N73 Firmware Update

\"UpdaterSo I finally got the latest firmware update in Nokia Software Updater (NSU) after painstakingly waiting months for the official update to appear. I tried to update NSU several times but it seemed to be not working at all. But tonight, after I rebooted my PC and reinstalled NSU, I managed to make NSU work!

Anyway, the update process was quite scary because if you accidentally pulled out the cable or disconnected the bluetooth, your phone might be damaged and be rendered unusable. I\’m so careful while updating my phone that I really got mad when someone tried to go near my PC. When my N73 firmware update was completed, my phone rebooted and every file in my phone was wiped out. That\’s true. Thank God there is a backup tool that comes with Nokia PC Suite, restoring backed-up files was a breeze. So, don\’t forget to backup your phone when updating firmware so that you can keep everything in your phone intact.

I know that there are still bugs in the latest firmware version but hopefully they are less troublesome than what I used to experience. These bugs are somewhat tolerable but I hope that firmware v4.x for N73 will come out very soon to fix whatever was left out in the bug-fixes. After updating the firmware of my phone, I could feel that the applications run faster and the transition is smoother while switching between apps. I\’m sure that other S60 phones in Symbian OS 9.1 had some issues in the pass, too, but firmware updates like this made those phones more stable.

Here\’s a screenshot of my phone with the latest firmware.


To get NSU, just go to Nokia Phone Software Updater website.

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By Marck V.

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