iPad 2: You’ll buy it no matter what we say

\"iPadRumors after rumors, I got tired reading news about iPad 2 but on March 2, Apple finally made iPad 2 official.

Apple unveiled the iPad 2 without giving much hint on its specs so some tech journalists and tablet enthusiasts were disappointed with yet another Apple feature creep.

The new iPad 2 is 33 percent thinner, runs on A5 dual-core processor, has front and rear camera, and comes in white. Despite the lack of other more-awaited features like better resolution, USB support and 4G, Apple boasts that it is more than just a marginal improvement.

Even though this seems like an iPad 1.5 rather than iPad 2, the few feature bump might be enough to screw the competition up. Even Samsung admitted that Galaxy Tab 10.1 features seems inadequate. Even so, the competition is strong against other tablets like Motorola Xoom.

Apple CEO Steve Job\’s keynote on March 2 event ended with an interesting closing remark, saying that \”These are post-PC devices, that need to be even easier to use than a PC.\” This is an oxymoron because all Apple devices are inherently dependently on iTunes, which requires a PC (or a Mac). Why can\’t they just cut the cord?

As Conan O’Brian have said on his night show, Apple is getting cocky about the iPad 2 so they came up with a mock promo video using this slogan — iPad 2: You’ll buy it no matter what we say.

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