Google Wallet Fail: Broker Server Unable to Process Requests

This is becoming a common error lately in Android Market — failed: Oops – the broker server was unable to process your request

Yesterday I wrote about how the transaction discrepancy in Android Market ruined my celebration  of Android 10B Downloads.  Today I encountered another odd behavior in the Android Market, a Google Wallet fail! I haven\’t encountered this kind of troubles in iTunes so that\’s good for Apple.

Google could be processing thousands or even millions of transaction each day with Google Checkout which is now effectively called Google Wallet, because of their push for NFC, so I don\’t understand why the Android Market place seems to be having problems in placing orders.

Users complain of getting this error message in their Google Wallet account:

failed: Oops – the broker server was unable to process your request


I could not place an order on $0.10 featured apps because of this error. Sometimes when I click on Transactions I get the list of transactions but most of the times I get the error above.

After trying several times buying on the web, I tried buying from mobile. Apparently I still can\’t buy without getting an error. The transaction will get through but you\’ll get a troublesome error saying that there is an error in processing your purchase.


There is no confirmation email confirming your purchase. However, after several minutes the transaction will be reflected on your Google Wall transaction lists.

You can do a search for the error on the web and there are many complains about this.

There are 4 more days of Android 10B Downloads celebration. Since Google is selling these apps for  very tiny amount, I guess we can\’t complain when we could not get it immediately. There is just a fear that you could get charged repeatedly if you try purchasing an app repeatedly. Hopefully this won\’t happen and Google Wallet will be able to prevent such thing from happening.

Also, I don\’t encounter this in buying the other not-for-sale apps, just the apps featured by Google on their 10B Downloads celebration.

Good luck getting the featured apps for the remaining days!



By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.