Yesterday was April fools\’ day and I had a written exam in Trend Micro for OJT yesterday too. I was thinking, was it a prank? After all it was April fools\’ day yesterday. I arrived there exactly 1:30 PM by Taxi from Cubao and I was truly regretful; I didn\’t commute earlier that I had to ride a taxi to get there on time. Then I went inside the conference room converted to an exam room. There were 14 of us waiting to get the exam. It\’s okay to wait as long as there are seats to relax while waiting, but I was standing! There were 11 seats only and I\’m one of the unfortunate ones who didn\’t get a seat. Not until 2:30 PM that the examiner went inside the room and gave us the exam papers. I thought it was an endurance test until 6:00 PM. Whoever lasts waiting for the examiner gets the OJT. Of course it\’s impossible unless the HR is playing pranks with us which is not true after all. I finished the exam and I left the building… and I\’m hoping that I\’ll get an email soon. ^_^

  • bea

    I hope you get positive results.. ;]]I am super missin’ you. [haha..] Long time no.. chat? Do take care always. GOD bless and don’t forget to pray. Smile. :] [huggs!]

  • MV

    Hello Bea! Tagal ko na hindi gumagamit ng IRC due to several reason: walang time at saka madaling makapulot ng virus sa IRC. You’re in my YM d b? :) Dun na lng tayo chat. Thanks at sana nga makakuha na ako ng OJT.

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