I have been using this sleek 15-inch laptop for a couple of months now and I am very happy with its overall performance. It runs on an Intel i3 processor and it can play decent games like StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty thanks to its dedicated mobile graphics card. The generous amount of 4GB memory is also an added advantage for multi-tasking.

It\’s not defective; in fact it is still very smooth and it looks new.

So why I am bidding goodbye to this ideal laptop?

It will be sold soon. (sob)

Maturity played a lot in my decision to sell this lovely laptop because more important things await for the coming weeks and I have no emergency fund. Life could be a surprise to most of us, isn\’t it?

The reason I\’m quite touchy about this laptop is because I named it after a girl\’s name. I usually name my gadgets generic-sounding names. This laptop is actually the first gadget I ever named after a girl. And now, I am selling it!

You could now imagine how pathetic I am…

Of course I\’m kidding. Sure, there is a very important milestone in my life soon and I need a ready cash for that but I really intended to sell this i3 laptop because I want to buy a new desktop. I still have a decent Core 2 Duo laptop and an older Core Duo laptop which are more difficult to sell so I sold this one instead. It was fun owning this laptop but first things first. I need to dispose it.

I couldn\’t think of a better way to end this so I\’m leaving you with a sad photo…

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