Hands-on ABAP Training at Work

I\’m excited to have my hands-on training on SAP ABAP 4 for the next two weeks starting tomorrow. I can read and understand ABAP codes but I don\’t have any formal training. I\’m not an ABAP developer so I have no formal background at all. I do equal amount of functional support and technical consultation in my job right now so knowing ABAP will be a great addition in my arsenal of skills.

In Sam\’s Teach Yourself ABAP 4 in 21 days, you just need 2 lines in order to create your first \”hello world\” program in SAP.

Here\’s how:

report ztx0201.
write \'Hello SAP World\'.

Easy? Don\’t be fooled. I know a lot of hello world programs in a number of programming languages but it does not count in my resume.

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