Now: Moving Forward

I was already on my way to ride a jeepney when I realized I left my camera batteries at home. It was very inconvenient but I had to go back and search for the batteries somewhere in my room. On my way  back home, I received a text message from my friend. I was relieved and I was really thankful I came all the way back to get my batteries because the plan for today was postponed and was rescheduled tomorrow.

Everything happens for a reason. You have probably heard of this cliche over and over again but this is true. It happens all the time. At first, I was very frustrated when I left my camera batteries at home. I could have just walked away and neglected my problem but it would render my camera useless. I don\’t want to render my camera useless! After all, I already took the trouble bringing it.

I don\’t know if it was just a gut-feel but I knew I should go back or I would regret it. Regret that I won\’t be able to take pictures, or regret that I didn\’t decide to come back when I know it was the right thing to do. Either way, I decided to just come back even if it would delay my travel.

So I was back in my room and I searched for the camera batteries that I misplaced somewhere. Found it! Then before I packed up again, I was informed that THE plan was called of, and now I am typing this story here in my blog.

\"\"There are many things happening in our lives everyday and we don\’t know why those things are happening to us, yet. Sometimes it could be as simple as forgetting your camera batteries for an important occasion or it could be as bad as getting a flat tire on the way to a very important business meeting, or it could be worse.

Most people would panic and forget to control their emotions on a tight situation. However, when unforeseen events happen, I suggest that you stop, step back and take a deep breathe. Think positively and think of ways on how this may help you. You might be forgetting something or you have to learn something from the whole experience.

I am thankful because this experience reminded of the valuable lessons that I learned outside during the hiatus of my blog. So, let me end this post with a quote from Soren Kierkegaard:

Life must be understood backwards; but… it must be lived forward.

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