Problems with House Cats

I actually do not have problems with cats alone but my problem is when they are in heat season or in other words — mating season. We own a queen and her name is Kalya (or Kayla). She\’s quite a babe because 3 toms are after her for several days now. Queen is the nomenclature for female cats while tom for male cats. Why would anyone call male cats tom when you can call them with a more royal name such as prince, duke or king after all? I just wonder. Anyway, with 3 toms after my poor queen, our house is set as the battle field for the 3 toms. Sometimes our dogs would participate in our garage and help our very own tom named Cheesecurls to scare the hell out of the trespassing toms. One of our neighbor\’s tom is named Twinkle — sounds gay! The other tom is a hooligan street cat we nicknamed \”Garfield\” for the lack of better alias.

When these toms fight over Kalya, our dogs attack any outsider cats. Cheesecurls has a home advantage. He is one lucky bastard as he does not get any beating from our dogs due to their alliance.

Frankly speaking I do not like the sound they create when they are fighting. I hate the angry high-pitched \”growl\” they create and their irritating distress signal or whatever you call it . It\’s just so fucking irritating! Hell, they even organize triple grudge match on our rooftop which is not nice when you want to sleep peacefully at night. What\’s more irritating is they managed to set a battle stage on my car as well! My dogs, anticipating which tom would fall on the ground first happily peeks and cling their front paws on the hood, too — and the result — ugly scratches above the headlamps and fender. I really wanted to cry when I saw the scratches today but I managed to fix the scratches using my Meguiar\’s car kikay kit. In my despair to save the paintworks of my car, I bought a car cover this afternoon. I feel less troubled now. However, when I checked my cats this evening… they are all sleeping on top of my newly-bought car cover. FTW!!!

I need to re-evaluate my love for pets. I hate them now. Grrr. Maybe I\’ll just pet a bunny.


We currently have 8 cats but there\’s only one true house cat of them all. She\’s toilet-trained but a sleepyhead. She\’s so behave and composed we can lock her in the house and she won\’t make any fuss about being trapped inside as long long as she can sleep and eat. Her name is Lulu, named after the gothic black mage in Final Fantasy X, as she is almost entirely black except for few white spots on her feet and belly.

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.