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Welcome to MV.Tech.Blog – a site that helps young urban professionals discover social media, web apps and digital lifestyle products and services.

It\’s hard to keep up with the fast-paced technology as plethora of information bombards us all the time. I attempt to journal essential information that will help even the average Joe use the latest technology around us along with some tricks and tips from my experience. I write about technologies that inspire and motivate people to become more efficient and productive. Technology should be an enabler and not make our life more difficult, so I also curate useful applications and gadgets that makes digital lifestyle more fun and convenient.

It all started in 2004 when I founded vexite.com as a tech journal while I was still in college. The domain name doesn\’t even mean anything. It is one of many internet handles that I used for more than 10 years so I got stuck with it. It is only 6 letters so hopefully it is easy enough to remember.

Frustrated in writing, I used my blog to narrate my experience and learnings inside and outside the classroom. Most of my blog posts then was full of complaints about the local internet service providers and how bad their services were. Between 2005 and 2007, my blog ranked very high in Google for local search keywords. People flocked to my blog adding comments and rants against those local services. For the first 3 years my blog harbored frustration on technology but offered little help. This affected how I write new posts because I wished I could help those people. I learned a lot from that process.

After graduating with Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology in 2006, I immediately got a job in one of the biggest technology company in the world. During the same period I was also busy with side projects, working on my entrepreneurial skills. Then I took an online sabbatical leave. After two years without fresh content, I nearly abandoned blogging. However, I am still compelled to share my thoughts and learnings because I sorely missed expressing myself through words; it is therapeutic for me.

Once I found my resolve I rebooted my blog in 2010 to focus on key technologies shaping our future. I started covering all the tech buzz words possible – web 2.0, social media, gamification, big data, apps, SaaS, cloud and the list goes on.

Vexite.com is dedicated in trendy information on social media, web apps and digital lifestyle.

Honestly speaking, I don’t know everything but if I do not know something I exercise all due diligence before I put anything into writing. I honor the principles of journalism so hopefully you will not find glaring mistakes in my blog. Feel free to contribute your knowledge so that everyone in the community will benefit from the discussions. Therefore, I urge you to comment on my blog as long as it is not a spam or irrelevant to the topic.

I accept advertising, sponsorship and other forms of compensation. However, I am not compensated to give opinion on products, services, websites and any other topics. The views and opinions expressed on my blog are purely my own, except for guest posts of course. For full disclosure, please read my disclosure policy.

When I am not blogging I am most likely managing a project on weekdays, and on weekends I am probably playing with my son or enjoying the great outdoors through photography. I am a proud alumni of Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) and I am still rocking an old but trusty Nikon D40.


If you would like to get in touch please contact me through my contact page.

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This year I got the top 5% global influencer gold badge from Kred.


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