Globe Duo and Super Duo Expansion, Really?

Dear Globe, before you expand Globe Duo and any service related to it, can you at least fix all the bugs in your system particular to account registration and service management?

\"ODear Globe, before you expand Globe Duo and any service related to it, can you at least fix all the bugs in your system particular to account registration and service management? I have been dealing with the recurring problems with Globe Super Duo since September 2010 – and some of them happened not twice, not thrice, but four times! Your customer support representatives have been covering your ass since last year and I could only wonder if your technical team is actually doing any real work.

By now I have already memorized the procedures when I report my problem in Globe customer service as I always get the same routinary treatment. It seems that my reports are not getting enough attention. If only I could get a decent alternative, I would have switched by now. The service is good but recurring technical problems ruin it for me. I know that there are other people experiencing this problem because your customer support told me so. I just hope they are still your customers.

Here are several problems that I have experienced with the service so far:

First from my list, Super Duo expires but there is a grace period of 30 days before Super Duo (landline) number is deleted from a registered account. While re-registering within my grace period, registration prompt delay (> 1 hr.) led me to think the system did not response. So I registered again. However, the earlier registration was actually recorded in the system and as a result there were 2 registrations pending under my cellphone number. When I confirmed the registration, my old registered Super Duo number was discarded off my account and the system issued a new Super Duo number. It was so frustrating because I lost a good landline number, twice!

Second, there are times that it takes extra effort to register. I really hope you have addressed this problem already. Boasting about your expansion in more provinces won’t do any good when you can’t improve on ease of registration.

Third, and probably the most annoying of all: since September, whenever my Super Duo account expires my sim will totally lose the capability to make any outgoing calls even with customer service hotline 211! I can receive incoming calls, send and receive text messages, but I can’t make any outgoing calls at all. It’s just nuts! I will have to wait at least 3 days up to 1 week in order to make outgoing calls again. I am totally puzzled why Globe could not get into the root cause of this problem. I get the impression that Globe doesn’t do any problem management at all and if they do, they do it poorly just like the other big telco company. My Super Duo subscription will expire in 3 days and I don\’t know if I will encounter this for the fifth time. I hope not because I am sick and tired of it.

Last and definitely not the least problem — the expiry reminder is too short. Most of the times I get the reminder in less than 12 hours before the expiry of Super Duo service. Yes, I know when should I renew my registration but why can\’t they make the notification arrive at least 24 hours before expiry? Why would Globe want me to forget spending another P599 or P499 for them? It doesn\’t make sense. If they want me to renew and register again, they should bombard me with reminders. But they are not doing that. It is hilarious because Globe tried (or tested) sending reminders 3 days prior to expiry. I received their notice last month saying that my Super Duo registration is expiring within 3 days but I received the notice only 6 hours before expiry. FAIL!

You might ask why I am still sticking with Globe Duo service despite the list of problems I just mentioned. Actually, the service is satisfactory. It is easier for me to maintain 2 numbers in one phone and it is cheaper. Not to mention I don’t have to deal with regular billing because I’m using prepaid. This is perfect for me because I don’t text a lot. I make calls whenever possible.

I hope Mr. Nikko Acosta is reading this. Duo and Super Duo have been around since 2009 and they are generally a good cost-effective service. Please don’t let mediocre service management and technical problems kill it.

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On March 2011, the expiry reminder is still buggy. It is still telling that my subscription will expire in 3 days but only after 5 hours the subscription is over.

The annoying problem with outgoing call seems to be fixed already (at least from my end). Recently when my subscription expired I could still make outgoing calls. Finally fixed after 6 months!

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.