Java in Manila ’06 Redux

\"JavaYesterday was Java in Manila 2006, the 3rd programmers conference organized by Sun Microsystems Philippines, Inc. It was fun and I believe that it is worth the money I spent. However, I have some disappointments. I\’ll discuss it along the way. For now, I\’m going to summarize what happened inside Rizal Ballroom, Makati Shangri La Hotel where the event was held.

I arrived 20 minutes before 8 o\’clock. I immediately went to Shangri La to find where my schoolmates were. The delegates were already claiming the goods included in the package such as the event ID and a bag filled with brochures. Within few seconds I saw Victor, KC, Tina and Jed at the stairways. After I claimed my package, I joined them and we went upstairs. The light breakfast was served and I lead them for getting the food. I\’ve attended several conferences and I know it\’s useless to get shy. The food is served for all of us anyway.

The corridor is filled with exhibitors. There\’s a yellow stub included in the bag given to us and we were supposed to get the stub signed by 12 major sponsors on the exhibit. Completing the stub entitles the delegates for one raffle ticket for the raffle draw later on the afternoon. I completed mine for about an hour. It\’s really silly that most delegates put their attention on the exhibitors first, rather than the main event. I\’m not sure if it caused the event to be delayed but the event was already behind schedule even before it started.

Matthew Thompson did the keynote speech. It was interesting but I already saw those facts and figures from Sun\’s website already. After his speech, there were 2 demonstrations. I don\’t really understand what the other speakers where trying to say. And I don\’t have my eye glasses so everything is quite blurred at the projector screen. I could only understand Sang Shin even though he has a very oriental accent. Apart from him, I couldn\’t appreciate most of the speakers so I\’m quite disappointed at the presentations.

The whole afternoon was a battle between boredom and patience. I enjoyed not because of the talks but because of the food, accommodation and the booths at the hallway. Some exhibitors even gave away softwares and informative brochures about Sun products. I also wanted to finish the conference because I wanted to join the raffle draw. If I go home earlier and I\’m not present when my name was drawn, I couldn\’t get the prize. Unfortunately, the raffle draw finished and I didn\’t get any prize. The consolation prize to all delegates who completed the feedback and Sun Developer Network forms at the end of the conference was a cool Java sport shirt. I think it was good enough for waiting until the very end.

Overall, Java in Manila 2006 is a success. I think that most professional Java developers really appreciate this yearly event. If the speakers had been more appealing to listen, it would be more inviting. I\’m looking forward to attending another Java in Manila next year. Let\’s hope it would be a better experience :)

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By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.