Starbucks Coffee 2007 Planner

\"Starbucks\"I\’m actually game enough to complete the Starbucks promo this year. Last year, I only had two (2) stickers which is somewhat pathetic because I didn\’t bother collecting the stickers even though I love Frappuccino. Today I collected 2 stickers.

I\’m joining the Starbucks bandwagon because most people in our office would like to collect the limited edition Starbucks Coffee 2007 Planner, and I certainly want one just for fun. It would hurt my budget a bit but I guess the coffee experience is worth it. Since I frequently get sleepy in the afternoon, it\’s very timely to have an ice or Frappuccino blended coffee break at those times. Let\’s see and wait if I would be able to collect 21 stickers to claim the planner. :P

  • ApRiL

    wow.. good luck!! hope you get that planner you’re aiming for.. gus2 ko rin sana (my friend got one last year pa ata) kaso oh well… next year na lng cguro.. hehe..

  • MV

    I’m currently half-way through ^_^

  • Michael9

    Hope you do get it. As for me, I got 5 stickers left to complete. But this morning, just browse to the planner and I am not that excited anymore.

  • MV

    Well, I have 6 stickers left to complete and I’m not that excited as well. I just want to get the planner as a collection. :P

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