I have two (2) Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 2 DVDs right now. I fetched it from Microsoft Philippines this afternooon to test it at my own risk. Quite outdated since there\’s already a final version of VS 2005 but it\’s the best way to get it free of charge for our thesis. That\’s really annoying because the .NET 2.0 framework might conflict — of course there\’s no guarantee that two conflicting versions will work in harmony specially when the former is \”beta\” and the latter is \”final\”. I actually don\’t want to install Team System Beta 2 right now because having Visual Studio Express edition of Web Developer does the job… for now. I just want to use the load testing and profiling feature of Team System edition of Visual Studio for our beta testing phase. And one more thing — this beta release of Visual Studio 2005 is intended for evaluation only. It is time-sensitive and will cease functioning after May 1, 2006. We still have some time to play around with our codes, so hopefully we can use Team System beta 2 to test our web application before it expires.

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