Google Black Navigation Bar: Remove, Disable or Change It

\"GoogleOver the last few weeks, Google rolled out black navigational bar in Google search and it  got mixed reactions. A lot of people started seeing this when Google+ grand beta invitation draws nearer so people started questioning the change in Google search UI. No one really knows what the black menu bar is for, not until recently when Google officially announced an evolved design and experience across Google products.

Long story short, the Google Black Navigation Bar (codename \”Sandbar\”) is a toolbar that attempts to unify all Google properties according to this article and if you read between the lines, it have stemmed from the Google+ social project.

You might consider it ugly or distracting but the black bar reminds you that you are using Google products. To make the design more consistent across Google products, there is also a new Gmail theme available for preview and Calendar was already redesigned to give the same look and feel.


Now that you know how the black bar came to be, it\’s really up to you if want to get rid of it. Personally I would keep it black but the best part is you are not constrained to that color thanks to browser extensions.

For Firefox users, you can use this userscript available for Greasemonkey  to go back to classic Google Bar.


For Chrome users, you can also go back to the old white Google navigation bar by installing this Chrome extension, Remove Black Bar from Google.

Alternatively, you can try this Google Plus bar color changer extension so that you could change the black menu bar to any color that you prefer.


For other browsers, it seems that your only option is to run Greasemonkey userscripts in those browsers.

So now that you know your options, will you remove, disable or change the color of Google black navigation bar? Let me know.

  • Hi MV

    Thanks for the helpful sugestion regarding getting rid of the “Black Bar”. I can see what to do if you use Firefox or Chrome, however do I assume you are stuck with it if you use good old IE8?

    While we are on the subject of IE 8 have you noticed that Google maps vanished from the list of accelerators that used to be available? Is this that latest round in the Google Microsoft war?

    Thanks for your help to all us users


    Michael Peak

  • MV

    I linked an option to run Greasemonkey scripts using other browsers like IE, Opera and Safari. For IE8, you can use Trixie. Basically any userscript you can find for Firefox is usable in Trixie. Here’s the link:

    As for Google maps being unlisted, I did a quick search and you can still find one here:

    Hope it helps.

  • Hi MV

    Thank you very much for your reply and google maps is now working. What I don’t understand is how you found it and I can’t!!!

    I went to manage Add-ons in IE 8, and if I search for it it says not found – most strange.

    It’s even stranger that the only search provider it allows is Bing. If you click on find more search providers you can find Google OK, but it’s added as an accelerator and not a search provider!!

    That’s OK – but Bing is always there as an option when you are searching for something.

    Thanks again for your help

    Michael Peak

    • MV

      We’re going off-topic but to answer your question I am not using IE8. I used IE9 to look for that accelerator. You should upgrade soon to IE9. Personally I don’t use any accelerator. As for the search engine option, i found it here:

  • Oops sorry we went off topic. Just had to say though thanks for putting up with me. Why could you find things and not me? Then I found the dropdown box in the bottom RH corner!! Sorry to be such a berk!


    • MV

      No worries. Glad to help. I explore the software, I read and scan a lot of tech articles. Perhaps it’s my experience with these softwares that make things easier from my end.

  • trader_zzzz

    How to remove Google’s Black Navigation Bar:

    Many people complain about Googles Black Navigation Bar,
    When you use Google as your home page. I have spent hours
    On the Web for answers and nobody had one, until I figured,
    How to get rid of it. It is very simple. Don’t use Google.
    Use another Search Engine. Like Webcrawler, Yahoo, Lycos,
    Alta Vista etc. That is it! No Black Bar and Google looses
    A bunch of Money. I like Google but I don’t like that Black Bar.

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  • patel.milanb

    TRY the New Layout …

    download the cookie editor plugin for chrome or firefox ” Cookies ”
    edit the cookie, value = PREF and replace the one listed below
    restart chrome, > have fun …

  • joeri

    How is how I removed/disabled the black navigation bar without installing any plugins or use any scripts (it is very easy!):

  • How do I completely remove Google Plus (icon)?

    • Are you referring to the Google+ website or the +1 buttons? I’m not sure why would you remove Google Plus icon?

  • I had to “lock” the cookie to get the new Google menu across all Google products. Although I got the new Google menu on my other computer, it is not available on all of my computer. This solved my problem. Thanks!

  • Here’s a Google Chrome extension I created that adds the Google Reader link back to the black Google navigation bar:

    • Thanks for the tip. I created a new post suggesting your extension to add some degree of customization to the new Google bar:

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  • Stephanie Frerk

    I don’t mind the friggen toolbar but it is in Afrikaans and I can go through the roof because I cannot get it to set and stay in flippen English !!!!! I want to Freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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