The Return of Teh Blogg3r

And so I returned. So what?!!!!111eleventyone!11!!

Well, not much to talk about except that this blog will come back to life once again. For some reason I feel that my 11-month hiatus give me enough room to reflect on my experience and things that happened when I was gone.

Enough introduction. Let\’s start something new! ^_^

To kick-start this post, I\’m thinking of re-organizing my blog because my format and categories are almost 3 years old already. I also want to create my own template but I can\’t do it now because of the recent upgrades I\’ve made. I used to have many templates for WordPress 2.0.x but WordPress never seize to amaze me — it\’s now version 2.3 and it keeps on improving in every release. Ever wonder how this blog managed to survive when I was gone? I have not updated my blog for a long time and I\’m surprised that Akismet plug-in helped a lot in controlling spam bots from infesting my blog. I was expecting that there are thousand spams already but the number of spam comments were minimized to a few hundreds only. It\’s also helpful that the comment review and spam-cleaning tool is more useful when deleting and identifying spam comments. It uses AJAX neatly in the interface and there\’s now a \”Mark checked comment as spam\” option in the mass edit mode. I\’m not sure on what version it first appeared but it\’s certainly useful.

I\’ll be trying every little new feature in this version of WordPress and I hope I\’ll get every feature working. I have some of my plug-ins broken and even my old theme so I\’m preparing for a big overhaul sooner or later. Let\’s hope I find time (and priority) so that I can work on these as soon as possible.

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  • weeee.. your back. How about the you’re gone for almost a year.

  • MV

    I may bring it back… I’m currently looking at free open-source softwares unless someone has to collect funds for licensed forum software like what we used to create the forums and portal. Since I heard there’s a plan for an alumni home-coming this year or probably early next year, there’s a high probability that it can be funded by the alumni association. Ten years na MunSci!!

  • well probably i can help. vBulletin is the best. when is that alumni homecoming? huwawwww.

  • MV

    It’s debatable. Looking at the pricing scheme and extensibility of forum softwares, I always look at vBulletin as the top contender. Invision Board will always be my favorite though because it innovated a lot of the features I really like to be in a forum (during those days) but vBulletin has already included some of those in the later versions if not all. If you moderate a very big forum, you’ll thank how fast Invision works when it first introduced the inline moderation. It also pioneered AJAX and RSS as far as I’m concerned but I can’t confirm how true it is. If you program in PHP, you’ll love how Invision was was coded but chances are you won’t even code unless you’re a “modder” anyway. I can’t say much now unless I try the newest version of both softwares. They are equally great IMHO. It’s just a matter of preference. Yes, it sounds like I’m contradicting myself. It’s just difficult to choose the best in features alone. However, if I’ll buy now I think I’ll buy vBulletin because it has a simpler pricing scheme. Meh….

    The home-coming is still being discussed and I don’t think there’s a definite time set yet. Ask Ma’am Diaz. :P

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