Measure Map “Week In Review” Feature

I was reviewing my Measure Map today and I just noticed that Measure Map has enabled Week in Review on \”What\’s Happening on your Blog\” section. As far as I know this is not publicly announced but I have this feature enabled in my account so let me show you what\’s in it.

When you click the featured week of \”what happened on your blog\” you\’ll be able to review the statistics of your blog on that week including the number of visitors who visited your blog, number of web sites made links to you, number comments posted, and number of posts that were read on that particular week.

On Week In Review you can also view your dashboard from the week you are currently reviewing and view all posts from that week as well. Further down, Weekly Numbers are presented neatly, displaying brief statistics per day.

Here\’s a screenshot of my Week In Review for 20th – 26th January 2006.


Measure Map
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By Marck V.

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