College Days

Retarded Security Guard

And the lesson for today is — always have black and white to support your argument.

I don\’t know if it was funny or just dumb. This afternoon, my groupmates in thesis and I were watching video tutorials for our web programming when one of the security officer in our school burst inside the room and took our IDs for a retraction that we didn\’t commit: illegal use of Information Technology Research & Development (ITRD) room. And so we were bullied by the security guard because there\’s no person in charge to verify our legitimate use of the room — it just so happened that all the students in charged of ITRD were all out for the meantime. There\’s no other choice but to surrender our IDs. We were caught by surprise. The moment I handed him my ID, I starred at him badly…. that security guard is a pain in the ass! Argh! And I couldn\’t stomach his face!

We didn\’t have the chance to argue because we didn\’t have the document that will support our claim. As we have reasoned out, we were all inside the ITRD room because we were left by the students in charge for a while. Besides we were supposedly allowed to use ITRD room as much as we can so long as we do project-related stuffs. Unfortunately, no one has a copy of that signed document.

I don\’t know if the security guard just wanted to ruin our day…but he was very successful anyway. We all condemned him! Thanks to his initiative, we were all sent to the Office of Student Affairs. Luckily we got the support from the student council and our so-called \”retraction\” were dismissed by the Head of Security.

I just hope that we learned something very important here. Documents shouldn\’t be taken for granted because there\’s no such thing as verbal agreement between the authorities of our school and the security guards. They all follow the printed guidelines. There are some considerate security guards… but most of the times there are retarded security guards.

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.