\"GoogleIf you\’re a Google addict you should have noticed by now that Google has a variety of logos commemorating holidays and events every now and then. Today Google had put up its logo in Braille and you can\’t read it unless you know Braille (most probably you don\’t understand Braille if you\’re not blind anyway). For the record, this is the first time Google used an unreadable logo on the home page and search results page. Some people may wonder what it is and why so it was linked to Louis Braille\’s birthday search result, although most people will easily recognize it\’s \”Google\” because of the colors of the dots. :)

Google Blogoscope: Google Braille Logo
Google, Braille, logo

  • maiah

    Yeah! I saw their logo last night, at first I thought it was just a loading error of page. :lol:

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