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For the lighter side of my blog, let\’s talk about videos. I know that YouTube needs no introduction and I won\’t believe that you have not seen a YouTube video yet. Now, if you are a gamer you\’ve probably watched videos that gamers have recorded and encoded, splitting to multi-part videos on how they beat an entire game from start to end. Honestly, would you watch a game instead of playing it? If you are too eager to watch game videos then watch from the real source of game video entertainment.

There is only one website I know that exhibits game franchise history with deep details and trivia that game enthusiasts would love to watch — You can even download the videos from the website in different formats such as .mov, .wmv or iPod-ready mp4.

These retrospective easily sets apart from any other game websites I know. There are game reviews and even previews in but these retrospectives do not only review games — each retrospective takes a good look on the influences of the game during its time and often describes how a game developed from one simple franchise to one of the most prolific one.

\"FinalTo give an example, let me introduce the Final Fantasy retrospective. It is the longest retrospective in right now, spanning 13 episodes. It\’s not even finished yet so I\’m looking forward to how these guys are going to end it. There are a lot of information in each episode. If you have not played any of the games prior to FF VII, then you\’ll need to watch these videos to appreciate the older FFs. Be prepared to watch some spoilers but rest assured, spoilers are kept to the minimum. Sometimes even game reviews cannot prevent spilling some spoilers to let the editors explain the game plot easier.

\"ZeldaNow, I\’m not really a Zelda fan but I appreciate adventure RPGs as well. I\’ve played Zelda once in Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) but I didn\’t finish it. Watching the retrospective videos not only gives me the overview of the series but it also enrich my understanding of the game history. I wanted to play the series from the beginning but it\’s going to be troublesome finding old Nintendo hardwares and classic games like Zelda.

I\’m sure you\’ll think twice in watching game videos in YouTube again. I encourage you to visit and watch more videos!

By Marck V.

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