might be expired or invalid pls help po hindi ko makuha ref number ko.thank you

  • christian baquing

    Paano po mag pa schedule ng appointment? Eh halos lahat po ayy full walang available na slot para mag pa schedule dahil need nanamin po magka passport before december salamat

    • pitchy Guevarra

      Tawagan nyo po baka pwede ko po kau matulungan kung ngmamdali po kau mgkaroon ng passport eto po number ko 09260325465

    • onem

      here’s what I learned for the past 2 weeks of feverishly trying to ge an appointment. the system refreshes every hour. based on jy observation it opens up in between 6th-10th minute of the hour (9:06, 10:06; 11:06). You better be fast though coz slots are limited. And please don’t deal with fixers.

  • Allan Inagon

    Matanong lang po. I already had my schedule. It was already confirmed but then as I downloaded my application form. Trying to view it. APPOINTMENT DOES NOT EXIST? How is that? I try again to apply the second time around. For the other day. But theres no email at all?? What should I do? Help me please… ☺

    • Mayrose Damo

      I copy paste po ninyo yung code na ini mail nila sa inyo to check the details

  • Sheena Marie Flores

    Hello Po, ask ko lang po kasi November 28 yung schedule ko eh pa reschedule ko po sana sa December 5, pano po iconfirm pag ganun kasi wala pong dumadating na confirmation sa email ko.

    • Mayrose Damo

      Check po ninyo ulit email baka nasa spam siya

  • Katherine Monica C. Samson

    Good day! Ask ko lang po paano po kung yung sa application form ko nagkamali ako ng birthday na nailagay? Pwede pa rin ba ko tumuloy sa schedule ko? at doon nalang po ipapabago? Thanks

    • Czelsy Sam

      i have the same issue pero ung sa place of birth ko naman.. ask ko lang what happened to your appointment po? thanks

    • Mayrose Damo

      Hindi po palitan ninyo yung details ninyo kasi doon sa application form po ninyo sila mag babase sa mga dala ninyong documnets. Before po ninyo i print out yung form ninyo eh may review po muna bago i click to finish

  • Joey Ylanan

    Hello. Ask ko lang po what if I already cancelled my appointment then I will make a new one pero “Appointment already exist. Please cancel your pevious appointment to book a new appointment schedule” ang nakalagay. Then I tried sa View Appointment, “Appointment doesn’t exist” na sya kasi na cancel ko naman. Pls help me po paano makagawa ulit.

    • Mayrose Damo

      Kung nag set kayo ng appointment tapos u want to cancel it you must wait 3 days until you can make another appointment again.

  • Marijosh Illustrisimo

    hello sa lahat, ask ko lang bakit napakahirap makakuha ng slot sa appoinment sa pagkuha ng passport, kung kilaa ang dami ng branches ang dfa saka nman nawawalan ng slot sa pg appoinment,para mas ok pa ang dati kz nkakakuhapa ng passport di balii ng mgpila ka ng npakahaba pero sure mo nman na makakakuha ka, kisa ngaun wala tlaga, pano ba makakakuha ng passport appointment kung laging puno nman.tulad ko ex ofw po ako at me bagong employer ako na lilipatan, at ung ung passport ko papaso na ng janauary, kya ako ng decide na umuwi pra dito mgpa renew kz kala ko ok na ang lahat, pero bakit ganito….nkakabadtrip ang dfa ngaun…

    • Mayrose Damo

      Ofw po ba kayo? May exprees lane ang mga ofw na urgent bumalik sa bansang pinag tra travuhan nila. May speacial lane po para sa inyo san po ba ang location ninyo?

      • Allan manabat aguilar

        Paano po kung hindi na kayo active na ofw.
        Halimbawa ka uuwi ko lang ng pinas ngayon buwan ng december pero wala na akong visa at balik.
        Puede pa din po ba sa priority lane?
        Lalo na kung may bagong aplayan at kailangan ng latest passport dahil ang valid passport date ay 6 months na lang.

  • Kiyna

    Ano po yung dadalhin para mapatunayan na may appointment ka?, tapos ano po yung ibibigay sa guard para papasukin ka sa dfa? tapos yung application form po ba print or handwritten po ba pag sasagutan?

    • Mayrose Damo

      Yung downloaded form na may bar card. Doon sa sinet po ninyong date of appointment i print po ninyo yun ng A4 size

  • Flery Dela Cruz

    Ask ko lang po, Icacancel ko po yung appointment ko kaso wala pong code sa in-email ng dfa sakin tapos nag- intay n po ako ng three days para mag-apply ulit ng bago kaso ang nakalagay appointment already exist pls cancel it (e di ko nga po maccancel kasi walang code) what to do po? Please help oranswer me thank you.

    • Cherry

      Ate ganun din po ako paano po macacancel? Nacancel niyo na po ba sa inyo? Salamat po.

      • Flery Dela Cruz

        Minor age pa po ba kayo? Kasi yung sa sis ko po nag-apply sya ng bago then iniba lang po yung companion’s name, before kasi moms name ung lagi nyang gamit then binago niya fathers name namn then biglang gumana… yung sa akin nman po mobile# lang po ang pinalitan ko para medyo mabago then gumana na. Wag niyo na pong ipilit yung same same datas pag laging “appointment already exists” ang wag niyo lang pong babaguhin ay yung real datas niyo like names.

      • Flery Dela Cruz

        Nagka error din po kasi yung sis ko na minor pa…. hope it helps a little

  • Rechille Ricafrente

    Hi po !pano po pag nag pa appoinment ka tapos mali yung email adress na nalagay mo? Pwede pa din ba pumunta sa dfa sa senet na date?

    • Flery Dela Cruz

      Nooo! Better make a new appointment and use a safer and functional email cause it might be a problem if your email isnt functioning well

  • Rona Alliah Mercado

    Hello po, ask ko lang po kapag may kulang po ako sa requirements pwede po bang bumalik sa DFA kahit hindi na ulit magpareschedule ng appointment? kahit yung last downladed form a4 size na pinakita ko pwede pa po bang magamit yun at ipakita ulit sa sakanila?

  • Jean Jalaron Lagasca

    Ask ko lng po mali po kse ung birthplace na nalagay ko sa form. Paano ko po un maeedit?

    • Mhenzo Redd

      Same problem din sakin before ako mag punta sa dfa. Pero don’t worry if may mali ka sa appointment form mo i dodouble check at cocorrect nila un sa processing area.

      • julie

        ok lng ba sir na mali yung gender na nailagay ko sa appointment ? tatanggapin pa rin hu ba ito ng dfa ang appointment ko?

    • pizap-91163d1e0de9aa1195d204054a4b8565

      same issues pa help po

  • lever

    Laging full yung mga slot. tpos may mga fixer online na kelangan mong bayaran para magkaroon ka ng slots! DFA paki ayos naman!!! paki linis ng bakuran nyo nag mamahal


  • Ghielyn Manlincon Alvez

    Hi, pano po yun nag schedule ako nung January 1st week dahil January 23 knuha ko slot tapos ndi pumasuk sa gmail ko ung confirmation ko galing dfa , kaya ndi ko alam kung pasuk ba kc nung nagtry ako already exists nkalagay pano.ko sya ipa print ko kung ndi ko alam ang code.. Help pls

    • Asura Champion

      same prob.. ano po dpat gawin? Pahelp po please

  • Cath

    Hi po ask ko lng po pano po pag nagkamali ako ng lagay ng birthday s application nkapgprint na po kasi kami😔??thanks po

    • Mhinxy09

      May verification po naman dun bago iprocess ang passport sabihin nyo lang po kung anu ung nagkamali na input. May dala naman po kau birth certificate pakita nyo lang po un.

      • gino peñaflor

        Hi. May ñ apelyido ko. Sa application form ñ nilagay ko. Pero old passport ko N ang nilagay. Sa renewal ko ba magkakaproblema? Ano rin po need exactly dalhin if renewal lang.

  • disqus_hHQM1cdSXY

    paano po kapag magkakaiba yung address ko sa birth certificate, ids and sa nilagay ko sa application form? may magiging problema ba yun? wala po kasi kaming permanent address since nagrerent lang kami.

  • Cath

    Pede din po ba renew passport kht s july 2019 expired kasi po sa mga inaaplyan ko kelngn dw 3 years ung validity ng passport kaya po ngrenew na ko..thanks

  • Krisha

    Good day po,
    Baka merun dito same ng situation ko pa help naman. Nakakuha ako ng slot for appointment sa dfa Aseana a while ago, I checked naman all my information kasi takot ako Baka magkamali, pero nun nag send sila ng confirmation. Nakalagay sa middle name ko Arevalo which is Last name ko yun. So both last name and middle name is Arevalo.

    Magkaka problema po Kaya ako nun pag punta ko ng schedule ko?

    Salamat po.

    • Mhinxy09

      May verification po naman dun bago iprocess ang passport sabihin nyo lang po kung anu ung nagkamali na input. May dala naman po kau birth certificate nyo sabhn nyo po nagkamali kau ng type.

      • Krisha

        Okay po, salamat sa response 😊

    • Kat

      Hello! I’m also in the same situation. Nacorrect po ba sa the day ng appointment? I’m afraid that I have to cancel kasi sobrang hirap makakuha ng slot. Huhu

    • adelita tumaneng

      ano nangyare na correct pu ba on the day???

  • Coleen Lagman

    Good day… panu kung wrong email adress po ung nailagay for filing online appointment. my message din po bang marereceive via SMS or thru email lng po. salamat po.

    • Mhinxy09

      Ok lng po kahit hnd sa inyo anh email ad na nilagay nyo as long as valid xa or nabubuksan nyo. Pero kung hnd nyo po mabuksan hnd nyo dn po makikita ang confirmation ng appointment nyo. Magpapasched n po kau ng bago.

  • Dhianne😇💕🎼🎻😌

    Pano po pag mali yung number ko na nalagay tapos pati place of birth mali rin😔 magkakaprob ba non o pwede pa i-correct sa mismong appointment?

    • Mhinxy09

      May verification po naman dun bago iprocess ang passport sabihin nyo lang po kung anu ung nagkamali na input. Pero kung emailaddress na invalid po ang nilagay nyo hnd nyo po makikita ang confirmation dapat po gumagana na email ad ang ilalagay nyo.

      • Marielle Dionisio

        Hello mhinx, ganyan din kasi case ko. Birth place naman. Okay lang ba yun? Pwedeng palitan naman sa dfa?

  • Elizabeth Tanueco

    Hello po maam nakakuha po ako ng slot sa General Santos City ngayong January 31,2018 pero taga Cebu po ako pwede ko po bang ma transfer ang appointment ko from General Santos City to Cebu DFA office? Ano po ang dapat kong gawin? Kailangan ko na po kasing marenew ng passport ko before June kaso puno lahat ng slot dito sa Cebu please help me po

  • richzen

    hi! paano po ba mag auto refresh ng schedule page? ty

  • Angel

    Hi, I just want to ask because I had already appointed for passport application but I didn’t received my appointment code because I can’t log-in to my email account. Is my appointment will be cancelled automatically if I can’t open my email?

  • Glemarie Hermosa

    Hi i made a mistake during the booking of my appointment will it be okay to correct it during the appointment date?

  • senyorita

    whenever I proceed to the schedule for the appointment date to choose my desired date, the error page occurs and I can’t go through. What to do? please help.

  • pizap-91163d1e0de9aa1195d204054a4b8565

    hi ask ko lang pano po kung mali yung input sa Birthplace pwdi padin ba ito mabago

  • 로스안네

    Paanu poh kung hnd maopen ung gmail n nilgy s appoinment application?.. Anu pong dpt gwin

  • Lloyd Rosadia Calleja

    Ask lang po if wrong input of Birth place, is there a possibility na pwede pa mabago ito if nsa DFA na kami, need assistance here, what should I do, whabdocumehs should I provide. shpuld I cancel the said appointment habang maaga pa, or there are counter their to change my wrong input.

    • Marielle Dionisio

      Hi Lloyd ganyan din kasi case ko and sa feb 22 sched ko. Pano ginawa mo? Thank you.

      • Cecile

        Hello poh what did you do poh about your problem sa birth place ngkamali din kasi aq ng lagay.. Please reply poh tnx. I don’t know what to do

        • jm

          sa dfa pwede paltan.gnun nangyari sa pinsan ko.

          • Berna

            pano po ginawa nyo?

  • honey montecillo

    Hi po. I have set an appointment last January 24 this year, but until now, I haven’t received an email confirming my appointment. Can anyone help me on what to do? Maraming Salamat po.

  • April Balagtas

    Ask ko lang po kasi I already confirm my schedule in my gmail and then when I’m about to check my appointment code sabi po sa server it does not exist. Bakit ganun po? Tama naman yung nilagay kong ref# as the dfa confirmation sent me. Pls help

    • Zgem Ehgakoxt

      bukas mo mouli ang gmail mo at my ma rerecieve ka na message from dfa (confirmation notification).may makikita kang application code number at sa may bandang baba noon may nka lagay na CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR APPLICATION FORM

  • babylyn Laroza

    How many times can I resched my passport appointment?

  • ana

    Pano po kung wala kang email?how to make an email?

  • marvin maramara

    Paano kapag maling Email ang nailagay, anong pwedeng gawin? Thanks.

  • meow meng

    elow po…
    ano po gagawin pag mali po un birth place ba april po appointmnt ko…pls help me..po

  • Jesabel Tuvida

    paano po kng d ko maopen ung email add ko d ko pah nah click para print ung appoinment ko sa passport my scked bah ako doon sa dfa nah pumasok?

  • Jen Mamites

    Hi ano pong problem if appointment already exists hindi naman na confirm yong appointment ko. Di ba automatic ma cancel yon after 24 hrs.?
    pls help

    • Sapphire Suzie

      Same. Ganyan din ung sakin :(

    • Burdagol A KoBa

      baka niresched ka ng agent sigurado ndi kayo nagkasundo. para sya parin balikan mo if ever man na maghanap ka ng pag papa appointmentan. Or kung ikaw mismo nagset ng appointment mo check mo ung scam folder mo baka andun mam.

  • Ria

    What if po housewife, ano pong ilalagay sa office number? I tried putting none but it says, office number is too short, office number is invalid. Thank you!

    • She Marbella

      hindi nyo na po lalagyan yong office number, leave it blank na lang po, hindi naman po sya *required field

  • jessica

    usually, ano ba ang time kapag nagrerefresh at nag aadd ng slot ang system ng dfa.

  • Jennifer Adora

    hi.. paano po mag auto refresh gamit ang phone?

  • romar garin

    how to get appointment here


    hi po pano po maka kuha ng appointment? palage po ako naka visit sa DFA online appointment but hindi po ako makapasok.

  • mika

    Hello! Bakit po walang link for GROUP APPOINTMENT?

  • Laylaydek Sik-a

    hi po ..pwde po b n ung apointment mu n date sana eh d nkapunta pwde p b kinabukasan ..please kung sinu man nkakaalam tanks

    • Burdagol A KoBa

      Ndi pwede. papatawan ka ng 30days suspension kapag no show ka. kung ano schedule mo puntahan mo.

  • Dona

    Hello po.. possible po ba makapag process po ng passport without approintment thru online?. Thank you

    • Dona

      Full po kasi appointment schedule till june 2018.. need kona po kasi ng passport ..

  • sheryl

    good day pls help po how to renew my passport Hindi po talaga ako makapasok sa online ano ba ang system na into?

    • sheryl

      kailangan ko na ma renew soon po

    • ogzfive

      Di rin ako makapasok. Laging no available slot kahit isa wala :(

  • Anj Dionisio

    Can anyone please tell me if I can still attend my passport application appointment the supposed day but in different time?

    Please. TIA

  • jessica

    can i include my sons who are minors like 13 and 15 during my appointment date because the time I booked for the appointment I was not able to include them because the allotted time was so short and the fact I’m not a good at typing..

  • ricca

    Dati kumukuha ako ng passport sa Sn.Frdo Pampanga. Kahit pumipila ako dun, ok lang kc mabilis nmn ang mga staff na nagpaprocess ng passport. Mabilis lang at wlang hassle. Ngayon, binago nila ang sistema at imbis na bumilis at gumanda…pumangit lang at tumagal lalo. Pwede po bang pakibalik nlng ang dating sistema…at hnd sa lahat ng pagkakataon ay mas maganda at mas applicable s lahat ng proseso ang online. Sana nmn po ay bigyan nyo ito ng pansin dahil napakadami ang naaapektuhan. Siguro nmn ayaw nyo pong magkaroon kayo ng record s history ng pilipinas. Salamat.

  • marnel labmit

    I have already my appointment schedule but i have to wait too long can i make another appoinment if accidentally somebody cancel her appoinment earlier than mine…please let me know if i can do this

    • ogzfive

      Parang may nabasa ako sa site ng dfa, kapag kinancel mo ang appointment after 30 days ka uli makakabook ng pani agong sched.

      • Judelyn Baterina

        Di po totoo yan,kasi may ginawa akong appointment july 16 2018 at pagbukas ko ulit nakita ko mas earlier slot kinancel ko yung for the month of july at gumawa ulit akonhg bago ng mas maaga,ang dali lng minutes lng ang aantayin.

      • Burdagol A KoBa

        Para po sa noshow ung 30days suspension sir.
        Un ung nagpaappointment pero ndi nagpakita sa schedule nila.

  • marnel labmit

    Apointment schedule ko kc sept. 2018 pa then later nakita ko may vacant slot ng june od ba ako kumuha uli ng appoinment hindi ba ako mablock

  • marnel labmit

    Pa help nmn po s nakakaalam pd ba ako kumuha ng another appoinment if may makita me mas earlier don s appoinment n meron ako tapos saka ko na lng icancel ung nauna kong appoiment kapag may sure n akong nakuhang mas maaga pa don s nauna kobappoinment. Please pa help nmn po

    • Gracee Mary

      Isang appointment lang per person, dika makakapag book ng another appointment kung dimo nakacansel ang unang appointment na ginawa mopo, pede mo namn sia ireschedule , punta kalang sa site ng dfa , dun sa view appointment then log in mo ang appointment code mo at email add n ginamit mo,

    • Burdagol A KoBa

      Pwede ka rin po gumawa ng appointment mo kahit may existing kang appointment. Paano? Ganito po. Una lagyan mo ung firstname mo, susunod ung lastname mo. and ung middlename mo, instead na middlename ang ilagay mo ung middle initial lang po, sigurado yan pasok yan. Usually ung may asterisk lang ang required dun sa pag fill up ng form pero naisasama natin ung buong middlename natin. Pero pwede po ung middle initial lang ang ilagay.

  • Alvin Reforma

    gaano katagal bago dumating yung email galing sa DFA?

    • Ephraim Umpan

      same din skin…nakabayad na ako pero wala pa ring email fo confirmation

    • Iwa de Leon

      Same here ang tagal

      • Burdagol A KoBa

        Baka mali po ung email na ginamit

    • Dheb

      Just a minute only

  • JK

    Hi! I actually booked a date and paid last weekend, June 2. Until now, wala pa rin akong e-mail confirmation. It’s been 2 days. Yung pinagsabihan ko na mag-book, mabilis nakuha yung e-mail notification. Pero bakit ang tagal nung sa akin? I’ve been calling DFA hotline, pero sobrang hassle, paikot-ikot yung instruction and wala man lang silang command center para ma-receive yung complaints and queries.

    • ogzfive

      Where and to whom did you pay?

  • Bernadette

    Pnu po kng pnacancel ung slot dun s tga kuha ng sched,xe gsto mbilisang byad wla p ung confirmation 22o po b n 3 months dw po ulit bgo aq mkakuha ng slot,,

  • jay

    hi. problema ko po yung verification code ko. nabura sa email ko. hinanap ko na kahit saan pero di ko na nakita. di ko tuloy maiprint. may way po ba para mabigay ulit saken yung code ko. tumawag nako sa hotline nila pero di nila maibigay. thanks!!

    • Samantha Angel Mendoza

      Try to look sa trash ng email
      Andun lng po un

      • jay

        wala din po e. naghanap nako sa mga folder.

        • thaays

          Hello! Agad agad din po ba marereceieve yung email na may application code?

  • Kenneth Watson

    May nareceive na po akong email notification at ang gagawin ko nalang po ay i click yung link na sinend sa email ko pero nung clinick ko po, nagpakita pong “confirmation link might be expired or invalid”. Ano po ba pwedeng gawin dito or hayaan nalang po ba na mag antay ng ilang araw at mag set nanaman ng panibagong schedule…how to confirm your appointment schedule if it says that the confirmation link is expired or invalid.

    • Burdagol A KoBa

      Pwede kana po magset ng new appointment kapag expired na po ung link, kc sa ngaun po July 2018, 1 hour na lang po binibigay nilang duration para maconfirm mo ung link ng appointment mo kpag di mo naconfirmed within one hour sigurado expired na po un. Pero pag buong DFA NCR (All Site) 48 hours po binibigay nilang duration sa pagbabayad thru Epayment sir.

  • Hayato Fujiwara

    Pano po yung group appointments? Click forIndividual appointments lang po kasi lumalabas sa website. Thanks po.

    • jill

      try Mozilla fox or google chrome :)

  • Claire Ramos

    Hi tanong ko lang po, may nabasa kase ako na dapat daw hindi connected yung email account mo sa ibang social media apps. Kase until now wala pa rin akong narereceive na appointment code. Paano po ba yon?

  • Frances

    Hello po.. paano po kaya to.. nag pa appoint ako 2 sched.. .. naverify ko nmn sa email add ung 1..then the other 1..hindi ko na ni verify kasi kampante ako na okay nmn.. kaya binayaran ko na parehas.. ao after non. Atska lang sinabi sakin na hindi na nya maopen and limot na mga details security code.. and worst is invalid na pala ung email address .. paano ko po kaya makukuha ung appointment code nun? Lalo at paid na .. thank you po sa response

    • Frances

      Possible po bang makuha ko details sa dfa.. para ma ipacancel ko to edit thw email address then reschedule?

      • jill

        call the Appointment Hotline for assistance: (02) 234-3488.

  • Haze

    Nakahanap na ko ng slot for passport schedule appointment sa pag mamadali kong fill up an namali po lagay ng birthplace ko pwede ba yun macorrect once na pumunta akong dfa?

    • jill

      yup. The application form may be corrected based on your documents on the day of your appointment. Please tell the passport processor about it.

  • Nicolle Andrea Asuncion

    Hi ask ko lang po , pano if may mali sa pag apply ko ng online passport sa dfa. My name is nicolle andrea , but in my applied application form nicolle lang nakalagay . Mavavalid pa din po ba yun? My schedule appearance was on June 30, 2018.

    I hope you reply . Thanks ..

    • jill

      on the day of your appointment pwede mo sabihin sa assigned person about sa correction ng name mo :)

      • Mariah Beltran Dungca

        Kapag po ba meron na ako slot na nakuha at yung nailagay ko pong bithday ko isa 1989 instead 1990 hindi po ba magkakaproblema kapag nasa dfa na po ako para sa appointment ko? Tnx po

  • HG Santos

    Hi ask ko lng po pano po gagawen ko kung lumalabas po na may previous appointment ako at nid icancel which is never po ako ngpa appointment at first time ko plng po

    • Burdagol A KoBa

      Try mo ilagay middle initial mo instead na middle name mo. Usually ung may asterisk lang required sa form.

  • jojo Oyson

    hi po.try my appointment today after the review the details and the amount na dapat bayran,wala nmn pinakit na details ng reference number na dapat mong bayran sa mga authorized nila,then kahit email from dfa is wala din,pano po mabbyaran un kong wlang reference number,and pano makikita yung appointment code kong wala naman binigy or sinend sa email na nilagay mo? ung parang receipt lang ang pinakita at kung magkno babayran.. hoping po may maksagot at kung same ba sa iba po yung kagya ng sakin..thank you for the answers…Godbless

    • Burdagol A KoBa

      Baka mali ang email na nilagay mo sa form ng site.

      • Sanjeeb Bhing

        ganyan din po ngyari sakin, walang reference number na binigay so pagpunta ko sa bayad center wala akong maibigay, try ko pong cancel kailangan namn po application code. paano ko kaya makuha reference number pra maka bayad po ako.

        • Sanjeeb Bhing

          hindi po mali ang email ko, diko lng po na proceed for payment

  • Judith Cacao

    Gud pm po…Paano po kayang magcancel ng appointment?.Hindi q po kc nbyran ang e-payment q nong july 5 at until now.,may nklgay p rin pong already exist po ang appointment..Paano qpo macacanceluneh ndi q p nmnpo nbbyran?.

    • Burdagol A KoBa

      Automatic yan makacancel pag di mo na nabayaran within 48hours Mam. Set ka na lang ng bagong appointment mo Mam.

  • Redina Ramirez

    Nagpa appointment at Ng July 4 at sumipot nmn ako pero kulang requirements ko..ngaun nagpa re sked aq pero Sabi sa email q d pa daw aq pwd..antay aq Ng 1 sinipot q nmn sked q

    • jill

      try to call the Appointment Hotline for assistance: (02) 234-3488. I don’t think it will take a month to have another appointment.

  • Jean Klaire E. Visco

    Hi po. Nakapagpaappointment po ako, pero di po ako sinendand ng appointment code. Reference number po for payment ung sinend sakin. Ano po ba nauuna? Appointment code or reference number?

    • Benz Tan-ang

      Hi po ma’am, ang nauuna po ay Reference number. Macoconfirm ka lng pag nakabayad ka na po..

    • Jhen Garbo de Gracia

      Reference number po. Kasi yun gagamitin mo para magbayad. Then tsaka po isesend yung confirmation code

  • Laarni joy S . Waje

    Ask ko lang if may below 7 years old kid ako pwed ba ako sumbay sa kanya kahit wala me appointment ?

    • Jhen Garbo de Gracia

      Opo yung pinsan ko po kasama nya mga anak nyang nagpapassport di na po kailangan ng appointment.

  • Cassey

    Hi po tanong kulang ano po magiging problema kapag mi isang detalye sa online appointment ang nagawa… instead kasi na 1996 na i 1995 ko po

  • Cathy Dela Cruz Bumagat

    Hi… Ask ko lang kung macacncel na ba ung application ko sa pasport pag hndi nbigay ung req. Na ni d nila? may extend na sia one month… Kya lng may prob sa birth cert ko at hindi naayos…hindi na ba pedeng ma extend ulit un…kasi nbayaran ko na sia…hoping to get an answer here… Thank u so much

    • melody

      hi ate, same tayo ng question. any update on your case?

  • Glenda Morga

    good pm. tanong ko lang po. nasa epayment na po ako bigla po nag lowbat ang laptop ko. ano po ang gagawin ko? hindi na po ako makapag pa schedule ng bago kailangan daw muna i cancel ang nauna ko naipa schedule. kaso ang problema hindi ko nga po natapos at hinihingi po saken ang appointment code. sana po may makatulong saken. salamat po

  • Jackyllyn Manalo

    Hello po, nakapag apply na po ng appointment sa dfa, kaso po mali po yung nakalagay na place of birth po , paano po aayusin yun??

  • Combis Magda

    Hello po pwede po mag ask, nakapagpappoint na po ako JULY 7, 2018, sumipot ako pero kulang daw requirements ko at cancel na cya. Eh nakuha ko na yung valid ID ko, pwede po ba ako bumalik sa DFA kahit ano oras at magpass ng requirements ko gamit parin yung same appointment code?

  • Jeffrey Poliquit

    pwede po magtanong,nag pa book na po ako pero wala pa pong sinend na appointment code sa email ko. hindi po ba na verify yun? salamat

    • Danica Flores

      naverify na po ba yung email code niyo?

      • Margarito C Sardido

        gud eve poh mam .pariho poh kami nlng problema ..sakin poh d kopa poh na veryrify yung code ko poh ..salalmt god bless

  • alejandro

    tanong kulang po paano ulit maibalik ung appointment pero naka pag bayad na ho ako dahil napindot ung cancel imbis ung reschedule sana mapipindot paano po ba dapat gawin

    • angie


  • alejandro

    naka schedule na po ako sa pampanga robinson star mills ang punta ko po 10 to 11′o clock ng umaga po

  • Wilson Solano Loto

    Hi po. Ask ko lang po kung paano malalaman kung nakabook na ko. Ee naconfirm ko na sya tapos biglang nawala. Tapos nagtry ako magfill up ulit pero nakasched na daw.

    • Wilson Solano Loto


      • Wilson Solano Loto

        Nacancel ko po kc sya pagdating sa payment now. Ee

        • Julius Kimpaoy

          pano po macancel appointment wala kasing appointment code na dumating?

          • angie

            ako rin ganun din,wlang code na dumating..pano kaya un..kelangan na daw mabayaran na bukas sa kahit saang outlet,wla po aqng maipapakitang code kc wla aqng narcv.

    • belle corP

      same tayo..dko alam pno macancel ksi need nila appointment code

      • 이소중

        pano po ba pag ganon di umabot sa deadline na babayaran tapos mag papa apoinment po sana kami kaya lang i cancel daw po muna yung nauna e pano naman po namn makakacancel wala pa naman appointment code

    • Jhen Garbo de Gracia

      Diba bago po maconfirm yung book nyo kailangan muna magbayad gamit po ng reference number na ibibigay sa inyo. Nagbayad na po ba kayo? Tsaka isesend po kasi nila sa inyo yung confirmation sa email na nilagay nyo nung nagfill out po kayo online9

      • Dyosa

        Ng apoitment din poh ako nawawala.pih tlga kpg sa pone kya ngkaproblm din ako.pero sa part nyan hanapin nyo poh tabs sa may google makikita nyo yan tabs mkikita nyo run reference isulat nyo at bayaran kapg nabayaran na mag send sila ulit na suseesfulu apoitment nyo at Ned nyo printed ung files n send nilatapos kpg wala sa inbox email check nyo ang spam

  • chubbyngcute0110

    Paano po kaya kapag yung middle name ko is iba ang spelling kesa sa mother ko. Alin po kaya ang ilalagay ko sa maiden surname niya?Yung nasa birthc niya o yung nasa akin?

    • Melissa nanali

      Ate inapproved umba ung sau kht mali nalagay mo

  • Rednac-xela eihb

    Hi sir ..worry po kc acu appointment kc dpat acu last AU.13
    2018 2-3 pm ..diko sya napuntahan kasi nagkaroon ng biglaan emergencysa ..pero nbyaran ko na po yung 1000 sa 7/11 pra sa appoitment ko.nasaki pa nman po ung resibo ng pinagbayaran ko.ano po kaya ang pede ko gawin help me nman po pra alam ko po ..slamat po sa mkaka advice ng gagawin ko..godbless po

    • Apple Joy Marquez Batangan-Cas


  • vodz

    invalid transaction request ang lumalabas pano kaya to?

  • christopher balagot

    Good day to everyone. Nagkamali po ako ng pag fill up hindi ko po agad napansin akala ko po tama yung info ko nagkamai po aki sa Birthday ko po dapat June 10,1997 po yun yung nakita ko june 10,1987 anu po ba dapat kung gawin nabayaran ko na po kasi sya.. Please help naman po.. Maraming salamat..

  • Rosario

    Ask ko lang po sana pwd po bang mag pa appointment ulit.

    • AinzOoalGown Nazarick

      yes… pero aantay kapa ata ng 30 days

  • Hannah

    Hi! We tried to reschedule our online passport appointment last night, but when we are about to confirm the new provisional schedule, it says “Request Rejected” because the DFA’s system got down (didn’t load). So that means that we didn’t get to reschedule it on October 26.
    Now, we tried to view our FIRST confirmed appointment schedule with the Appointment Code sent by the DFA in my email but unfortunately, it says “Appointment does not exist”??? Why is this???
    Our first appointment is on November 14, 2018 at DFA Iloilo. Pls help.

  • Emelyn Cabasag

    Hi po.. Ask ko lang sana.. Paanu po ma cancel yung first appointment dpat this comming nov. 13 2018 yung appiintment ko.. Kaso di dumating email coming from DFA. gusto ko sana mag a appointment ulit kaso di na maka book ulit kase sbi na exist na daw ako.. Need ko daw e cancel yung first book ko.. Ang problema wla po sinend skin na reference number panu po ba ma cancel yung una kung na book? Pls help po anu pwde gwin.. Salamat po.

    • AinzOoalGown Nazarick

      try mo sa spam… pag nabayaran mo na ung appointment mo may email na dadating usually po sa SPAM yan

      • Emelyn Cabasag

        Panu kung mali yung date ng birthday? Instead 24 naging 25.. Bayad na po.. Then this 23 ang appointmnet

  • Emelyn Cabasag

    Anu po pwde gawin? Kase wla po reference na dumating sa email ko..

  • Emelyn Cabasag

    Hi po.. Pls help po. Ask ko lng sana mali yung date ng burthday ko. Instead 24 naging 25 nalagay.. Anu ba pwde gawin? Di nba ma edit yun.. Bayad na po kase.. Pls sa mga naka experience po.. Anu ba pwde gawin? Thank you. Godbless😇

  • Prescy Bonita Verosil

    paano po magpa appointment ng passport kung kasalukuyang nasa bansang dammam?

  • Ruberanza delos Santos

    pano po kaya pwedeng gawin kung nagka mali ako sa info ng name ko instead na name e nalagay ko middle name? e na print out na po at bayad na??

    • Mizzy

      Ok lng yan dun kana magpacorrect sa dfa pinapakita nmn sau sa computer kung tma spelling lhat ng info mo

  • Apple Joy Marquez Batangan-Cas

    Hi po pano po if appointment ko may 22 tpos d ako nakasipot pero nbyaran na. pwede pa kaya un na sumipot ako any day. kasi sayang naman bnyaran ko. pkisagot nga po salamt.

    • Mizzy

      Kung anung date ka nagpaschedule need mo pumunta khit bayad ka na or else magbayad ka ulit at new schedule. Sayang namn

  • Milden

    Hello po ask lng during time ng appointment ko po tpos kulang yung requirements ko po na nadala tas nilagyan ng remarks ung dfa online ko po na papel. If babalik po ba ako ulit para ipasa ung need ko na kulang. Magbabayad naman ba ako or wala ng bayad?

  • Gaile Grace Montinol Pineda

    hi ask ko lng po. today po kasi expired date ng paymaent ko . pde pa ba ihabol para makakuha ako ng code..? tnx po

  • Gaile Grace Montinol Pineda

    pareply nmn po sa may alam.. kasi po need ko po malaman kung pwede paba bayaran o hnd na po.. tnx po

  • Buddy

    Hi guys
    Pwede po ba kaya na pumunta ka mas maagang oras my sched mo? Sched ko Kasi bukas is 4pm pwede kaya na pumunta ako sa dfa at pumila my mas maaga? Please help.

  • Buddy

    Pwede po ba kaya na pumunta nh mas maaga sa sched mo? 4pm po Kasi nakuha ko na sched .aagahan ko Sana or maaga Sana. Pwede kaya yun

  • Zahara sopolmo

    Hi.tanong ko lang pwede ba ko gumamit ng affidavit sa pag kuha ng passport kasi mali spelling ng first name ko sa marriage contract q.

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