The Departed Infernal Affairs

I watched the movie \”The Departed\” this afternoon and I was really entertained. I didn\’t expect much at the beginning because I knew from reviews that it is a remake of a Hong Kong 2002 movie \”Infernal Affairs\”. I haven\’t watched the original so I did not have any idea how the remake would be.

It\’s a cop movie but there\’s not much chase-and-run scenes here. It\’s a detective story with a perfect blend of action thriller and drama.

Set in Boston, the undercover cop Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) joined the mob syndicated lead by Costello (Jack Nicholson). He leaks information to South Boston Police Capt. Queenan (Martin Sheen) and Sgt. Dignam (Mark Wahlberg). On the other hand, Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) gained high position in the Special Investigation Unit using his wit and raw talent in solving cases while serving as Costello\’s mole in the police. Soon, Costigan and Sullivan would have to unveal the identity of the mole so it became a race against time on who would be the first one to uncover the true identity of the other one.

I\’ll just jump to the ending but I won\’t tell any spoiler here. It is shocking. If you haven\’t watched the original movie, you will be surprised. It\’s not the way I would imagine the ending of the characters at all. The twist is just too unforgiving.

Since then, I wanted to know more about the film so I watched \”Infernal Affairs\” and I found out that the ending of \”The Departed\” departed from the the original. I would prefer the ending of the original but the ending of \”The Departed\” is also brilliant. There were subtle differences in the story but \”The Departed\” is essentially an American remake with added action and a bed scene. There\’s only one woman involved with Sullivan and Costigan but in \”Infernal Affairs\” there were several. I would think that at some point, the original is better than the remake but I would rate the two of them 5/5 solely for the story. \”The Departed\” was Americanized and re-interpreted to suit the environment in Boston since Hong Kong police is very different. And since \”The Departed\” has a different ending, there won\’t be any sequel to it unlike \”Infernal Affairs\” that has a sequel. However, I doubt that Hollywood would remake a sequel. That is way too much…

  • victor

    i love that movie :D

  • I’ve been dying to watch that film… well, what can you expect, it’s a scorsese..

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