Here we go… last 2 stickers and I feel like NOT completing it…. I think it\’s too early! I would miss the coffee addiction.


:: sigh ::

I\’m supposed to complete the sticker yesterday but that didn\’t happen so I guess my expected completion date would be extended.

Another update
I actually managed to complete another one by January so I gave the other one away.

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  • ApRiL

    wow magkakaron na siya ng planner.. c cha 9 stickers pa kelangan niya eh.. hehehe…

  • what happen to your blog? natigil ata. sana ok na ang

  • MV

    I have no interesting subject to begin with… and more importantly, I have my time focused on more important matters at the moment. I’ll probably return back in Feb.

  • i was going to ask the same question. haha

  • hussein

    wala ka na po update?

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