Yahoo had finally done something with Yahoo Mail with their latest beta of the popular free email service.

The new version highly resembles desktop email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird. The inbox, folders, tabs and buttons are still placed on their familiar spots. While this may appeal to some, users who have already got accustomed to Gmail may not likely favor the new interface.

Purple dominates the screen and there\’s no option for customization yet. While it is still in beta, it would be more fun if you can change themes to give your inbox some personalization just like in Gmail and Live.

Under the hood, the new Yahoo Mail sports more speed and better spam protection. Even though I am sifting through hundreds of emails, the UI is very responsive. Yahoo claims that this version is 2 times faster.

Like in the previous versions, you can see who among your contacts are online. You can chat with them by instant messaging (IM) or SMS. It also integrates with social networks like Facebook and Twitter so you can see, post and join with your friends\’ conversations. Yahoo also conveniently added viewing of pictures and videos right in your inbox which make sharing multimedia easier.

Watch the video below to learn more about the new Yahoo Mail beta.

Try the new Yahoo Mail beta

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