Page Speed Service: Google\’s Entry to Content Delivery Network

Google is obsessed with speed and it opened a new service that can speed up your website from 25% up to 60% faster.

\"PageIn a mission to \”Make the Web Faster\”, Google announced last week a new service called Page Speed Service. It will compete directly with major players in content delivery like Akamai and Amazon Cloudfront as well as newer services that improves web performance such as CloudFlare, Torbit, Incapsula, Blaze and Yottaa.

In Google\’s test, they claim that the service will speed up your website from 25% up to 60% and to do that you have to set your DNS to point to Google instead of your own server. Page Speed Service then fetches the content from your website and rewrites them with best practices that enhance the page load performance.

At this point Page Speed Service is only available for free to limited testers but you can request access by filling up the form here. The link is also available from Google APIs console.


Take note that Google will eventually charge you for the service. Pricing is yet to be published and it is unknown whether it will have a freemium model.

Page Speed Service Optimization?

I ran my own tests using the comparison tool that Google provided and I found that the simulated optimized page is actually much slower.


Right now you can simulate how Google can improve the speed of your website. Some people complain that it actually makes their website slower. Later on, the original post was updated with this note:

We were notified of a bug in the measurement tool that sometimes causes incorrect measurements. If your results indicated a slowdown on your pages, please run the tests again, and make sure you specify a fully qualified domain such as We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this may have caused.

Measurement tests run for bare domains (such as, without the prefix www) previously indicated that pages were loading more slowly, rather than speeding up, when using Page Speed Service. The test results page now prominently notifies you of this when you visit this page, if this error applies to you. Please check your old measurement results page if this bug applies to you. Running the tests again with the fully qualified domain such as www.example.comusually fixes the issue and gives you the correct measurement.

So I ran another test and here is what I got:

As you can see on my first test, I am using the prefix www so I believe CloudFlare is doing a better job in optimizing my website performance more than Google Page Speed Service. However, on my second test, it seems that Google Page Speed Service is somewhat faster. On both tests, I noticed that the images are not all available in Page Speed Service. I still requested for the service because I want to test it first-hand and not just run it on a simulation.

By Marck V.

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