After seeing the news over and over again, I still can\’t believe what happened. There was a big blast in Glorietta at around 1:30 PM this afternoon and I was near the vicinity when that happened. At that time I was searching for a book for my little brother in Greenbelt 1. I wanted to search for the book in Glorietta National Bookstore but I decided to return to office soon. Several minutes after I have arrived in the office, someone blurted out that there was a big explosion in Glorietta 2 as one of our officemate called and reported the commotion happening in Glorietta. We initially speculated that it was a bomb or an LPG tank explosion but it was confirmed later on — it is a bomb.

If you can recall the bombing that happened on February 14, 2005 at Ayala MRT bus station. This tragedy somewhat resembles the incident. A lot of people + busy hour + bombing = many bomb victims. This time however, there is no terrorist group associated with the bombing yet.

On my way to bus station this evening, I was very uneasy because I can\’t stop thinking about the possibility of another bombing near the site. Despite tighter security, fear can be seen in the eyes of many passersby. I thank God that I managed to go back home safely. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the office. We planned to dine in Glorietta 3 that noon but luckily chose Greenbelt instead.

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