College Days Insights

The Importance of Credentials

Have you ever doubted your professor\’s credentials? Do you think that your professor does not have the capability of teaching your class properly? How about not respecting your professor because he or she is not certified to teach your IT subject? In any case it\’s a bad image for your professor and too bad if you\’re enrolled in his or her subject.

To happy-go-lucky students out there it may not be a big deal but if you\’re the type of student who really wants to get the most out of your tuition fee, you probably want a decent IT learning experience. Well, I care about my learning experience and if rumors are true, my professor in CCNA 4 is not a certified instructor. For anonymity and protection of the professor I won\’t reveal his/her name. Respect should still be there but I don\’t know how far our class can handle it. Some of my classmates are already circulating nasty jokes about that particular professor. I keep myself neutral. Nevertheless, I\’m beginning to doubt if he/she can really teach our class effectively. If first impression really lasts then his/her subject would be a boredom…

Whatever happens in my final CCNA course there goes the online reading materials. RTFM and use Google if in doubt.

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.