It\’s nearly august and I will celebrate my 6th year of blogging. I can\’t remember for what particular purpose I was blogging but looking at how immature and simplistic my first post was, it\’s now obvious why I have not gone far from where I started.

It\’s been a long time since I actually posted good content here. I lost focus a lot of times for a number of different reasons. A lot of them has to do with my life offline. But who cares about those stuffs. What\’s important is that I am moving on and I continue learning from what life has to offer.

I am turning 25 this year and there are many challenges ahead of me. No, this is not about quarter life crisis. I have already found my purpose and it\’s only a matter of time for me to fulfill and for you to find out. :)

This blog had already gone through the test of time and it is still standing after big storms. It has gone through several face-lift but I was not heavily promoting it. It\’s clearly my fault. I used to have PR 4… then it dropped to PR 3. Now I\’m back at PR 2. This is not the time to quit blogging. I certainly have more plans and it starts NOW.

To celebrate my 6th year of blogging, I will implement changes in my blog. It\’s good that WordPress 3.0 has built-in multisite support now because WordPress MU is quite a hard nut to crack specially with plug-ins. I hope I can exploit it as much as I can to cover different areas that interest me.

For a long time I have been doing internet marketing but I have not discussed anything about it in my blog. You\’ll see more of it in my posts. Let\’s talk about making money — the risk and reward of getting into online business. Before, I\’m was very tight-lipped about it because I was a newbie. However, I have already gained experience and I would like to share what I can for beginners. No one started as a guru or an expert. I hope I can impart knowledge in areas like SEO, usability, design and other related topics.

A quick plug: I\’m building a new website here at It\’s a joint effort with some of my fellow bloggers. It\’s heavily inspired by Ed Dale\’s 30 Day Challenge, now simply called \”The Challenge\”.

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