I woke up at 5:00 AM in order to have a big lead on passport renewal today because last month I was not able to renew my passport because I was too late to fall in line; I arrived by 7:00 AM and there were roughly one thousand people in the city hall already! Unfortunately, only 400 people were entertained in first-come-first-serve basis that day.

Anyway I\’m very glad I had my passport renewed today even if it took more or less 10 hours before it was released. I\’m thankful that my father took it this afternoon instead of me getting it.

So what\’s the big deal with my passport renewal anyway? None so far… but if there\’s an opportunity abroad most especially a chance to get a job in Singapore (I have a lot of connection there anyway), it won\’t be difficult to complete the requirements to travel abroad. I don\’t really want to get outside the country soon. It\’s too early and I\’m too \”raw\” for an IT professional. I\’m sure there\’s so much more to learn in IT industry. My new passport expires in 2011 so if I\’d want to go elsewhere for vacation it will be convenient. :)

  • oh MV… calling yourself “raw” would make us what? errr non-existent? hehe

  • MV

    For the lack of better term I used raw for having limited experience. I mean, most newly grads or graduating college students are more less inexperienced in the “real world” anyway, including me.

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