The War of the Lions!

Sword in hand, a warrior clutches stone to breast.
In sword etched he his fading memories.
In stone, his tempered skill;
By sword attested, by stone revealed.
Their tale can now be told.


It is already out in US since October 9, and just recently Play-Asia is already shipping this game! I want to play Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions but I don\’t own a PSP. I\’m in a tight budget recently so purchasing PSP would just put my financial planning in disaster again.

I have already finished this game in PS1 but this PSP port offers new anime-style cinematics, new jobs, multiplayer feature and brand new English translation! The new English translation alone warrants a purchase because when I played this game, I only understood half the story due to inconsistent name spellings and bad grammar. Its half-baked translation didn\’t stop me enjoying the game though.

If you are reading this and feels generous on buying me a copy of the game (including PSP) — you can contact me privately regarding this matter. :D

Oh… just a side note. If you notice the logo of FFT:TWOTL, you\’ll find that a Lancer (Dragoon) is jumping high and is dominating the center of the logo. It\’s one of my favorite job in the game and certainly helpful in tough boss battles. I easily defeated the final boss by using \”jump\” ability.

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.