I was at Mozilla Firefox 4 Philippine Launch last Saturday and for me, this is the highlight of the event apart from the raffle. :)

USA, Japan, China, Taiwan and Indonesia already have local mascots name. They are Kit, Foxkeh, G-Fox. Foxmosa and Kumi respectively. It\’s only a matter of time until we get our own Pinoy Firefox mascot.

The cute Firefox mascot, sporting a katipunero-like salakot with matching scarf, was created by comic artist Martin Jimenez. Mr. Jimenez confessed at the event last Saturday that he tried giving the critter a name but he could not just come up with a good one so he let the community decides for the official Philippine Firefox mascot.

There were many creative entries. Some of the witty ones submitted were \”Wat\” … as in Wat the Fox (WTF!) and Manny Foxquiao.

In the end, the community voted for the name Alab, which means fire, flare or blaze.

So there you have it. Let\’s welcome Alab, the Official Mozilla Firefox Philippine Mascot.



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