\"MeasureSo rumors were true after all. Google just acquired MeasureMap which I have blogged about several times. I was surprised when I read the news. It\’s still in private beta and yet Google bought it. For several weeks MeasureMap had several glitches and bugs. I had experienced a fair share of trouble with it lately. It\’s in alpha stage anyway. Regardless, it\’s an interesting acquisition because Google had previously acquired Urchin, which track website statatics as well. Later on it was called Google Analytics. Having MeasureMap and Analytics, Google have a complete arsenal to gather lots of data on blog traffic.

Now that MeasureMap joined forces with Google I hope that the web app will improve in performance and speed. I\’m also excited about the new features that might come out soon. I\’m sure that most beta testers are eagerly anticipating the effects of this acquisition. Congratulations to MeasureMap team! :)

Google Blog: Here comes Measure Map
TechCrunch: Google Buys MeasureMap
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  • I belive the measure map integration causes one of the biggest threats to privacy ever seen on the web.
    Why? Because your blog tells about you everything Google didn’t know yet.
    you are invited to read more at Linkadelic Magazine

  • MV

    The scenario is possible and it’s not really far from happening. Privacy has always been a touchy issue with Google and I’m used to it. I think time will tell until Google turns “evil” so it’s advisable to stay vigilant. Thanks for the tip.

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