At first I was hesitant if I would be able to capture an expiring domain name because it is a highly competitive market. I have been using back orders to secure several expiring domain names before but I have failed numerous times already. However, after doing some research I was able to capture my first dropped domain name. It was a fantastic experience and I love doing it again when the opportunity comes.

\"\"Snatching an expiring domain name is not easy. There are domain squatters, professional domainers, internet marketers and branding agencies looking for high valuable domain names. In my research I found the story of Mike Davidson in Mike Industries very helpful in gauging the competition surrounding this market.  You have to be smart, fast in making decision and more importantly, tactical. If you don\’t have any plans in mind and you rely only in one single resource, you are placing all your eggs in one basket. Not good.

I was in a tight budget when I got my first expired domains and I thought that you don\’t have to spend so much just to buy a good expiring domain name. You just have to make use of the best tools around to monitor competition. That way, you won\’t overbid and you won\’t be stressed needlessly.

I\’ll write a new post once I am able to complete my next dropped domain name registration. Since I am doing this part-time, it might take some time. Feel free to look around and give me your feedbacks.

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