\"Skype\"Skype 2.0 had been released and there are great features added in this release as well as many bug fixes. It\’s currently available in Windows only. There\’s a new release for OS X but it doesn\’t support video calls yet while Linux has not received any update yet so let\’s hope that both OS X and Linux will be updated with video capabilities soon.

For starters, this new release boast the best ever call quality of Skype. The developers had fine-tuned the codec and the sound quality is supposed to give you clearer calls. Skype 2.0 also added the most anticipated feature of all: video conversation. Now you can make video calls one-on-one anywhere in the world — for free! Contacts can also be sorted into different groups. You can also display your mood so that people know what you feel on the spot and you can display your local time so that your Skype buddies can tell the time difference of your Skype buddies. New sounds were added and were set as default. You can always revert to old tones if you don\’t like the new ones. I personally don\’t like the new ones so I changed them all back to old tones. I think it would be better to have tone themes rather than changing the individual tones one at a time. It\’s just too annoying and time consuming.

Aesthetically, the new Skype 2.0 had undergone some redesign. New icons has given Skype a new face lift with its shiny new icons. New interface had cleared some of the clutter. I like the new over-all user interface design because it\’s more streamlined and compact.

Technically this release has a better CPU utilization and smoother video playback than the previous builds. For a more detaiedl list of enhancements and bug fixes you can view the Skype changelog.

Kudos to Skype team!

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