It is a win-win situation for Microsoft Office and Google Doc users as Google released a free plug-in for Microsoft Office that ties Google Docs to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. It is the result of Google acquisition of DocVerse.

Google Cloud Connect syncs Office documents, slides and spreadsheets to Google Doc and stores it in the cloud which enable online collaboration with other Google Doc users. In a way, Google Cloud Connect is a free alternative to Microsoft Sharepoint.

Just like Sharepoint, it acts like backend for storing the changes in the document. The changes are not real-time, unlike in Google Docs, but if there are any changes in the document, you will be prompted to resolve the conflicts before saving. And just in case, there is a full revision history in the document where you can revert to earlier versions of the document in one click. You can find more details of the caveats in syncing documents here.

I was looking forward to take part in the testing this week but the demand was so high that I didn\’t get a chance to get into the early invitation.

My concern at the moment about syncing MS Office and Google Docs is about security. I wouldn\’t use this plug-in a highly confidential or sensitive document. Certain companies have policies on what you can upload on the web and what should stay within the intranet, so be careful on what document to sync.

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