This Week: Halloween

I spent a week in \”hermit mode\” to focus on my office work and some other things that kept me busy. For instance, the Halloween costume party that we had last Friday — I spent several days pondering what the hell I\’m going to wear that day. I\’ll discuss the details later on.


To begin with, I feel cheapskate these days because I want to save up more money to recover from my overspending last quarter. I\’m happy that I managed to tune my car\’s fuel consumption to the minimum since the recent oil price hike. I haven\’t refueled for the last 3 weeks. That\’s a record. Either I\’m not using the car too often or the last change oil significantly improved the fuel efficiency of my car. Either way, I\’m not complaining. It\’s good no matter how I look at it.


\"KonanNow for the Halloween party last Friday, I cosplayed Akatsuki — more or less Itachi — since I didn\’t have any weapon or accessory to carry. I didn\’t have the Sharingan. That would be too silly or ricey (baduy)!. Red eyes… sore eyes? Bleh. It was my very first cosplay so I had a mixed feeling about it since I just improvised the costume. I made the cloak out of a black graduation gown (toga) and I put white straw / Japanese paper strips around the cone \”rice hat\” (actually I used bathroom tissue because I couldn\’t find Japanese paper! kukuku!). I had to be creative to patch the symbol of Akatsuki, the red clouds, around my cloak. I used red construction papers and white paint to draw the outline of the clouds. Then I pasted, clipped and stitched the clouds around my cloak. I have 5 red clouds evenly distributed around my cloak and it was not an easy feat because the paper clouds can be ripped easily. If you\’re familiar with toga, it does not have a collar so I had to wear black long sleeves to cover my neck. I also had to wear red shirt inside because the underside of my toga is also black. The underside color of Akatsuki\’s cloack is red. Just use your imagination.

That\’s not the fun part yet. The event took place in Manila Peninsula Hotel. Just imagine what the executives and VIP in the hotel lobby were thinking when I was walking along the hallway. Were all pretending like children there. I was fortunate that other people wore more ridiculous costumes than mine. It\’s just a whim of my mind to cosplay Akatsuki. I can\’t be bothered spending money for a costume so I just made one — and it happens that Akatsuki\’s costume was very easy to create.

Near the end of the event, the organizers nominated best costumes. Since my costume was all improvised, when you inspect it closely, you\’ll agree how overrate my costume was. It\’s just appealing from a distance but the overall quality sucks big time when you scrutinize it. I\’m lucky to be in the top 15 costumes because other people who spent real money on their costumes were not even recognized.

The lesson learned here is simple — it\’s the thought that counts! If that makes any sense at all.

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.